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Wednesday Wants

I want..…to try to watch the new Survivor tonight.  I really want to have a “show” that I look forward to watching.  I miss the excitement, the anticipation, the conversation.  I have not turned on my television in months, maybe even a year?  Not that I want to have a TV addiction, but it would be a nice way to de-stress and unwind occasionally!

Survivor San Juan del sur

I want… try parsnips! I want to try this recipe!

CHL 0924 rosh hashanah 10

creamed roasted carrot parsnip soup

I want.….to feel full and content like this guy.

I really look up to children.  They eat what they want WHEN they want. I want to get there too!

I want… hug Lily for making me feel better when I need it most

14 overwhelming moments pets help us

I want.….to make this PUMPKIN PLAYDOH!!!

Fall Play Dough

I want… check out Collingswood restaurant week this year.  Its featuring Root vegetables!! My favorite!

Collingswood Restaurant week Oct 19-24

I want..…to admit that I did something dishonest today. I feel terrible now about it and am going to go make it right.

I want… wear my fall boots but am NOT sure if it will look silly right now?!

too soon?

I want.….to admit that things in my life are going really well. I am feeling better, feeling positive and hopeful. I am scared things will change, BUT I must remember that I am the one who determines my mood, life, future 🙂

I want… say I am proud of myself for telling my dad that he SHOULD stand up for himself. I really hope he takes my advice

I want.….to thank my Uncle Jim for all his messages, texts and quick responses to my questions!! I know I am a pain in the butt!

I want..…to take Lily for another walk tomorrow. This weather is just beyond perfect!  Plus I love seeing all the other pups and people along the way!

I want..…my newspaper delivery to start tomorrow!! It is supposed to, I am super excited (wow, I am a real dork!)

I want.….to hug my therapist. I feel like she has helped me bring out so much I love about myself!

I want…..a glass of red wine

I want.….people to STOP dieting and start living healthy.

I want.….everyone to be “real”.  I have a hard time trusting people. I feel like many people have ulterior motives, BUT I am starting to see good in more and more people. I am so happy and love the feeling!’

I want.….to brag about our FIRST published article that Lindsay and I created for Kidsville News. We saw the proof today and its super cute! I am looking forward to sharing it with y’all soon! 🙂

I want…..YOU to answer my questions 🙂

Your Turn

1.  What do you WANT to be known for?

2.  Do you want to go anywhere special this weekend?

3.  What do you WANT to do after work/obligations tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants”

  1. I want to be known for being kind and reaching for my dreams. I want to (and am!!!) go visit my home and family this weekend! AND, I want to have a large glass of red wine after work tomorrow. Happy Wednesday! Love this post – so creative!


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