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Friday Faves 10.10.14

Some of my favorite things this Friday….


Favorite reads


Cooking School:  Eggs 

I cancelled my online dating subscription (I did too!)

Best Restaurants by TripAdvisor!!

(Can NOT wait to check out Hall’s and Circa!)

I can also vouch for COmmanders Palace in New Orleans, OMG OMG OMG (RIght mom!?!?!?!?!)

Thought this was interesting What the Cost of your ring says about your marriage

Life Does Not Have to Be Hard

DENISE!  This is so you! 🙂

For your Adult Halloween Party (CUTE!)

Americans Expected to Live Longer than Ever (Get moving!!)

Better Chocolate Babka (Mom ,Aunt Irene, Tina we should make this!)

new chocolate babkas + impatient kindergartener feet

For Fun

Favorite eats

Oats. Oats. Oats!!

Peaches and cream(cheese) frosted oatmeal………mmmmmmmm, the peaches from Whole Foods were amazing!

Asian Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

Beef Bouguignon (My mother can VOUCH how fabulous this was!!)
** I think it was better when I ate it later in the week as ‘leftovers”



Pearl Onions.

Mmmm, I love pearl onions. I NEVER would have imagined I would!

“Paper thin” cucumber ribbons (in my salad!)

My absolute NEW Favorite way to eat them!

Wawa Pumpkin Spice Coffee

(Still loving it!)

Favorite thought

 I was “Gone Girl”….

I am 5 hours in to my “Gone Girl” audio book. I am L-O-V-I-N-G it so much!  I am so excited that I found a new guilty pleasure, reading, well having SOMEONE read to me 🙂

The book really made me think a LOT about relationships.  Both romantic and platonic.  Today in particular I was thinking about my previous romantic relationships and others around me.  I can only speak for myself but I have realized recently that it IS true. You really can NOT be in a good, quality, relationship if you do not love yourself first.  This was the one aspect I had always been missing.

Dating and relationships begin wonderfully.

You are head over heals, giddy, excited, happy, and all those other wonderful, amazing, feelings.  Then it begins to happen.  I get angry, I get upset, I get hurt. I stay quiet until one day I just can no longer hold it in and I let it out…..over what could be the smallest thing. It begins.  He starts to hate and despise her, and she feels just the same. Yet we “pretend” to be happy. We pretend this is HOW it is SUPPOSED to be.  We pretend.  I would put on a smile and pretend everything was perfect.  I smiled and pretended all was fine.  I was in love.  I was happy…..was I?  Of course I cared about the people I was with, and loved them, but I never loved myself.  I did not respect myself, therefore they had no respect for me.  You are NOT really hating the other person, you are hating yourself. It is SO much easier to blame someone ELSE than to accept that YOU need to change…Do not fall into that trap.

I have learned to value respect and I will no longer tolerate anyone not respecting me.  I promise myself the next relationship I get involved in I will do my best to be open, honest and never say something to anyone that I would NOT say in front of my partner (or friend).  I am an open book.  I really feel that is the ONLY way relationships can work.  I see it. I see genuinely happy people, couples, families.  Of course there are those bad days, but healthy people and healthy relationships grow from them.

In “Gone Girl” I see how bitter and hateful Nick and Amy are towards each other. I feel a hole in my tummy. “I wonder if my ex-H ever said, or thought those things about me?”…..Then I stop myself.  It does NOT matter.  If I do not think those things, then the person I am with should not think those things. If he/she does, they are NOT for me 🙂 I can and WILL move on….

Favorite moments

Walk with mom


Walk with dad


Girls night at the Franklin Institute


“That” phone call

Seeing Lily turn back and look at me, so lovingly , showing me how HAPPY she was!


Apple taste testing with my students



The rush I felt climbing into the “brain” at the Franklin Institute

Realizing it is OK not to exercise

Random texts from friends just saying “hi”

Seeing a student order pizza for the FIRST time

Hearing EXCITEMENT in my mom’s voice….<3

 OTHER Favorites


lululemon black grape bhakti jacket

Your Turn

1.  Whats the BEST restaurant you have ever ate at?

2.  Do you say things to others that you would not DARE to say in front of your spouse/bf/family/friend, etc?

3.  What kind of Halloween Candy do you plan on  giving this year?


2 thoughts on “Friday Faves 10.10.14”

  1. 1. a restaurant in las vegas, forget the name but never the food. tony knows the name
    2. it is more about do i dare say to others what i am comfortable enough to say to my family/closest friends…i am much more open to those closest which also can be interpreted negatively, but it is my real me, the brutally, yuck side and overly -loyal part included. sometimes i have to get things off my chest to get to the next level in the relationship. I can never hold anything in when it comes to those i am closest with. funny though i am NOTHING like that with aquaintences…i hold it all in.
    3. I plan on giving the staples but we are also throwing in a coupon for a free kona ice in anticipation for SPRING!


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