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Friday Faves


20 years ago this was the BEST day of my life

Today, not so much. I do NOT like this day……….let me take that back.  I like it, just do not like going to school/work on this day. Lets face it. The kids are nuts.  They are off. I do NOT blame them, but I also do not feel like spending my entire day filled with sugar rushes, melt downs and hysteria 😦

I just want the day to be over. Yes , I am looking forward to seeing all the cute costumes, smiling faces, etc, BUT I am also looking forward to QUIET. Peace and QUIET

So on that note, some of my favorites….

Favorite Candy

Yup I am one of those. I love candy corn!

The pumpkins are the BEST

Chocolate Orange Sticks

Favorite Costumes

Favorite Randoms

Random thoughts and feelings

I am having a hard time this morning.  I want to be happy, excited, cheery, but I am just not. I am bored.  I feel unimportant. I was just telling my mom last night that I am used to ALWAYS having something to do or work towards. For example:  Planning a wedding, going to school for a degree, etc, taking classes, learning new skills, planning a baby shower, planning trips with my spouse, etc……… I have NOTHING right now. My life is sort of at a stand still. I am not sure where my future is going to lead me.  I know it is up to me to change this. I will. I will be ok, it is just a little slump I am in.

I have so much to be grateful for. I never want to take that for granted.  I feel awful spilling my guts because I feel like I am ungrateful. However this is just how I currently feel.  I KNOW things will get better 🙂



1.  Halloween….Love it, hate it, indifferent?

2.  are you currently working towards something? (A career change, a move, a new skills, a new way of thinking?)

3.  Tell me three things you are doing/want to do, this weekend?


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