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Saturday safes and saves

SAFE:  Friday’s are for …………place settings and tea parties!  My kiddo’s absolutely LOVE this play set (from Lakeshore)  I had them working on one-to-one correspondence with tea cups and saucers, as well as place settings! SO much fun!



SAFE:  Spooooooooooky eye balls for Halloween (We are making eye balls for our door decor!)


“See”??  lol


SAFE:  Independent Morning work binders! Awesome idea! I have customized it for each students needs, what they need a bit of extra practice with! I love this because

  1. it is dry erase
  2. it is independent
  3. it can easily been changed, weekly, daily, etc.
  4. it promotes more independence
  5. it is simple!



SAFE:  Reflecting on my Friday!

So I had an AWESOME Friday. I am not sure why today was different than yesterday. I am still not sure why some days are awesome, some days are the complete opposite.  This morning I was kind of “blah” heading to work.  I was tired. My eyes were closing on my drive, a part of me thought “Can I even do this today? I Just want to crawl back into my bed and avoid the world….” .  However, I kept driving.  I got my coffee, at my banana and go to work.  I was productive. I got a lot accomplished. I had FUN with the kids. This is SO important for me and for them.  Some days I am so stressed about getting things done, that I forget to have “fun”.  My anxiety gets in the way and prevents me from enjoying the amazing position I am in……I try to remember to relax, breath and take things slow.  Allow for time, do not beat myself up for not completing everything I had planned…….and most importantly being FLEXIBLE when it is needed.  If my students are NOT getting something, I would MUCH rather spend another week teaching and re-teaching to make sure they get it, instead of just MOVING along.  This is the benefit of teaching Special Ed.  I CAN do this.  My timeline is NOT as demanding and restrictive as regular education teachers. I CAN be more flexible, if I allow myself to be. I did A LOT of things right today, and I was rewarded in the end………by a feeling of accomplishment and NO anxiety. I was able to enjoy my yoga class after work, probably the MOST I ever have. I was so relaxed. I was content. I was not pushing myself too hard and I was ok with that!

Heh! Interesting , how fitting I was just “reflecting”

It’s Baaack! What Is Mercury Retrograde + What Does It Mean For YOU?

SAVE:  Gone girl, the Audio book

I am NOT digging the steep price tag for this book!

Is it worth it?!  Anyone?!

SAVE:  How FUN is this door? It just makes me HAPPY 🙂

Elsie's Patterned Accent Wall and Half-Painted Door

Safe:  I do not like Mexican food all that much….

or sushi….

SAVE:  This salad looks yummy

Bar Tartine Cauliflower Salad

Save:  Carrot Cashew Spread

Carrot Cashew Spread

SAVE:  Turbot fillets

Its a white fish, looks/seems similar to Tilapia/flounder.  I want to try!

Your Turn

1.  What are your weekend plans?  I have a 31 party to go to today, taking Lily for a walk, doing laundry, meal planning/prep, meeting “Olive” my new buddy I will be pet sitting and maybe seeing a movie tonight?  

2.  How does your body feel today? Your mind?  My body feels decent.  My back hurts a bit, not sure why, but yoga was amazing yesterday. I really needed it.  My mind….eh, I’ve had better days. A bit anxious.  Thinking too much ahead.

3.  Is there anything you can let go of from the week that has been bothering you?  Yes, that last week was not my finest and that is OK.  I am going to work on improving my attitude this week and trying to enjoy all the experiences I have instead of stressing out about them.  I want to let go of all my food thoughts.  



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