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Thankful Thursday 10.30.14

But seriously

I am thankful

that I live in NJ and am able to have some of the BEST pizza 🙂

What is YOUR favorite pizza place? (Pizza Hut does NOT count , YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! 🙂  )

NJ Top 25 Pizzeria’s

I am thankful

that my mom had the courage to finally go to her doctors appointment. I am so proud of her!


I am thankful

that I have decided to “Declutter”

It really does feel amazing

Have you heard about this? Japanese art of decluttering your home?(Source)

Did you guys read the recent NYTimes article Kissing Your Socks Goodbye? Japanese tidiness consultant Marie Kondo believes that decluttering your home will change your life. She’s a celebrity in Japan, and there’s currently a three-month waiting list for her services. Her approach is a little wacky, but she has some great pointers, too.

Here are seven of her tips…

1. Throw away anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” “’Don’t just open up your closet and decide after a cursory glance that everything in it gives you a thrill…You must take each outfit in your hand.’ ”

2. Skip the Container Store. “Do not buy organizing equipment—your home already has all the storage you need.”

3. Fold your clothes like sushi. “Fold everything into a long rectangle, then fold that in upon itself to make a smaller rectangle, and then roll that up into a tube, like a sushi roll. Set these upright in your drawers.”

4. Hang clothes in rainbow order. “Hang up anything that looks happier hung up, and arrange like with like, working from left to right, with dark, heavy clothing on the left…’Organizing them by category helps them feel more comfortable and secure.’ ”

5. Thank your clothes. “Thank your stuff, it’s been working hard for you.”

6. Let your socks rest. “Socks bust their chops for you, and if you ball them up, they don’t get a chance to rest…’The socks and stockings stored in your drawer are essentially on holiday.’ ”

7. Get rid of papers. “’There is nothing more annoying than papers…After all, they will never spark joy, no matter how carefully you keep them.’ ”

I am thankful

that I did NOT have a head ache today! I felt so good!! I think it may be sleep related!  The nights I do not sleep well, I have a major headache the next day!


I am thankful

for MORE festivals this weekend!! So far I have my eye on these:

Clover Market

This weekend the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia is offering Day Of the Dead Festival. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit the creepy museum …….this would be the PERFECT time!

I am thankful

that I am able to be independent (or at least working towards it!)

30 Things Every Independent Women Needs

I am thankful

for speaking up

There was a young girl in line ahead of me at Target. I LOVED her nail polish…So I told her.  She thanked me, said it lasted 2 weeks, is easy to get off and is $5. WOW all those things are for me!! Best of all……..guess where she got it?!

So I paid for my things, went BACK to get the polish, and got BACK in line 🙂

I am also thankful for my MOTHER because she enjoys painting my nails! She also does a BETTER job than they do at the salon! Best of all, its our girl talk time 🙂


I am thankful

for not having ANY commitments this weekend. It feels good to know I am free to do anything I want.

I am thankful

for realizing slowly and telling myself I do NOT have to do anything I do not want to do…….I am having a hard time deciding whether I truly DO not want to do something, or if I am just scared…..I am learning.

I am thankful

for being able to use REAL world examples to teach my students social skills. Fellow teacher and friend, Denise is running the Bridge this weekend. We spent social skills discussing races, what they are, how they benefit different things and how it FEELS to run and participate in a race.  We talked about FEELINGS. (How would YOU feel before, during , after?) We decided Denis MIGHT be a nervous and excited, so we decided to make some FUN inspirational posters for her.  We researched and viewed different ideas, and I am SOOOOO proud of my students for coming up with these all on their own!

ps – My favorite….”Run Like a robot”

Hmmm, how does a robot run!?




Your Turn

1.  What are you thankful for?



1 thought on “Thankful Thursday 10.30.14”

  1. Oh I always pick out the marshmellows in the Lucky Charms to eat. My Mom used to stop buying it because that’s all I used to do.

    You’ve inspired me to clean out my closet. I think Sunday morning I will start the challenge.

    Awesome about the nailpolish. I bought this Sally Hansen chrome silver color. It’s terrible and chips away after a day. I guess I should put a clear coat on top so it will last longer.

    I’ve heard Clover Market is really great. One of my friends is always there and makes jewelry.


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