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Un manic Monday 9.29









Un-Manic Monday

My weekend was tough.  I had many ups and downs.  I felt a lot of anxiety but was able to turn that around by telling myself I was in control of my feelings, emotions and life.  My Sunday ended up being a very FUN-day 🙂  I am definitely working on making my Monday (and Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) very Un-Manic this week.  If I was able to change my mind frame TODAY , I know the rest of the week will be a breeze!



So here is how I made my Sunday “Un-Manic”




Morning bike ride with Lily 🙂  I really needed this.  I felt major exercise anxiety today.  I feel that if I do not beat myself up, exhaust myself, PUSH myself, that I am not being productive, getting in a good workout, etc.  I really need to change my thought process. Exercise SHOULD be enjoyable.  All these years I have damaged and abused my body.  It is difficult forming a healthy relationship with it.  Half way through my (short) bike ride, I started to feel better….THEN I began to feel hungry, I was very weak and shaky, and did not bring any snacks, so I ended my ride and went home for lunch…….I hate feeling that hungry.  I really need to start packing snacks (Geez I am like a big kid, can’t take me anywhere without getting hungry or having to pee!)


I was determined to enjoy my day.  I had an awesome lunch, felt full and decided to do something the OPPOSITE of what I would normally do. Eat and cook.  I went to a cooking class!  Sur La table had a French cooking class today. I am so happy I went!  It was so much fun and I learned so much!   Most of all, I did the exact opposite of what my brain told me to do. BRAIN:   “Diana, go run, exercise, exert, abuse!  Go make yourself tired!”

What Diana did “Went to a cooking class, ATE the food and ignored those awful “Ed” voices”.



My mom loves anything French. French books. French food.  French sights.  So I saw this class and thought it would be PERFECT to learn how to make a special meal for mom!  Next weekend I am planning on recreating this meal………because It was beyond amazing!

Here’s the cute cooking area (I absolutely loved that I did NOT have to do any dishes!!  This was the best part LOL)


Do you know the proper way to cut an onion?



I got to chop the carrots 🙂



We started the beouf bourguoguoin (it takes about 2 hours to cook, so we had to get moving!)

The Merlot MADE it, you MUST use a merlot. The stronger the better


We mixed and piped our thyme and Gruyiery Gourgeres (they looked like cream puffs but were savory!)


These were absolutely AMAZING.  To me, they tasted like an adult, BETTER version of Cheez Itz (Lol, hope this is not offensive!)


And prepped the very simple, yet delicious green beans (olive oil, capers, garlic)


While those delicious things were stewing and cooking away, I began our decadent dessert….


Here I just placed my pastry dough in the pan and am pouring the pie weights in (this keeps the edges from lifting from the sides and assures a nice, even baked crust!)


I also was in charge of making/melting the chocolate. Wow, it was beautiful! No lumps at all!


While dessert baked…..we plated our entrees…..oh my….



Up close………this seriously was the BEST thing I have ever tasted.  I can NOT believe how flavorful the beef was, AND am shocked by how sweet and delicate the pearl onions tasted!!



Here is the recipe


And bittersweet ending……….dessert 🙂


Yup. On a day I felt fat, full, lazy, restless, unproductive, I went to………..a cooking class.  I started sweating when it was getting close to “eat” our meals.  I was planning my escape or little white lie “Oh I am a vegetarian”, “No thank you I unfortunately am Gluten free”, “Where is the bathroom I will be right back (run off to car and jet)”  But I am none of those things…..I was scared. What if people looked at me funny, what if they asked why I wasnt eating much , or why I was eating so much? What if it was so good I would NEVER stop eating!?


I stayed.  I faced my fears. I ate.  

It was all so delicious.  No one said anything to me, they were all busy eating and tasting.  No one watched me, they were watching their plates. I enjoyed my food and stopped.  I feared I would not be able to. I did.  I felt “normal”.  I felt like I fit in.  I felt impressed by how delicious food can be.  I never knew what I was missing!!

Since I was in the area, I HAD to stop at a few of my favorite stores (Anthro!)

I can NOT get enough of Anthropologie’s candles. Unfortunately they are a bit to $$ for me and my budget, so I opt to smell and take pictures of them instead  LOL. I loved this whipped cream and pear!


If it weren’t for the steep ($20) price tag, I would have got this precious little dish towel….



I really need a recipe book/ipad holder. I love this cute idea!


This would TOTALLY make me smile on Monday morning heading out the door to school! cute teacher bag! 🙂



Dotty Doxie Dachshund Tote Bag, Original Art, Hand-dyed


When I am in my new place, I am thinking of transforming my “Yoga” travel map to something more like this. I love the idea of adding my own pictures!


Have a Happy Un-Manic Monday and week!



Your Turn

1.  Have you even been to a cooking class?

2.  Do you have a Fall Bucket list?

3.  Best part of cooking? Worst part of cooking?


2 thoughts on “Un manic Monday 9.29”

  1. 1) never been but what you made makes me really want to go! I have been disappointed in the meals I make my family and now I am thinking this could be useful for me.
    2) Fall Bucket List – try to have some kind of halloween party for my kids. I remember going to one at a friends house when I was little and I will never forget it – had a ton of fun treats – graveyard cake (dirt cake) spaghetti worms, fun stuff like that!
    3) best part of cooking – hearing my family really liking it. worst part of cooking – knowing when my family hates what i made and are trying hard to get through the meal and be nice. i always know the difference 🙂


  2. I think you judge your food more than your family. I bet they like it more than you think!! Plus, you do not have the easiest job! Tony is pretty picky annd you have two kids that can be hectic and picky as is!

    Please, please PLEASE have a Halloween Party!! Lily and I will stop by 🙂 hahah

    Keep cooking!


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