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Weekend update and week ahead 11.02.14 (Part 1)

How I spent the FIRST weekend of November!


Friday night

started off with a MUCH NEEDED Halloween walk with mom. Within moments my bitter, dreary, miserable mood was lifted. A combination of my mom’s cheery smile, the fresh air, crisp leaves on the ground, Lily’s happiness and some cute trick or tr-eaters really helped me when I did not think I could cheer up.

We only saw two kiddos! Wow. I was amazed. Maybe the cold weather kept them inside? Maybe parties?  I started getting upset again because I remember growing up Halloween was HUGE, kids everywhere, it was mobbed. It seems the past few years things have dwindled down….until…..

As I sat at my cousins for a bit, their door bell rang………. a lot. My mom also informed me she ran out of candy.(I think word spread they had FULL SIZE candy bars!)
This makes me happy. Kids do still trick or treat.  Not that I am all excited and for it, but I still want to see kids get the SAME pleasure I got out of it as a kid.

Saturday was rainy


I started off with breakfast ( I mixed banana and sweet potato into my oatmeal with PB and cream cheese, YUP, don’t judge, OK! It was good!),coffee and paper. Then laundry and shower. Yup. Taking a day off from structured exercise. It’s hard. I won’t lie. I feel guilty. I feel lazy. I feel anxious. It’s uncomfortable but I don’t feel like walking in the rain. I also don’t want to go to the gym. Not sure why I hate the gym so much. It just seems so forced and mechanic. Blah. Not fun (to me). I don’t really want to talk to anyone there and that’s exactly what happens when I go. I love my yoga class there. It feels safe and comfy and healthy.However that is the ONLY thing I enjoy doing or going there for…I like to be outside. I like to be with my dog, I like to do things I enjoy

The gym does not call me.  It does not give me a “good” feeling. Something about it. At first I thought it was just a certain gym, but it is ANY gym.  I feel traumatized by it for some reason, but can not figure out why? Maybe its the mixture of healthy and unhealthy relationships with exercise that I am afraid of seeing?


Off to mutter museum I went.  This has been on my Bucket List forever! I am so happy I finally went!

I could NOT have picked a better time. Halloween.  Today was the Day of the Dead celebration, I was very impressed with all the little extras I was able to enjoy!

Unfortunately pictures were not allowed but  the experience is completely worth the $15 general admission price (And no, they do NOT offer teacher discounts…….I asked). I did jot down some if my favorites to share with you!

Grimms anatomy


“The bodies of fairy-tale characters are rarely ordinary. They may be injured through acts of violence, healed or harmed by medicinal potions, or altered by magical transformations. Though many fairy-tale bodies belong to the realm of the marvelous, some have real-world counterparts.

Though many fairy-tale bodies belong to the realm of the marvelous, some have real-world counterparts.

In honor of the two-hundredth anniversary of the publication of The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, this exhibit shows real-world examples of gruesome and grotesque fairy-tale bodies, along with instruments from these stories. Also displayed are rare illustrated editions of Brothers Grimm. “

Like all my favorite fairy tales ( Hansel and Gretel= cannibalism). Snow White and the corset that took her breath away (and broke her ribs). It was neat to see the relationships and old ways of medicine.

I was able to see what a corset did to your(poor Snow White) ribs and liver (OMG).

I saw what poor Cinderella’s  feet must have felt or  looked like being squished into too small shoes (like certain cultures do/did)

After leaving the fairy tales I saw tons of skulls in which I was able to read about HOW they did, their ages and their location. It was really cool! Of course I was searching for Poland, I was not successful, but found so many other ones that were giving me chills! (hanging, gun shots, cancer, etc)

If you are pregnant, I suggest you skip the museum. Tons of fetuses at different stages (really neat to see). Triplets, conjoined twins, rare diseases. A little boy with a  huge butt tumor….

I thought this was really neat to see it visually. The different stages and skeletal make up and right beneath (not pictured) the fetus/embryo.  It was really amazing!

I saw the skeleton of a 7’6 giant (wow) right beside the 3’7 dwarf

A saw a women with a horn growing out of her forehead. She had it roved once and it regrew…..

