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Saturday Safes and Saves 10.25.14


Pumpkin Carving party tonight!! I have decided to make one for my parents and one for Lily 🙂

I got my pumpkins today!! I am excited to share my little Halloween treat , perfect for chocolate fondue!


I am going to save this idea for NEXT year 🙂


No picture of my OWN hedgehog (Sonic xoxxo) But heres one 🙂

Aww, hedgehog. Love this


I want to try this perfume


I really miss have my Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue….I need to get more ASAP 😦


I had a crappy day. I was miserable, irritated, annoyed, and my sinuses were killing me. I hate that I have days like this. I was just cranky and not a happy camper…..Not sure what is causing this 😦  I have anxiety about something…


Walk with my parents….It REALLY improved my cranky mood.  My mom, dad, Lily (the hot dog), Lucy (the german shep) and myself went for a beautiful walk in Moorestown.  This weather is just perfect. halfway through my walk (as usual) I felt so much better. It was great seeing my parents active, seeing the pups get exercise, talk, walk and spend time together.  It felt GOOD, no….it felt WONDERFUL

Thank you for getting me out of my “horrible, terrible, no, good mood”

❤ I love them !!


Yup, this is me

5 Signs You Have An Addictive Personality

Safe:  THIS IS HILARIOUS! (Moms & Parents!)


As a teacher, I see how kids eat.  I see how their eating habits stem from the families. I get it. Its hard. Time is short, who FEELS like cooking after a  full day of work. It is SO important to provide your family with healthy choices and options and meals.  Read this! It takes 10 min to make a delicious/nutritious meal for your family


I am loving this quilt

3-Piece Aleda Quilt Set


MOM!!!! Read this!


Spiralised Veggies

Save:  Cute holiday gift idea for my students to make!


Things I want to get :

Adorable handwoven oversize sweater and long neck boots for fall Fun and Fashion Blog

oversized sweaters




Your Turn

1.  How do you WORK clothes differ from your “Weekend” clothes?

2.   What are you giving out for Halloween?

3.  Are you going to/having any Halloween parties?


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