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Saturday Safes and Saves 10.18.14

It is SAFE to say I feel like

……..poop.   Literally.  A friend went away and asked me to house/pet sit for her.  This week was the best! It was hectic and busy but I made sure the pups played, ate, got outside and even went on a few walks.  Today was my last day. I was so sad. I really am going to miss my new buddy (so is Lily)  After work, I stopped by to say good bye and let the pup out before mom and dad got home….when I walked in ….PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW, accident!  I cleaned it up and let my friend know.

I grabbed the rest of my belongings and ran out the door……in a hurry to……get nowhere special. Just my anxiety getting to me once again “Go Diana , GO! Faster, Push yourself! Go before it gets dark, you want to walk lily, go foodshopping, unpack, BEFORE it gets dark”

So, my anxiety got in the way and I neglected to check the entire house for more poop 😦  I later found out, there was more. felt terrible. The LAST thing I wanted was for my friend to come home to a “stinky” house.  I know that “shit happens” but I felt bad.  If I was NOT so anxious and rushed all the time, I would have had the sense to check everywhere….Lesson learned. Slow down.  Enjoy life.  Appreciate things. Be thorough.

SAFE:  Quick breakdown of understanding an introvert

Yes. I am a complete and total introvert. I LOVE my alone time.  I also love being around people but in limited and small doses. I feel like my extroverted friends get offended. TRUST ME, it really is just me.  I prefer quiet. I need quiet. I like quiet. I will have quiet. Too much chatter, talk, noise hurts.  It exhausts me, makes me tired, makes me anxious, makes me want to run. I am sorry, but this is me. I have tried to hide it or “overcome” it in the past and its just not natural. It is not me and I should not be forced to do things I don’t feel comfortable doing.  I love being around people, but I need to quietly take things in….

SAVE:  Mom’s Simple Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Around |

Yum, something about the comfort of oatmeal and cocoa chips makes me want to bake these on a nice , cool  day  🙂

SAFE:  Feeling ashamed.

Its pretty safe to admit that I feel ashamed today.  I am disappointed in myself for allowing my anxiety to once again get the best of me.  Although the feeling is not pleasant, it is a huge eye opener for me to really slow. things. down.  I feel like I missed some important things that make me feel less reliable and capable. I do not want to feel that way about myself. I want to feel sure and confident about myself and not like this…..

SAVE:  Brown Boots

I need a new pair. My old comfy pair are ruined. They got wet and look awful now.  Luckily they were inexpensive (Target find!) and lasted me almost two years!! Definitely got my wear out of them!

I kind of like these at Target this year

Women's Merona® Kasia Genuine Leather Riding Boot - Assorted Colors

I am VERY finicky with my boots. I am weird about the heel. It has to be just perfect. I do not like anything clunky, or too flat, or too…..picky picky picky!

SAFE:  Gone Girl (The Movie)

I am super excited to see this tonight!! Already got my comfy seats!  It was full, so I hope my seat isnt TOO close to the screen….a HUGE Ben Affleck, Oh darn! 🙂

SAVE:  Allergies on the rise (read if you suffer!)

I have been very lucky that mine seem to be MORE under control.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have/get them (Just ask my classroom assistant HOW many times I complain of a sinus headache! 🙂  ) but it seems to be under control AND I was finally able to ween myself off of allegra. Thank god, I started becoming dependent on it….without it I was tired and cranky.  Now I am just tired…. lol

SAVE:  I love reading self help books, here is MORE reason to do it!


Safe to say these donuts are just too cute. They make me happy!

currently crushing on I

SAVE:  My next BOOK READ! (organizing related!)

Your Turn

1.  What is your biggest organizational tip?

2.  Are you ashamed of anything you did this week?

3.  Do you have a plan for your weekends, or do you usually just “GO with the flow”?


1 thought on “Saturday Safes and Saves 10.18.14”

  1. That’s a great article about introverts, all of it is spot on! It’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t understand it, I went through that for years, being with someone who got SO upset because I didn’t talk enough or be entertaining with his family. It wore me out and I tried so hard. Also, silence in the car made him upset, completely ridiculous! It nice to know exactly what it is and to be able to say, I need some time alone to decompress, that’s just me and it’s okay! To answer your third question, being an introvert, I like to have a plan in mind for maybe 3-4 hours of the day, but I need to leave the rest “go with the flow” as in, maybe I can do some other things, but I might need to go home and be away from crowds and people for a while.

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