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Friday Faves 10.24.14

I am SUPER ready and SUPER excited for F-R-I-D-A-Y!

overall I had a pretty awesome week!  I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. Yesterday I did NOT want to do anything after work, so…..I didnt!! Normally I would have forced myself to go to the gym, or run, or do something, BUT I didn’t want to. I wanted to relax. I lay on the couch and read! OMG! That is not me……BUT I like the new me!


Yes. It felt “uncomfortable”. Yes. I felt “lazy”. and YES I enjoyed doing nothing.  There. I said it.  I ENJOYED doing nothing. I enjoyed NOT working out. I did not want to work out. I did NOT eat less. I ate well and was satisfied (normally I would punish myself with a smaller meal if I didn’t exercise)

So its moments and days (several days!) like these that make me realize how far I have come. This week was a glimpse of my happiness 🙂 I never want to loose that again!

Favorite Food(s):

I tried it. Peanut Butter and cream cheese.  Eh.  It was GOOD but nothing AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SPECTACULAR.  Not much different in my opinion.

BUT then I am pretty partial to my oats…..I do NOT want to hurt their feelings by finding suitable replacements 🙂

Favorite Read(s):

Here it is! Our “Corny” November Kidsville Article (<3  Lindsay!)



Favorite Thoughts:


Ok, so this is what has been boggling my mind the past week.  I am currently reading listening to The Goldfinch.  WHY is Theo counting? I feel VERY silly/stupid for asking this question, but I have googled it and tried to figure out on my own.  IS IT PART OF THE AUDIO book, or part of the story? If you have read the hard copy/book please let me know if he is really counting something (if so, what!?) or if this is part of the audio book. Please answer this question, so I can enjoy my weekend 🙂  (You KNOW its bugging the crap out of me!)

I am thinking about this cuteness for my office or library, better yet MOM, for YOUR library room!!!

I really want to get my mom and me nice, comfy pajamas for our next getaway to Myrtle Beach. I envision us crafting, having wine, or coffee, watching tv or reading while wearing cute/warm/comfy pajamas all snuggled up 🙂

The Fireside Long Jane Pajama

A few years ago, we did an amazing 3 generation Girls Getaway weekend at Jim Thorpe, PA.  My mom, aunt, cousin and grandmom were all there for manicures, wine, food, fun and massages.  I remember having the BEST massage to date. Afterward I slipped into a white robe and had the most peaceful, relaxed, serene night of sleep. I felt weightless. Like I was floating… I have always wanted a white bath robe just like it to bring back those memories!

I am thinking about seeing Mary Poppins at the Walnut Street Theater. I have always loved the movie, it would bring back so many childhood memories!

Think that I REALLY need to change my documents back to my maiden name. This would require a day off because everything MUST be done in person 😦  Hopefully I will have something non-holiday off that I can take care of this!  I want to add this to my Feeling Accomplished list!

Favorite FUN/finds:

I love this light fixture!


Sunday:  2nd Annual Harvest Festival (Haddon Heights)

2nd Annual Harvest Festival: Sun., October 26th

This Autumn we will have our 2nd Annual Harvest festival which will take place on Sunday, October 26th from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  It will be the Market’s final day until we re-open in May of 2015. (Yes, we will be back in 2015 better than ever.) Neighbors Night Out Committee will be running a LOCAL Beer and Wine garden, we will have added vendors, Food, and fun for the family. Also, we are happy to announce that our antique section tested extremely well, and that next year they will be a permanent part of our landscape. We will feature 6-8 Vintage spots in 2015 to add to what our market already provides. We cant sign off without thanking the County and all our other sponsors for their support in 2014, your commitment is truly in-valuable…

We welcome everyone to come out for our Final days of 2014 so please support every week. We’ll See you all at the Market!

Saturday:  Rancocas Woods Craft Fair

Rancocas Woods Craft Show

Saturday, October 25th


The Burlington County Animal Shelter 

will be at the show accepting donations

The Co-Op will be collecting towels, dog/cat food, toys and treats, hand soap and sanitizer, he laundry soap, dryer sheets, odor eliminating products, paper towels, newspaper, blankets, kitten and puppy formula and bottles.

Feel free to drop donations at the Co-Op anytime!

Lots of great crafts,

wood, flowers, jewelry, soap,

local honey, roasted nuts

and so much more!

Stop in the Co-Op,

we have new vendors

come check it out,

you’ll love what you see!!


Media Title

Saturday, Oct. 25, Sunday, Oct 26

Trump Taj Mahal, 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City. Authentic food specialties, live entertainment and shopping marketplace in the Grand Ballroom. $5 admission; free with Trump One Card. Sat. noon-8pm; Sun., noon-6pm.

Favorite Moments/Feelings:

  • having my observation done and over with! 🙂
  • Its Friday. Knowing that I have two FREE days ahead of me to do whatever I want!
  • telling my dad how I feel …..and actually listening to him talk. Really looking in his eyes
  • really listening to and hearing people
  • Lily laying by my head and neck while I relax on the couch
  • getting under my cool, crisp and freshly made bed after a long day
  • hearing the newspaper man deliver my paper BEFORE I get up
  • seeing Lily start barking at a Halloween decoration during our walk today
  • Seeing my mom and dad , together, watching TV tonight 🙂  Happy and discussing the news
  • not caring what OTHERS think about my clothes or appearance
  • wearing comfy clothes and shoes
  • feeling good, happy, and alert after a day/night of rest

Simple BUT Awesome dating tip!

PS– “I had a crush on a varsity tennis-player named Ben (shy, dimples, tousled hair, the works) and, after secretly driving by his house (and ducking in the passenger seat) a million times with my girl friends”

Haha, who has done that?? Tina, remember “Homie the clown?”  I think EVERY girl has done this. If you say you haven’t we all know you are lying! 🙂

Favorite Accomplishments:

Having my observation done and over with 🙂  Ahhhhh

taking care of some important paper work


Your Turn

1.  What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?

2.  Weekend plans? Any of the ones I mentioned?

3.  What is your favorite way to spend your Friday night?




3 thoughts on “Friday Faves 10.24.14”

  1. 1. tank top and shorts and they have to be very soft and lightweight.
    2. Doing some shopping, but my weekend plans are like what you did yesterday, relax, watch a movie and not feel pressured or forced to do anything. (very happy for you that you were able to relax and read and ride out the uncomfortable feelings, That’s great progress!)
    3. I like going out to dinner on Fridays, it feels like a celebration to have the whole weekend ahead!

    Those craft shows look like a lot of fun- enjoy!


  2. 1. comfy pjs lightweight though and not a super fan of flanner, more cottony. Plus i still have to change my documents to my married name – i have no idea what to do…HELP ME!
    2. Not much saturday just watching kids play and taking it easy, straightening up. Sunday soccer and home again.
    3. My favorite way to spend friday night is curling up on the couch in my pjs with a glass of wine in peace and quiet .
    I am glad you are enjoying “doing nothing” from time to team, its the best.


  3. 1. I remember you and michelle always exchanged PJ;s , i always loved that idea!
    Ok, so the FIRST thing you need to do to change your name….Social Security office. Take care of that first bc you will need it for your license. 1. Soc Sec card 2. Drivers license 3. Bank accounts, etc
    2. I am goign to try to make soccer
    3. Ahhhh your friday night sounds perfect. I cant imagine going OUT on a friday night, it seems its the farthest thing from my mind anymore!


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