I saw cancer and tumors (with teeth). I was able to see how amazing our body is and what smoking does to our lungs (and babies)

On my way out I stopped by the sugar skull  cookie making station and made my very own sugar skull. Really fun and great decorating it’s!  Surprisingly it was mostly adults. I thought this was more for children (there were some) but mostly adults so i felt pretty confident .

Ha! Here is mine!


Here were some others “drying”

This was one of several activities ongoing for the day of The dead celebration. I also sat in on some beautiful models that you could draw or sketch! They provided colored pencils and paper. Some even arrived with their own easels. ( I was able to sneak a few pictures because this was not technically INSIDE the museum)


Wow. Impressive. I did not draw bit definitely sat and admired for a bit!

After that I decided to grab lunch in the city 🙂 Something I have never really done ALL the years I have lived here!! There are so many places right over the bridge and I find myself at the same usual places……Panera.  Panera IS fabulous, but I wanted to try something new 🙂

I researched some Restaurants near by and decided to treat myself to a different lunch. I decided on talulas. I
Am so glad I did. I was nervous. I walked in and was anxious.  Did I make the right choice?  STOP. Even if I did not, this would be part of my experience. Good or bad, this is HOW I learn!

I was nervous because the set up was different. I did not know what to do or how to order….but was quickly put at ease after I asked a few questions.  There is a lot going on.  A coffee bar, a kitchen in the back, a salad section, a soup and veggie station. I looked around , asked a few questions and decided on a salad and some roasted veggies

The restaurant is only open for dinner but the market cafe is open all day and I will def be back to the cafe AND really want to try it out for dinner!

It is pricey but worth it. Tons of options. Little nooks and crannies. Anything goes. Not to mention a coffee bar for afterwards (my kind of place). They even had wine and beer, in which many people were enjoying with their leisurely lunches.


Felt very homey. Large wooden farm table w multiple couples and groups. I never felt rushed. I was content. It felt warm (not all places in philly are cozy)  It almost had a farm house feel to it. There was a large wooden family style table which groups and singles intertwined.  Small tables for two, and window seating which was higher up on bar stools.  I choose the bar stool, it felt a bit out of the way and was quiet.I ordered my tempeh and kale salad. Yum all around. The tempeh was amazing! (a first for me) the crispy cabbage, daikon radishes, Edamame and a spicy miso dressing. Great quality veggies, fresh and crisp. Absolutely perfect.  All delivered in an oversized pretty bowl I got to mix the salad myself!  I also wanted to try the peach roasted cauliflower It was heated for me and brought out shortly by a cute aproned server.(they all wear adorable little aprons, once again “farm feel”) It was good. It was on the sweeter side. I am not realy a fan of sweetened meats and veggies so I probably would not get this again,  but it was definitely delicious. Just not my thing.


Then I mixed it up in my pretty bowl ❤


And found myself digging for MORE and MORE tempeh.  I loved it (See it there on my fork!?)


The Cauliflower


After lunch I grabbed. Delicious coffee and eyed the desserts. Gluten free options. Healthy. Hearty. Whole.. Unique. But I just wanted coffee. ( this is another story itself).  I saw these home made peanut butter cups and thought of my mom (her favorite)


Then, coffee in hand, but on seat……. I blogged. I was so content. The meter still had time left and I was free. No obligations today. No commitments. No exercise.  It’s  Raining. Why not??!

I would love to try it for dinner. REally cute outdoor seating area as well.  Talula’s changes its menu monthly. Here’s October’s:


Outdoor seating


Your Turn

1.  How do you enjoy spending rainy days?

2.  What is something you can get off your chest this weekend?

3.  Next time you get angry, think about WHAT you are really angry about.  Does the person even know why you are angry, or are you just assuming?


2 thoughts on “Weekend update and week ahead 11.02.14 (Part 1)”

  1. I know exactly how you feel about going to the gym. Everyone wants to socialize.So an hour trip to the gym can turn into two hours. And I also am repulsed by using equipment that everyones sweaty hands {and other body parts} have touched.

    Rainy days are the only time I enjoy being home. A pot of coffee and some no brainer tv shows . I love to watch HGTV

    I miss my kids a lot!!


    1. I am glad I am not alone on the gym thing, ew the sweat, gah!

      rainy days are the only times i really enjoy staying home too. I dont feel guilty cleaning and cookign the day away 🙂

      HGTV! Love it too!!!!



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