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Weekend Update and Week Ahead 10.19.14

I have been on the GO since last Friday! Between driving, taking care of things in SC, pup sitting , school/work, personal things…….Saturday was my first day to unwind.  I thought I would be excited, happy, content. Instead I am super anxious 😦  I feel VERY tired.

I am exhausted, yet restless.

Something I find myself struggling with a lot when I am tired.  I have tried to make the best of it and already my mood is improving.


15 Things we FORGET to be Thankful For (This is so good and so true! I like # 3 & 7)

Weekend Update (backwards!?)


I started off by reading the paper. I have MISSED this so much, but it gave me anxiety (“What if I finish my coffee BEFORE I finish the paper”, “What if I am still hungry”….”What if , what if , what if….”  Ugh, who cares!  If I finish my coffee and WANT more, I will make more.  If I am still hungry. I will eat. Problems solved, WHY do I create this silly anxiety?!  I feel like I can NOT enjoy my free/down town. I always try to sabotage it.  I make it food related and I make myself miserable and unhappy…… I wish I could just EAT and not have to think about it, or dwell on it

I love this little book store in Collingswood, I was happy to read about it this morning 🙂

Then it was the Haddonfield Craft fair with mom and dad. I left Lily at home. She is tired too! She has been out and about, walking, playing, traveling. I left her home 🙂  I always kick myself. Today would have been PERFECT to bring her. It was not super crowded, the crafters were spread out, it was not jammed and crammed.  I saw so many cute pups (and guys walking them! ha) I wish my anxiety would have eased, so that I could have really taken it in.  I feed off others anxiety which is not a good thing for me at all…..

There was a pretty cool DIY silk scarf making station! It was pretty cool to watch all the colors collide together.

I think I will be sporting a lot of scarves this winter!! I love the look!

Fall scarf, shorts, ankle boots, infinity tights, casual outfits, colder weather.

This great fall ensemble can easily be pulled together with pieces you already own! #SkimmiesSecrets Floral Scarf With Blazer and Long Boots Click for more

Someone creating their own silk scarf (Loved the color choices)


I also found two new books I want to add to my (audio) reading list……Sharp Objects

and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I know Sharp Objects received mixed reviews, and while I loved Gone Girl, it irritated me at times (I felt it was very drawn out towards the end, found myself getting irritable !) I still am itching to read it…..Miss Peregrine just called to me for some reason….I am intrigued!

I also came across these two little Golden Books inspired coffee table reads 🙂 (DO you remember the Golden Books!? <3)

Everything I need to Know I Learned From a Golden Book

Everything I Need to Know About Christimas


I felt shaky at the festival. I was hungry. I ate a lot this morning and was STILL Hungry. I got a coffee and a KIND bar.  I hesitated at first because this was not part of my USUAL routine or thing I ate. I set the guilt aside, bought it anyway. I was going to eat it quickly before anyone saw me, because I felt embarrassed that I was hungry, so instead, I asked my MOM to open the wrapper for me. I asked her if she wanted a piece , she said no. I ate my chocolaty, caramel, salty delight with a smile. It was gone, I threw the wrapper away and felt LESS shaky 🙂

I WAS able to finish my lesson plans on Friday 🙂 However I have an observation this week so I will be spending some time prepping for it as well as the rest of the week.  I have to make two math tests.  I want to make sure I am assessing my students the BEST way possible. Part of special education is that there is NEVER an easy way 🙂

Made a trader joe’s run (Ohhhhhhhh how I missed you trader joe’s!)

I am so bummed I missed out on the Pumpkin Body butter this year. BOOO!

Then made some Coq au vin :) Smells and looks delicious!

Simple Slow Cooker Coq Au Vin

Obviously I made a bunch of overnight oats! I am looking for some new fall fruits to try, Ill see what I can brew up

The evening ended with a DATE 🙂  Notttt what you are thinking, a date with my mom:)

We spent the past few weeks reading “Gone Girl” together (Ok, SHE read, I had someone read it TO ME, (Audiobook). Regardless we BOTH read it together. I truly enjoyed our nightly discussions, sometimes over coffee, sometimes on the phone. It was FUN. I had FUN.

Rosamund Pike portrayed AMY perfectly. Creepy!

