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Saturday Safes and Saves 11.01.14



I survived the dreaded, Halloween 🙂


Nightcrawler!  It looks great, great reviews, not corny scary, MY kind of movie! 🙂 Definitely on my TO DO LIST


Halloween Activities

First we sorted harvest mix (the kids absolutely LOVED this simple, easy, effective and cute Halloween activity!)

Then we counted and made a chart! (We have been working on charts)

I had the students look at the three piles AFTER we sorted and estimate which candy there was the MOST of.

Next we estimated, how MANY of each candy (They were so awesome and CLOSE with their estimates)

Then we finally (and patiently!) counted the candy corn and pumpkins (mmmm pumpkins)



I also hung up some large chart paper with orange cirlces and had the little pumpkins make their own Jack-O-lanterns. Once again simple but they LOVED it!!




I love this lady! She did an amazing job organizing, planning and putting together our joint class halloween party. Do NOT know what i would do without her!!!

Thank  you again!!!!!!!






These are the non-edible goody bags I made 🙂

Slime making kits.

You are VERY welcome parents! HEy PAYBACK!! I had your sugar up’ed child ALL day! :)~






I loved seeing my nephews today. By the time I got there, they were already out of their costumes, which was actually nice. I am glad I got to see them handing out candy. They are so cute, sweet, and smart. I am speechless at how my little godson is speaking like a little BOY!! Not a baby!! Oh my

Thank you Tina, Tony and boys for making me feel GREAT.  I was having a really tough day. You made me feel warm, welcome and cared for.  I loved my little cuddles and snuggles, Ill take what I can get!!


God, I really miss being a kid.  Halloween typically would have been the best day!  Or maybe the days right before, leading up to it.  Those were probably better.

Running around trying to get the last minute costume together, and perfecting. Thinking that you are the ONLY one out there and that everyone is looking at how COOL you look, the candy, Oh the candy, the good, the bad, the so so…..the candy, days and days of candy. Hoping mom and dad find a lousy hiding spot to hide it so you can easily get into it.  Seeing how many pillowcases I could fill up…..ahhhhh

Now that the day is over, I can look back and smile……I wish I was in that frame of mind earlier, instead of miserable.  I had a headache.  I was irritated, I was annoyed…..I did my best not to take the excitement away from the kids, but in all honesty, I was miserable. Just wanted it to be over 😦 I am sad that I have days and moments like this. I really want to appreciate and take everything for what it is……..but as I said when i spoke to my friend (that felt similarly today) Halloween is a meaningless holiday.  It is not about family, or celebrating anything, its more about candy and getting dressed up.  Sure, I need to change my perspective and way of thinking, but was unable to in the moment today. That makes me sad, but also happy that I am able to look back on it now and see how I can change things……The kids are excited, but chaotic, it is cute, but exhausting.  I do not feel bad for NOT enjoying the day.  I enjoyed the fact that I too once was just as excited. now I am an adult. I still DO get excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other family holidays.  I am grateful for that.

I suppose I just value the other holidays more than Halloween.  It is what you make of it. Maybe one day I will love Halloween again!  ❤



Often times we are miserable with ourselves and end up taking it out on others. No one deserves this. If you are unhappy look deeper. Solve what is bothering YOU. That is the ONLY thing you can control.  Also, do NOT let anyone DO this to you. Speak up. I tell my mom all the time “If I give you an attitude, CALL me out on it! Do NOT let me take my bad mood out on YOU!”

I was MISERABLE on Halloween, however I made sure to put on a happy face and NOT take it out on my students or family.  It was HARD. I thought about the REAL reasons I was angry and admitted them to myself AND others.

Yes, I can get angry with peoples choices and decisions, but ultimately I am the only one I am in control of, and as I tell my students ALL the time “YOU ONLY NEED TO WORRY ABOUT YOU”, I also need to step back and tell MYSELF this

Don’t take your family, friends, students, anyone for granted, here are 6 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love Over and Over Again (because isn’t that the BEST feeling ever!?)


Do NOT forget to get YOUR Extra hour of sleep! Set those clocks Back tonight!! 🙂


I LOVE my horoscope today.  It is exactly, perfectly, absolutely FITTING  for how I have been feeling lately.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It’s so light just to be. But to be wanting, lonely or hungry is quite heavy and not at all what you were meant for. What do you need to satisfy or let go of to get back to your natural buoyancy?


I hate that my feelings of unhappiness and un-satisfaction stem from HUNGER.  Why is it so difficult for me to just eat what I want, when I want, without THINKING about it? Its fuel for my body? Why do I hate myself so much to continue to punish myself with those thoughts!?




Attention all travelers! (Or wanna be’s)
This site is an amazing find! I love it! It is called Trippy.  You can ask questions, or answer questions yourself about places you have BEEN or are going! Its great!!



Bossy Pants

This is def. a possibility for my upcoming road trip READ.




When all you want to do is sit on your confy sofa and read a great book <3




Knotted rope bracelet in gold, watch, crystal bling bracelet, gold chain jewelry for a boho fashion stacked & layered allure



Reminds me of Oscar The Grouch!




excited to roast and try my FIRST Kombucha squash! I’ll let you know my review!



DIY Christmas card- picture in place of pearls..?DIY Christmas Cards | WhimseyboxAre these not THE prettiest cards you've seen?DIY Christmas cardOrnament Card  Paper Handmade Christmas Cards   by SharingAPassion, $5.00

Remember how I wanted to host a themed party? I THINK I have decided on the theme!

I really want to make my OWN Holiday cards this winter. I am thinking of having a card making party!

If you are interested, START pinning those ideas! 🙂



Your Turn

1.  Have you recently taken YOUR bad mood out on someone else?  

2.  Do you like squash?

3.  How many trick-or-treaters did you get!?


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