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Wednesday Wants 10.29.14

I want…..

My mom to buy herself some comfy Pajamas for our little girls getaway


Lily wants some too….

I want…..

to stop feeling guilty if I don’t have time, feel like, or want to work out/exercise.


I want…..

to spend more time with friends and family and NOT stress over getting in a workout.

In the past I have given up a lot of time with friends and family because I felt the NEED to exercise, or else I was “LESS” of a person  or Lazy…


I want…..


to say I completely agree with ALL of these

19 things only Dachshund Parents Understand


I want…..

My mom to sign up for this POTTERY MAKING CLASS!! (theres currently a groupon for $15!)


I want…..

to thank Robin for cheering me up.

I had a pretty icky day. Was feeling very BLAH. I met Robin for a pedicure and am so glad I did…..she lifted my spirit in more ways than she knows!

I want…..

To try Indian food


Appetizers, Menu, Tiffin, Vegetable SamosaAppetizers,Tiffin,Cauliflower BezuleNon- Vegetarian Entrees, Menu, Tiffin, Chicken BiryaniNon- Vegetarian Entrees, Menu, Tiffin, Chicken VindalooBreads and Rice, Menu, Tiffin, Garlic NaanDesserts, Menu, Tiffin, Rasmalai Tiramisu

I want…..

to try the crepes from Healthy Garden!  That is my next venture!  I am definitely going for SWEET crepes, NOT savory!

I want…..

to just BUY my Halloween costume for school Friday. I am tireddddddddd of trying to DIY. I tried to paint my empty soda bottles today (Scuba diver outfit) and it was a HUGE fail…….Guess I need spray paint…….grrr, ONE MORE TRIP!


I want…..

to have POSITIVE, HAPPY AND WONDERFUL days the rest of the week (the rest of the year!)

64 Positive things to say to your KIDS (Or students 🙂 )

sometimes the smallest words mean the greatest!



I want…..

to thank Amy for cutting out the “eyes” for my toilet paper rolls (LOL YUP)

to thank Amy for letting me touch her fabulous hair

to thank AMY for being so loving, nurturing, caring and patient with the students……truly beautiful inside and out 🙂

We are lucky!


I want…..

to NOT have to wait weeks, months, etc for a doctor appointment 😦

I am having terrible headaches. They are making me MISERABLE on a daily basis. I want to figure this out once and for all 😦  “Please schedule an appointment to talk with the dr”


For the 1000000000th time….

I want…..

to brag about how much I LOVE winning the principals parking spot at work for the week!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love parking in that spot! Its close, I feel special and it is so much easier to lug all my stuff in!

Perfect week to win!


I want…..

cheesecake stuffed reeses

Cheesecake Stuffed Reeses Cups - just 3 ingredients

I want…..

to feel special, needed, important.

to make a difference

to not feel like I am just a small piece of this planet

I do not like doing things that do not serve a purpose. I like to be productive. I want to make changes, and be proactive. Some days it is just so hard.  The fight is exhausting when you feel “unheard”

I want…..

to share what I have learned by being single

– that I do not have to do anything I do not want to

– I am stronger than I thought

– I am smart

– I can make decisions on my own, for myself

– I do not need to seek reassurance from others, my decision is good enough

–  some things are just “good enough”  no need to perfect everything

– (slowly learning) balance

–  to be good to myself and body

-friendships ARE important

–  there are GOOD people in this world

–  everyone has a story, stop judging

–  I like beef

–  I really am enjoying NOT running

–  I like books on tape

–  I love going for walks with Lily

–  I love reading the newspaper

– to try new things I may be uncomfortable with and decide whether I enjoy them or not

–  Trying new foods

– traveling alone

7 things You learn When You are Single


I want…..

to help out others in need this holiday season 🙂



Your Turn

1.  What is your favorite thing you have recently learned/discovered about yourself?

2.  Do you have a bucket list? Share one thing from it (If not, MAKE ONE!)

3.  Are you a morning person? 



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants 10.29.14”

  1. Indian food is tough. I have had it a few times. I have had horrible experiences and completely amazing ones. I like the bread and chick pea dishes…and i like smosa’s (not sure how to spell). However, it can be super spicy. I prefer the milder dishes.


  2. Aw thanks. It was fun! I liked the color nailpolish you picked too.

    Could the migraines be allergies or possibly stress induced? I know I get pounding headaches when I get congested.

    Do try the crepes. You’ll have to tell me what you think. I got my cousin hooked on them as well when we order delivery from HG.


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