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Wednesday wants 9.30.14

I want.….to thank my mom ONCE again for letting me “unload” on her.  That poor woman must suffer through all my rants, raves and anxieties. She helps me get through all my food questions and thoughts and helps me put things in better perspective for myself.  My mom listens.  Thats all I need and want.  I need to unload out loud. It is the ONLY way I feel better.

I love my mom beyond words. She is my best friend in the whole world and I'm so lucky to get to call her my momma...quotes for moms from daughters | Parenting (Moms and daughters

I want.….to share my students HARD work from today.  They completed our space story, typed it AND made covers! Wow, what a productive bunch!



I want..…to thank my assistant.  I see SUCH a difference in the students since she has arrived.  She is patient, kind, and so amazing with the kids.  They all love her. She is firm but fair and has won ALL of their hearts. Even mine!   I am VERY lucky!


I want.….to know why Lily strategically hides places her chew toys ON the carpet.  It never fails. I step on a bone or something of hers DAILY.  My poor feet!  Thanks Lil!

Lily “I’ll place this RIGHT HERE and see if she trips……hehehehehe”

Oh yeah????? Paybacks…….

I want..…to learn patience. I have so much at times, and yet so LITTLE at other times.  I want more consistent patience.

I want.….to live in the moment.  I let the future overtake my thoughts.  I obsess.  I want to obsess less.

I want… say HOW excited I am to learn about all the travels and likes of a new friend. I am enjoying our walks so much and getting to know her more and more…..she really is an amazing person!

Wichita, Kansas……..definitely on my bucket list!

I want… surround myself with healthy people……and let go of any judgements I may have of those that may be leading “Unhealthy” lives.  I want so badly for people NOT to judge me, yet I need to remember to not judge others myself.  It’s hard.

I want … go apple picking and spend a fall day baking some apple goodies, apple sauce, apple butter….

I want.….to find TRUE balance.  Life, work, love, friends, family, me….

I want.….to know why some days I feel so great and others I feel so tired.  I can NOT figure out what I do differently.

I want.….to let go just like this

I want.….to share this about eye contact, SINCE I just wrote about it!!

 I want..mediterranean baked sweet potatoes

AMAZING 30-minute Dinner | Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes #vegan #glutenfree

I want… eat more often so I am not STARVING by the time I get to my meal. I want to really focus more on MINDFUL EATING!

Also, are you eating for emotional reasons?

(I do not agree with all points in this article. Take what you personally want from it)

(For the NEXT time)  I want.…………red wine

Fave inexpensive red wines

I want.… make this FUN tossing game with my kids next week

Press Here Tossing Math Game

and want to make these cute little guys !!

Perfect Halloween Craft for Preschoolers! (Spiders made from mini pumpkins!) ~

I want.….those that are suffering watching a loved one with an addiction to READ THIS please 


Your Turn

1.  What is one material item you currently WANT?

2.  What do you want to do for someone?

3.  What do you want someone to do for you?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday wants 9.30.14”

  1. 1. What is one material item you currently WANT?
    I’d like another book case from Crate. I have too many books and I can’t part with them so I would like to display them on a new shelf.

    2. What do you want to do for someone?
    Take my best friend who lives in NY to Philly and have an amazing time showing her around the city.

    3. What do you want someone to do for you?
    Make an effort to contact me to get together instead of relying on me all of the time to suggest things.


    1. 1. What is crate?? My mom reads like crazy….this may be goo dfor her
      2. that is awesome!! What are your top philly picks??
      3. i tell all my friends this……….i plan ALL week for school. I have to constantly be creative. I am burnt out. I can not think anymore and want someone ELSE to make fun suggestions for me! lol


      1. Crate = Crate and Barrel 🙂 I need to purge books but I just can’t bring myself to do it. So many good ones I want to share with others.

        It’s sad because I know New York so much better than my way around Philly! I like Reading Terminal Market, Philly Cupcake or Sweetbox Cupcakes, The Book Trader, AKA Music, Repo Records, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Other than that I’m at a loss!


  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about new sweaters and shoes / boots, now that it’s fall. What I want to do for someone is to visit my mom soon, we moved away 13 years ago and I’ve always felt bad about that. (I think it’s on my mind since you’ve mentioned your mom in your blog!) What I want someone to do for me, that’s kind of interesting, I think I don’t let people do things for me very often! But, I would not turn down any chores around the house, errands, anything to cross one thing off my to do list.


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