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Friday Faves 9/26

“These are a few of my FAVORITE things….”

I grind my own beans for $4.99. I love this stuff!! ❤ you TJ’s!!

Diana + Trader Joes = TLF! 🙂  

Favorite Fruit (this week)

Favorite Food

I have to admit I really slacked on the cooking this week 😦 Things were crazy, hectic and busy, by the time dinner rolled around I was starving and needed some quick fixes. Lots of omelets, sandwiches and easy prep!  HOWEVER, PB&J is really high up there on my list……It would be a close match between my PB&J and Lobster, just sayin!

Favorite Feelings

Eye Contact

It just feels SO good to finally be able to feel confident enough to look people in the eye when speaking to them (instead of looking down, or shying away because I fear they may think I have too big of a nose, to shiny of a face, too imperfect hair….I DON’T have to care what anyone else thinks but me 🙂  I used a lot of eye contact today at the store, when speaking to people, and with my students!!! (Not to mention I try to get them to look at the person they are speaking to, only if it is just to get their attention, for I know how difficult it can be!)


I am finally hearing and seeing things clearly. Before I was too obsessed, preoccupied with getting my “workout” in for the day, I really had so much anxiety and hate, that I was not really able to listen and “hear” people clearly.  I have slowed down. I take things in, I really listen.  It really is an amazing feeling. I feel like a whole new person…….its freeing!  I used to feel like my thoughts were ALL over the place. I still have anxiety. I still have a million thoughts at a time. However, I can control it and tell myself to slow down and focus 🙂


mood girl dress color hands smile summer umbrella umbrella happiness freedom freedom openness warmth plants nature field sun sky clouds background freedom wallpaper

I am finally free from so much. People, feelings, food …..I am free

I am also almost free of weekend lesson planning…..I hope to finish up tomorrow so I can “free” up my weekend!

Loving this lip gloss find!

Favorite Focus’s for Fall

Food – I really want to make lots of new recipes.  I am beginning to think more of food as FUN instead of fearing it.  I am ready to start experimenting and having FUN!  Maybe even taking a cooking class , something I have always wanted to do!

Planning ahead :  I really want to focus on planning ahead for school/work.  I like to have a guide/outline and then modify it or change it along the way. This would make me feel much more accomplished and leave me more time to plan for my students needs!

Fun:  I really want to start doing some fun (free) stuff on the weekend!! Festivals, food, painting, bike rides. Tons of ideas in my head. I just need to organize them now and not let them overwhelm me

Some FUN things to do this weekend:

Cape May Sea Glass Festival (This looks so wonderful! I love sea glass!!)

New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival

Manyunk StrEAT Food Festival ( I went last year and this was really neat!! Tons of food trucks lined up and down the streets with all kinds of goodies, def worth checking out if you are a “foodie”)


FREE admission to 16 museums in Philadelphia!

Penn Museum

Fashion:  I want to get a few fall staples. I really am going for casual comfort this year 🙂

Facing my fears:  Yup.  I have faced and overcome a lot this year.  I still have a lot to work on and a lot ahead of me. I am finally facing life and reality.

Fessing up Friday:  ok, so I have been about honesty lately.  I feel terrible about something. I want to get it “out”.

I ordered the newspaper and got a coffee maker (and some fresh ground coffee!)  last night.  I have been wanting to change up my Wawa addiction each morning.  I want to save some time, money, etc….Today was Day 1.  I brewed my coffee, took Lily for a walk and was about to grab my newspaper WHEN I realized……It was NOT there 😦  I was going to run out to Wawa but I already had coffee brewing and it would just be silly to go for the paper (sometimes its not even there yet bc I go so early!)

So.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I took my neighbors paper.  I carefully unfolded it and read it.  I made sure not to “mess” it up….I finished it, finished my coffee, folded it up , placed it back inside the orange water proof baggie and ……placed it back on her step (This was THURSDAY)

Wow. I can not believe I am admitting this

***FABULOUS FRIDAY UPDATE***** I took Lily out for a walk this morning and GUESS what was on my doorstep!!! YUP! The paper!!! wooooooo hooo. TGIF!!

Would you have a “Coffin Party?”

party coffin.png


A nasty virus invaded my computer a few days ago, basically wiping out its contents.

