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Un-Manic Monday 10.20.14

This Is what I’ve Learned From Working With Kids With Autism (This will brighten your Monday!)

10 Suggestions For Making the Most of this Life (I have included two of my favorites!)

4. Relationships Are How We See Ourselves

Why do we choose to interact with one another? For one—it’s enjoyable. Being with others is a source of joy, laughter, intrigue, intellectual and/or sexual stimulation, and on and on. Yet, the true value in relationship exists in the mirror it provides for each of us—a mirror that we hold up above us to see what’s behind, what’s hidden from view.

If relationship is approached as a method for personal awareness and growth, each relationship in our lives will endow us with valuable lessons, and many relationships will prove to run their course—making it easier to let go. This user mentality is (again) not a selfish manifesto, but with collective awareness, this recognition ultimately helps us grow closer to one another. A closeness that increases with the removal of the following:

5. Our Judgments Show Us What We Don’t See In Ourselves

Let’s be honest. We all make judgments. Even on my best days, I’m judging the hell out of everything I encounter. There is one key to becoming less judgmental—to pause within your judgment and see yourself as the thing you’re judging, and then give that self-recognition your forgiveness.

Employing this behavior helps train the mind that what you’re seeing is a projection of YOU. Getting mad at the driver next to you only shows that you’ve done the same to others. This applies to all areas of our judgment—be it of character, behavior, or the like, and not only do we need to take ownership for our judgments, but we must also let them go.

Getting into an internal good vs. bad debate only serves as a distancing agent. If your judgments are not owned and then forgiven, it only shifts the hatred rather than transform it.

I am SO proud of my cousin’s

determination, hard work and dedication. I am impressed by the quality and detail of his work….he can figure out how to do ANYTHING. He just completed the patio and now is working on the siding…..He is such a thorough worker!


I love Carla’s PERFECT bows, they add just the right amount of fall to the pretty mums!



How fun (And adorable) is this fall set up!! 🙂 Way to go!



 This Sweater makes me SMILE and forget it is Monday 🙂


 I am a little nervous about the upcoming winter, less sun, less warmth, less outdoor walks. I’m scared. I want to keep postive and keep moving forward so here are a few ways to ensure

5 ways to stay Upbeat as it gets Cold!

I am excited to try a few of these Trader Joe’s favorites!!!


For Denise and her love of fairs and fair food….Here’s your next trip! LOL Arizona!

Arizona: Mealworm-Covered Caramel Apples

Along with deep-fried crickets, the Arizona Exposition & State Fair’s Chef du’ Jour booth sells caramel apples dipped in mealworms.



You are on the RIGHT track, continue to KEEP up the GOOD WORK! And read this:

Are You Taking Care of Everyone But Yourself?

Un-Manic Monday Skin Tip!

3 All Natural DIY Beauty Recipes to rid of Blackheads

Your Turn


1.  Relationships:  Do you argue, debate, explain, defend, get angry, blame, threaten or in some way try to get the other person to see things your way and do what you want? Is it more important to you to be right and to win than to be loving?

2.  One Un-Manic thing from your Monday?

3.  Pumpkins.  Carve or paint?



3 thoughts on “Un-Manic Monday 10.20.14”

  1. 1. Relationships: Do you argue, debate, explain, defend, get angry, blame, threaten or in some way try to get the other person to see things your way and do what you want? Is it more important to you to be right and to win than to be loving?

    I tend to give in too much but being in that kind of relationship did not work out for me and I ended it after 6 months. There has to be a compromise and that was what was severely lacking.

    2. One Un-Manic thing from your Monday?

    An assembly which was a nice break at the end of my day.

    3. Pumpkins. Carve or paint?

    I don’t think I’ve painted pumpkins in years! I’m glad Denise is doing the carving. I was going to have you guys come over originally but because of the dog sitting she is having it at her house. This is the third year we are doing this together and it’s a good time.


  2. 1) If anything I think I edge towards the other end. I want to solve issues so fast and avoid confrontation, that I’ll try to fix even if the issue needs to be discussed.

    2) Ran on a new treadmill at work. Gotta love a machine that works flawlessly.

    3) Carve! I really want to carve, but I don’t think I have the space, so I’ll probably be painting.

    Happy Monday!


  3. 1. Unfortunately, yes, I do this! I think I’m better than I used to be, with some life experience, you realize how much better it is to be happy and not “right”.
    2. Out to dinner at a Greek restaurant
    3. I’ve never tried painting pumpkins, it sounds fun!


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