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Ten For Tuesday 10.21.14

1. My DREAM HOUSE decor! So pretty!

Coastal Farmhouse

2.Trader Joes Dog treat

For Lily. OMG she loves loves loves this thing!


So I VERY rarely drink tea……if ever…..but I absolutely LOVE this tea pot!

This is absolutely ADORABLE for a Halloween Party!

pumpkin cooler

3.  Top 5 yoga poses for runners!

Credit: Chara Caruthers

4.  5 Types of Women Who Aren’t in Relationships and Why

I am totally this one 🙂

The woman who loves her single lifestyle

We can all admit that a little alone time is nice. But some girls just like having it more often than others. No one wants that naggy boyfriend or girlfriend that is attached to your hip 24/7. We already have four limbs and we don’t need anymore. So sometimes if a girl doesn’t do relationships its just because she likes her own space and doesn’t need someone else in it all of the time. And if its not the alone time she loves about her single lifestyle, it’s the absence of monogamy. Monogamy is just too much for her to handle. In her mind: the more the merrier. She doesn’t feel the need to settle on just one person, and clearly she hasn’t.

5.  “It’s Beginning to look a lot like……..halloween?!”

Driving around I have noticed TONS of Halloween lights. Its very decieving, I keep thinking they are holiday/christmas lights……But they are orange and black and for Halloween!  Is this a new thing/newer? I do not recall seeing so much of this in recent years?

6. I recently posted how BUMMED


I was that Traders Joe’s had sold out of Pumpkin body butter FOR THE SEASON… I came across a HOMEMADE recipe, I am sooooo trying this out (this week or weekend!)

Whipped coconut body butter2  1 of 1 3

7. Introverts, Lay OFF the coffee? (What, OMG, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

8. My personal goal:

To do a complete yoga headstand.

I am fearful of it. I want to overcome that fear.

9.  My mom’s dream destination to visit…..Paris.  Check this out Mom! (lets plan this 1-2 years!?)

Where to Stay in Paris 

Cafe des Deux Magots

10.  I want to end my Ten For Tuesday with this 🙂 Its an awesome reminder and makes ME feel stronger

An Open Letter To Anyone With an Eating Disorder


Your Turn

1.  Try something NEW this week! (Food, activity, after work routine……..anything) Think about how you felt before, during and after?

2.  How did you compromise with someone/something today?

3.  What is ONE of your personal goals?


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