Emily (Andy)
was just absolutely STUNNING/BEAUTIFUL



We celebrated finishing the book with a special treat to the AMC comfy theater ( I will NEVER go anywhere else) to see it last night. IT was Good, NO, it was GREAT. The book was portrayed perfectly.  They really did a fantastic job….andddddd Nick (Ben Affleck) was a pleasure to stare at


I think my mom and I found a little hobby we can do together. I am so excited and happy to have discovered my LOVE of reading!  I have always been envious of readers…….I really want to yet can not ever allow myself to relax, rest and SIT to read. I will not focus.  I will get restless. I will fall asleep. I love how my mom can read several books per week. It is her hobby. It is her love. It is her passion.



Now I have that same passion too 🙂 However a bit different, but it is still the same. More importantly it gives us something to look forward to and do TOGETHER.  I prefer audio books. I can take lily for a walk (and listen) I can drive in the car (and listen) I can cook meals (and listen).  I need to move to relax, I have found the perfect fix!

This article sums up completely HOW I feel. Especially how I felt yesterday….I felt like a bottomless pit. I was hungry all day long.

Food police


Brisk walk with Lily…..I stopped at Wawa and grabbed a cup of coffee half way through my walk. It made my walk MORE enjoyable. I put on “THe Goldfinch”  Lily was happy. I was happy.  A REALLY sweet man at Wawa bought me my coffee, thanks to Lily’s cuteness!!  ❤

I love doing this occasionally, and it came back to me!

Yoga with mom ❤  Ahhhhhhh it has been so long, I can NOT wait


I am trying to get my MOM to shop for HERSELF. She constantly follows me around and looks for things for ME. I am trying to teach her how to be more SELFISH and look for things she likes and things for her!  Small steps

I am looking for a TV stand……I want something inexpensive, but practical and “fun” 🙂

I am really liking this from Target (going to see it in person HOPEFULLY today!)

I especially love all the FUN colors

Threshold™ Windham 2 Door Cabinet with Center Shelves

Threshold™ Windham 2 Door Cabinet with Center Shelves

Threshold™ Windham 2 Door Cabinet with Center Shelves

Threshold™ Windham TV Stands

Threshold™ Windham TV Stands

Week Ahead

I am really looking forward to the week ahead.  I have a fun sensory Halloween unit planned with all sorts of neat, hands on activities for my kiddo’s (Especially Goblin Guts!)

I also would like to attempt to make this

Also I am NOT going to list my daily “to do’s”. I am just going to list things I PLAN to do.  If I get to them GREAT, if not, GREAT as well. Listing it by DAY just gives me anxiety and makes me feel like I need to adhere to my “schedule” gah. Love anxiety 😦

  • I meet with my favorite therapist to sort through things
  • Yoga (Maybe)
  • mom and me nail painting night 🙂
  • observation (Yikes!)  * Last year I would worry and stress about  my observations. This year, I know I am doing the best I can. I am constantly changing things and looking for new ways to accommodate my students. I am finding unique ways to have them attain and reach their goals. I am more proud of myself. Therefore I am not as worried. I am more excited to try new things and see if my kids can grasp them!
  • I have a girls night date next week to paint some pumpkins (I am super excited)
  • fall walks with Lily
  • Fall walk with mom?
  • cuddle and keep warm with Lily


Your Turn

1.  What color/style TV stand do you like best?

2. What is something you are looking forward to this week?

3.  Think of something you would LOVE someone to do for YOU, then do it for someone else! See if it comes back to you (It has for me!!)


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update and Week Ahead 10.19.14”

  1. I like the blue TV stand with the 3 middle shelves.

    I’m looking forward to some walking in the brisk fall air and seeing the beautiful fall leaves changing on the trees and falling to the ground.

    I would love to have someone do my dishes everyday and keep my kitchen organized. Is that too much to ask?


  2. Sharp Objects is good. I also have Mrs. P’s Home for Peculiar Children. I couldn’t really get into it. Oddly enough I looked it up on my students’ AR and it’s a 5th grade read. Weird. I have the sequel Hollow City and plan to read it this winter.

    1. What color/style TV stand do you like best?
    Green. It’s one of my favorite colors.

    2. What is something you are looking forward to this week?
    Pumpkin carving. I also love baking the seeds and eating them.

    3. Think of something you would LOVE someone to do for YOU, then do it for someone else! See if it comes back to you (It has for me!!)

    Send me something in the mail. I love any kind of snail mail.


    1. I am currently reading The Goldfinch. it is longggggggg lol after that Ill pick one. Hmmm, interesting about Peculiar children, I kind of had that feeling about it…..

      baking the seeds! I totally forgot about that!!

      I loveeeeeeeeeee getting mail too! In fact, i look forward to coming home each day to see what fun stuff I have (Unfortunately mostly bills! ) LOL


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