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Saturday Safes and Saves

SAFE:  Check out these 22 maps and charts. They will REALLY surprise you!!!

SAFE:  Anthony Bourdain. I aboslutely LOVE him as a chef, now I love his travel advice!

Save:  Another party hosting idea (Baked potato party!)  This could NEVER top Ana’s Mac and Cheese Cook Off

Save:  Zucchini Lasagna

Save:  sweet and spicy cold Peanut noodles

cold peanut noodles with vegetables

Save:  Zucchini Ribbon Salad

SAVE:  Zucchini caper and herb linguine (can you tell I am ALL about zucchini!?!) I absolutely LOVE capers ❤


SAFE:  5 signs you are NOT respecting yourself. I want EVERYONE to read this, PLEASE!  It has taken me many years to realize I was doing this….I am slowly but successfully changing and LOVING me ! 🙂

SAFE:  love this new website for recipes!!   They also have a feature “Stump the chef” You can submit 5 things currently in your fridge and she will create a yummy meal inspiration for you!

SAFE:  Love this little chart to Intuitive Eating

SAFE?  Dreams.

Yikes I had a scary dream last night. No, not about monsters, ghosts, goblins, REAL LIFE stuff that could actually happen.  Hmmm, wonder what it means. I DO know that I was relieved to wake up and find out it was just a dream xoxoxo.  Maybe this is an eye opener for me to be “careful”



I had an icky week at work.  I was just very unmotivated, frustrated, stressed, not content, not sure what!?!  I do NOT know why I was feeling that way. I hate that because I KNOW I am the only one that can control it.  I am not going to beat myself up over it, however will try to see HOW I can improve my “mood” next week.  I think my terrible sinuses, weather changes, stress have all added to my feelings. I wish I could pin point my reasons for not feeling content.  Its a very uncomfortable feeling.  I do not know what to do with myself. I have difficulty focusing and I just can not seem to think clearly 😦

SAFE:  Today I begin a NEW chapter in my life 🙂


Get your tickets 🙂


SAVE:  Biltmore Estate – I really want to visit!  UNCLE JIM!! MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

It is approximately a 9 hour drive from my area. From Ashville is it another 5 hours to North Myrtle! Not bad!! This is doable!!

SAVE:  Possibly thinking of doing this

Run the Bridge T-shirt Options sapphire

Run the Bridge. I did it last year. It was fun, for a GREAT cause, something I am very passionate about. I feel strong and confident that I could do this and not go back to my old obsessive ways, but I am scared……..I shall see 🙂

I like that my reasoning for WANTING to do it is more for the cause than a goal for myself.  Right now, I do not care how slow I run, if I take double the time I took last year (which I most likely will and that is OK!) or that I can eat something afterward. I will eat regardless if I run or not, AND the same, delicious thing! (Bagel with pumpkin cream cheese!?)




1.  Best way YOU get out of a funk?

2.  Do you remember your dreams?

3.  Are you cooking/baking/making anything this weekend?



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