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Un-Manic Monday 10.6.14

This guy is totally making my Monday Un-Manic

Meet Jersey!  The new therapy dog Drexel university is providing for its students.  Jersey is there to offer support during those stressful times 🙂  I know Lily is my “therapy dog’


Speaking of pups, Meet OLIVE!! Lily and my NEW BUDDY for the week while Meg and Mike celebrate their honeymoon!  I am so excited. She is a HUGE love muffin. Her and Lily are going to be BFF’s  I just know it! 🙂  I seriously can NOT wait to cuddle up with these guys next week!

I love this idea, and know a few students that will benefit!

I am so grateful for my health, YOU should be too! Make sure you take the time for YOU and get yourself checked. Yes of course even the healthiest people can still get cancer BUT you can also live a healthy lifestyle and get frequent checkups to prevent/detect.  We have lost TOO many people to cancer, stop letting it take those most important to us!

Breast self awareness

cervical cancer early detection and prevention

testicular cancer awareness

For my running friends
Prevent injuries!

Because I am good enough  This is a MUST Read!!!


Overdoing your health – I agree. I have been guilty of this. It is a difficult habit to break, more mentally


Un Manic Monday Money Saving ideas :)  I love these! Great ideas of how to make things at HOME and save $$.  Peanut butter! Duhhhhh why did I not think of this!?

I need to EASE Up on my To Do Lists , this is so true

I love my lists.  However I do NOT love how I sometimes get so wrapped up into them, that I can NOT enjoy life until they are COMPLETE. Which is near to impossible.  I need to remind myself take take time and enjoy the little moments. Some things CAN wait.  I have noticed myself getting impatient with my dog when we go for a walk.  She wants to stop, smell things, etc…..I pull her “COME ON!!!”  What am I in a hurry for?  My to do list can wait.  My time with Lily can not 🙂


Warrior 2 pose, TIPS!
Warrior 2 Pose Tips

I love Warrior 2 pose, but I never feel “straight enough”  I rarely am able to see my posture in the mirrors at my yoga studio, and at home I do not have mirrors. SO these are some great tips!

I love warrior 2, BUT warrior 1 , not so much.  Something about the awkward position just irritates me and is very uncomfortable. I guess this means I should DO IT more often!


Your Turn

1.  Do you make anything of your “own” at home?

2.  One way you will make YOUR Monday “Un-Manic”

3.  How can you make today JUST as wonderful as Saturday or Sunday?


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