That’s what I get for clicking on

But even though the bug devoured my musings for today’s column, I’m not concerned. In a pinch — OK, deadline pressure feels more like a death grip — I simply turn to the newsroom’s constant flood of press releases for inspiration.

And sure enough, here’s a great candidate: A gleaming casket, converted into an entertainment center.

It’s the Party Coffin, of course.

Just picture the guest of honor at any burial. Now, replace the dearly departed with, oh, a cooler and a minibar.

Hey, did someone just put the fun in funeral?

“Every person we run into says, ‘Wow, what an amazing thing!’ ” asserts Doug Dawson, an Illinois businessman who launched about a month ago.

The venture reflects Dawson’s undying passion for two fall activities — Halloween and tailgate parties.

“Over the years, I’ve accumulated all sorts of Halloween items,” says the 46-year-old, who plans to marry his girlfriend/business partner on Oct. 31. “We have three or four coffins and a hearse.”

Dawson, who created his first party coffin “for personal use,” saw a sales opportunity in the response from fellow tailgaters.

“Sometimes, tailgating is about the shock factor,” he explains. “Every tailgate we went to, we had 100 to 200 people taking pictures with the coffin.”

His fledgling firm offers two models, priced from about $1,900 to $6,000 and also available to rent.

“They’re real coffins,” he assures me. “We take them down to the bare bones and strip them out.”

A base model offers a cooler, mini-bar and power outlet. Top-end features include a flat-screen TV in the lid and surround-sound speakers built into the coffin.

Dawson, now promoting his product outside college football games, acknowledges sales have yet to take off.

“We’re starting to get inquiries,” he says, adding three potential buyers are meeting with his designers.

“We’re also seeing interest in areas we didn’t expect, like getting coffins for 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties,” he adds. “We had a fraternity ask about putting kegs in the coffin and replacing the handles with taps.”

And don’t think the Party Coffin was my only choice. Like a bear swatting at salmon, I could have grabbed any number of delicacies from the mail stream here.

For instance, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority promoted “the great untold story” of Atlantic City’s progress toward a balanced economy.

“From sandals to stilettos and foie gras to funnel cakes, Atlantic City offers something for everyone,” it claimed.

And if you crave a private, secluded setting, there are all those deserted casino-hotels.

Another release, from a North Jersey importer, touted Wyborowa Wodka as “the pride of Poland.” Take that, Frederic Chopin.

Finally, a Morris County provider of human growth hormone noted an upcoming event will feature “bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini contests.” It’s being held, quite appropriately, in The Thoroughbred Center of Lexington, Ky.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shake out grandmom’s urn and fill it with dip.

Jim Walsh’s column runs Fridays. Reach him at or (856) 486-2646. Follow him on Twitter jimwalsh_cp.


TGIF! I received a FREE $10 promotional gift card for Kohl s! I think I am going to buy a new fall scented candle 🙂 Or maybe some pumpkin spice K cups 🙂

Pumpkin Cheesecake….

Look what I spotted on my walk with Lily today………….Absolutely beautiful, and unafraid. I have never seen a fox that close, in the day…..rabies? Sick? Hungry?   😦


Your Turn

1.  Fess up to something of your own!

2.  Are you going to enjoy this ((Possibly last)) beautiful, warm, summer like weekend by going somewhere special? 

3.  Did you receive any compliments today? If so, SHARE!


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves 9/26”

  1. I love coffee and the paper in the mornings too, my favorite time of the day! I would probably even “borrow” a neighbor’s paper too. Hiking is definitely in the plans this weekend, but we always keep an eye out for the fall festivals too. I got zero compliments today, but then, it probably helps if you leave the house and interact with people (other than the husband and cats). Have a fun weekend!


  2. Borrowing your neighbor’s paper isn’t that bad! You nicely put it back and they were probably still in dreamland. Are you close with them? Maybe you can ask if it is ok for you to do that from time to time if for some reason yours is late and offer yours, too. Just a thought.

    Lots of people bring dogs to the Marlton Festival if you wanted to bring Lily, but it does get crowded and she is so tiny, you need to watch she doesn’t get stepped on!


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