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Weekend update and week ahead 10.12.13

Weekend update and week ahead

I am feeling…..annoyed and know I should not be. Things are good and I am…..annoyed. The reason!? I have no internet. I can live without television (and usually do) but internet and newspaper. Nope. It has made me realize how much I rely on it for everything. I have to work on my lesson plans. I can’t (our new system is online, I need access to various sites for planning etc). I need internet to search for things, places , reviews and recommendations because I am in a new area and do not know much. I can’t. I also can’t check my email, blog, check weather, news, facebook. I can’t do a lot BUT I can acknowledge and realize how dependent I am on the internet. I do not want to be dependent on anything……I do not want anything to make me feel “annoyed”. The fact that I am allowing this to annoy me…..annoys me. I can’t let little bumps get me down, or ruin my perfectly great day. I can look at things positively and realize how good it also feel s to detach. It’s nice in a way. It reminds me I need to slow down…..and go to Starbucks again is I can blog :). Life is good


And life just got better. My moms friend got me in to the library room here. I can check my mail, blog alone with a blanket. Not quite my couch but much closer and more comfy than Starbucks:). Thank you Ellen!

I am currently looking at lily ……lounging lazily on the couch. Not a care in the world. She is happy. She is resting. She is being good to herself. She is my inspiration :). Yet at the drop of a dime she would be ready and willing to do anything for me.


The weekend was amazing. My Saturday was filled with sun, palms , friends, sweets and lots of coffee. Last night for the first time in almost two years, I sat on my couch and turned on the. … Wow. It felt good. Lily and I were lounging and relaxing watching animal planet (love those types of shows )

Sunday started with an early morning walk on the beach. It was cloudy and a bit chilly but perfect walking weather! Lily loved it as usual. We walked a lot. I talked to a lot of people. I asked a few guys about the fishing and if they had any luck (blue fishing and no luck). I met other Doxie owners and chatted with them. I notivpced something……if I walk and look down or NOT at people they leave me be. If I put on a smile and look people in their eyes confidently…..the smile back and immediately start a conversation with me. People are…..nice :).

My moms friend Ellen stopped by and gave me a few tips. It was nice to meet her. Then I showered and was off to the little river shrimp festival. Woah.
Was really great. It was right along the river and smelled sooooo delicious. Tons of people, unique crafts, music, beer (everywhere!!), and food , of course




It was fairly large. It took me over an hour to visit all the little craft tents. I am pretty fast so that is pretty big for me. I did taste a few sample of things but was not really. Hungry bc I ate lunch before coming which was prob a big mistake because I bet all that shrimp was amazing…..-any one of the hundreds of ways they offered it prepared!!!

After the festival I went to check if the cable/internet etire was open (I was pretty sure it was not but I checked). Closed. Darn.

Then stopped by hobby lobby and tj max and was disappointed to learn hobby lobby was still not open. Tj max had some great items but I was not much I a shopping mood. I am tired.

I have a long busy day tomorrow and a nice drive back home. I am excited to finish gone girl and I am still deciding on my next book. Possibly the goldfinch or the blue bistro. We shall see what I am in the mood for.



This week is a short school week. I am excited to see my students and have some learning fun (it’s bat week!!!)


***please save your toilet paper rolls for me!!

Hoping the weather is nice this week I am in the mood for fall walks with crunchy leaves and some cider it sip on…..or pumpkin coffee

Week ahead (simplified)
Lots of driving


Tons of puppy walks and cuddles. Babysitting olive all week!!!!

Fall weather after work walks….ahhh

Haddonfield fall festival (next weekend). Yes I am obsessed with festivals!!!

That’s all for now. My brain is kind of fried!!!

Your turn

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