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Friday Faves 10.17.14


Its F-R-I-D-A-Y!  It has been a great week, but a very LONG week.  My weekend trip really caught up with me, even though I really prepped last week (did all my lesson plans, packed, planned, etc) It was still a lot this week. I am glad I get to “catch up” this weekend. “There’s no place like home”  🙂

Here is a mix of my favorite things, moments, feelings and realizations from the week 🙂

School Stuff

We are “batty” over you. My students LOVED making these cute toilet paper bats for our October decor 🙂  The did a great job listening and following directions……but their favorite part was flying them around pretending that they were real bats!



Yes! They are hanging upside down from our tree!


Easy independent center idea:  Rainbow writing.

I have my students practice working independently during centers, while I work on IEP goals with other students. I teach multiple grade levels so very rarely are my students ever on the same level!  Its difficult but this works!

Super fun and easy way for students to practice sight words, trouble words, letters, their names, etc.


Student 1 used paint rollers, student 2 is using scented markers to rainbow write 🙂

There are SO many different ways to customize this!


Two of my students are GREAT readers, yet comprehension is a very difficult concept 😦  I am SO proud of my guys for SUCCESSFULLY completing their very FIRST graphic organizer!  We have been working on story elements for the past few weeks and they have done SOOOOO well!! I am so proud of them and their achievements and SO ARE THEY!!!  (They especially loved their Halloween stickers!)





(some of these I HAVE been to, some I plan on visiting soon!)

  • Krave Bagel Bistro (North Myrtle Beach)

I have NOT been here yet, but heard many great things about it! Next time!

I have been here TWICE and both times had the BEST western omelet!





  • I would LOVE to take my mom her for her birthday , or my parents for their anniversary and try the Chef’s Tasting Menu (Ever since New Orleans I have been wanting to do another!)

Sea Blue Wine Bar

T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach is a free living tiger exhibit. It is the fund raising effort for the conservation projects of the Rare Species Fund. Here is your chance to see the World’s Rarest Tigers, up-close and for FREE. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Come visit T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station and see these animals playing and relaxing in an outdoor environment. You will see standard Bengal tigers, Royal White Bengal tigers and the rarest tiger in the world, the Golden Tabby tiger.

(I Need to go here and get a picture with a tiger, so I can post it on Tinder …

Posing with Tigers on Tinder

  • Meghan and Mike’s house 🙂

I absolutely LOVED pet/house sitting this week. I grew SO attached to Olive (So did Lily)….It is going to be VERY difficult to leave :*(


  • The Chocolate Exhibition at the Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia, Pa)chocolate
  • Thursday Evening Walk with mom, Lily and Olive ❤


The pups after our walk 🙂



  • 12 words even SMART people get wrong 🙂                                   *This is a great little cheat sheet!*                                                                                                                                    Are there any words that never fail to confuse you? Even though we’re grammar nerds, we still find ourselves googling “stationery vs. stationary” on the sly. Here are twelve words many people get wrong—and how to get them right…1. Farther vs. Further
    Farther refers to a physical distance.
    Further refers to a metaphorical distance.
    Example: That psychic lives farther away from me. But she can see further into the future.2. Everyday vs. Every Day
    Everyday describes a thing that is ordinary or normal.
    Every day means “all of the days.”
    Example: These are my everyday pants. I wear them every day.3. Who’s vs. Whose
    Who’s is a contraction that means “who is.”
    Whose is a pronoun that shows possession.
    Example: Who’s coming to your party tonight? Whose punch bowl did you borrow?4. Stationary vs. Stationery
    Stationary means fixed or standing still.
    Stationery refers to paper goods, like notecards or letters.
    Example: My weird neighbor writes her stationery while riding a stationary bicycle.

    5. Affect vs. Effect
    Affect is a verb that means to change something.
    Effect is a noun that means the change that came as a result of something.
    Example: Do you want to positively affect the world? Politeness can have a profound effect.

    6. i.e. vs. e.g.
    Use i.e. when you’re defining something.
    Use e.g. when you’re giving an example.
    Example: Yesterday my boyfriend finally acted his age, i.e., like a baby. I should have known because of his hobbies, e.g., comic books, toys and the ability to cry at the drop of a hat.

    7. Lay vs. Lie
    Lay means to set something down.
    Lie means to rest your body.
    Example: Why don’t you lay your toys on the floor and go lie down for a nap?

    8. Complement vs. Compliment
    A complement is a thing that completes something else.
    A compliment is an expression of praise.
    Example: You and your husband are such wonderful complements. I love how he alwayscompliments you.

    9. Accept vs. Except
    Accept means to include or receive.
    Except means to exclude.
    Example: That restaurant accepts every credit card except the one in my wallet.

    10. Disburse vs. Disperse
    Disburse means to hand out or distribute.
    Disperse means to scatter or spread in all directions.
    Example: How shall I disburse the money from your bank accounts? Wait—why did that question make everyone disperse?

    11. Everyone vs. Every One
    Everyone is a pronoun that refers to a group of humans.
    Every one refers to the individual humans within a group.
    Example: Hi, everyone! I love every one of you.

    BONUS WORD: Literally
    We can’t pinpoint the exact moment when “literally” took over the modern lexicon, but it’s now everywhere. And it’s almost always incorrect. When used properly, the word literally means exactly as described. So, after biting into a hot slice of pizza, you could say that you are “literally in pain,” but not that your mouth is “literally on fire.” (Unless it was really, actually on fire. With flames.) Many times, people say literally when what they mean isfiguratively or metaphorically. One friend, describing her recent breakup, said she was “literally beside herself.” This statement could not literally be true.’

    • anchor wall hook                                                                     Anchor Wall Hook (Set of 4)
    • whale pillow (LOVE!)Wandering Whales Pillow
    • THANKSSSSSSSSSS Mom and Dad!!!!!  Love Coffee, its Probably in your Genes
    • How to Get Almost Anything You want (great read!! It is so true!)
    • Salmon is on sale this week at Whole Foods. I want to try making this recipe:  Lemon Artichoke Baked SalmonLemon Artichoke Baked Salmon
    • airplants                                                                                                                                                                             Airplants to add some life. Can add tea light candles or maybe herbs in the kitchen. I really want some of these!


Your Turn

1.  What is your FAVORITE activity and meal from the week?

My walk with Mom, Lily and Olive 🙂 

2.  Did you do anything you DID not want to do for someone this week? (Like said YES when you really wanted to say NO)

I can honestly say NO I did not ! ( I am proud of this)

3. Feeling guilty about anything?

Yes, I am feeling guilty that I do NOT feel like going to work…….at all………today, in fact all week has been very hard


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