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Ten for Tuesday 10.14.14

Happy POST-Columbus Day! I hope you enjoy your day off if you were off OR enjoyed work if you had work. Either way remember YOU can make it un manic every day.

No UN-Manic Monday post from me this week. I was driving all day. I had limited internet access plus a million things floating through my head 🙂 Thank goodness I started my day with a western omelet from The Shack in North Myrtle (YUMMMM). It is perfect. Thin. Full of peppers onions ham tomatoes cheese. Savory for a change from my usual oats ! Grits were delicious as well, however I really DO enjoy a sweet breakfast. Its ok, once in a while I can veer …..

Here are my Ten for Tuesday!

1.  Study Shows Woman MAY think of dogs as ….kids – well now it is OFFICIAL. I would like to announce….Lily is my “baby”  haha



2. Gone Girl



I absolutely LOVED it.  Partly because it saved me from boredom during my 10 ++ hour drive from SC to NJ…..partly because I was annoyed, irritated and HAD to find out what was going to happen next.  The author is “Brilliant”. She made the story believable.  I often times while in SC would refer back to it during various situations.  It felt REAL, like it had really happened.  The scary thing is……what if it HAS happened!  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the book (without spoiling it for anyone!)

I can NOT wait to take my mother on a “proper” date this weekend , lunch and the movie (She is reading it TOO!! Love having a book buddy to discuss things with!)

Think you do NOT have time to read?  READ THIS!


3.  A bride talks about her wedding day “Weight Loss Battle” and her realization ❤

“Love is not a look. It’s a feeling. And we are all perfect just the way we are”


4.  Homemade Kimchi , this is TOTALLY up my alley!!  Yumm!!!


5.  Treat Yourself Tuesday.

I AM going to either get a massage or facial.  I have my LAST package left at Hand and Stone.  Decisions Decisions!

6.  Pumpkin Spice Latte Overnight Oats

I am so excited to try this latest combo!!! I will let you know my thoughts!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Overnight Oats -  an easy, one-step breakfast version of your favorite Fall drink.

7. JEALOUSY….and admitting it (<3 this!)

I can say that I am more aware of my “jealous” feelings.  I really try not to be. HOwever it is inevitable at times.  It is easy to be jealous of things you don’t have, BUT I have to remember that I am ME and I need to work on being proud of that, not wanting what others have, do, or look like.  Everyone is unique, everyone has a “story”, every one is equal.  I am trying to turn those jealous emotions into positive ones.

8. I want EVERYONE, especially my MOTHER to read this.  I LOVE YOU! Remember LOVE yourself and take care of YOU!

Why I feel younger in my 50s than I did in my 30s

9. STOP restricting and ENJOY Your food! Life is too short (And STOP sharing your RESTRICTIVE Tips!)

10.  I feel like a little KID! I am super duper excited to spend the REST of the week with Olive and Lily.  I can NOT wait for my puppy kisses and cuddles. Hopefully they let me sleep 🙂



1.  How will YOU treat yourself THIS TUESDAY?

2.  Facial OR Massage?

3. Admit (out loud) one time you felt Jealous?


5 thoughts on “Ten for Tuesday 10.14.14”

  1. 1. Yesterday…I am treating myself creatively, exercising my right-brained-ness, helped my mom work on her Halloween costume.
    2. Neither..not a fan. I know I’m different:)
    3. Motherhood. ..the struggle is real in a female dominated profession.


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