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Ten For Tuesday

1.  16 Things That Just Don’t Matter As Much In Your Thirties

Turning 30 has been the BEST feeling ever.

Being in my 30s has brought me so much clarity, strength and freedom.

It really was like one day I woke up and things were just “Clear”.

Clarity about myself:  admitting my eating disorder was real and needed to be taken care of.  Also, realizing that my happiness depends on…..ME. That is right. No one else can make me happy. I need to be happy with myself first.  Trusting myself and my decisions. I DO NOT NEED JUSTIFICATION. My decision is good enough.  Balance (something I still struggle with), how to find the right balance for ME

Relationships:  I was the one choosing unhealthy relationships and I was the only one that would be able to STOP that.  Also, I have stopped chasing people that are NOT right for me.  I would always feel “hurt” or offended if someone did not like me.  If I did NOT make them happy. I was upset, with myself.  Yet I never focused on how I felt. Was I happy? No.  I have stopped caring what OTHERS think about me, especially when I know they are not a good fit for me.

Others:  I can NOT control others.  Their thoughts, actions, flaws. I can NOT change anyone or make them stop something, even if it may be unhealthy. They need to figure this out on their own. I need to put my energy some place else……..myself.

Gossip:  I have to share this post from Geannine LeBude (LCSW) because this is something I truly want to stop doing.  We gossip because we want to take the focus off ourselves. We gossip because we are bored and unfulfilled. I want to talk about TRUE, FUN, INFORMATIVE and REAL things, not made up gossip and drama.

“Good Morning, today I want to discuss gossip – casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true. If we are honest gossip often is a reflection of our opinion and is not based in or backed up by facts. Gossip is a tool to manipulate others and get them to join us in our assault on another person. Some of us may think gossip is harmless. When in reality it covers the person we are talking about in shame, pointing out what we believe are mistakes, flaws and shortcomings. Life is filled with difficult relationships and we all struggle on a daily bases to keep things going. The next time you are tempted to listen to or partake in gossip remind yourself that we are all on this journey together. Realizing the one thing we could all use more of is kindness that does not expose each of our flaws, but encourages us to keep going, keep trying and to be the best we can be.

Believing the best for you,

Social Media:  I rarely post comments or photos on Facebook anymore.  Instead I try to share my blog, because that is who I am. I am not a staged picture of “happiness”. I am a real person with real feelings. I am more than a face, an outfit.  Plus I do not feel my life is all that interesting.  I don’t want to see “Selfies” of myself, who else would?  I do enjoy seeing my family and friends posting real pictures of their adventures, children and successes.

2.  Feeling Ashamed

So lately I have been feeling ashamed of yet another food related issue.  I am ashamed of something that I should really be proud of.

I feel ashamed and “weird” for liking, wanting and eating HEALTHY food.  Yes. I have restricted and denied myself food for YEARS, but I am eating, good, whole foods now. I eat fat. I eat peanut butter. I eat various meats and cheeses. I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. I eat whole grains.

I feel ashamed that I am NOT eating chips,doritos, candy bars.  I feel that people are STILL looking at me weird and that I ahave disordered eating because I am choosing healthy options.

In reality, I am quite lucky.  I do not really want that stuff. I have no cravings for it.  I have not had it for so long that my body wants and craves GOOD food.  That stuff is not really that great for you and I think many people are trying to eat healthier and try to eat LESS of those processed things.

I have to remind myself of this. I am eating good food.  I am making healthy choices. SURE I still have a long road ahead. SUre I am still afraid of certain foods, or of restaurants, or of hunger.  Sure I am still scared.

One thing I need not be is…..ashamed. THis is ME.  I choose to put the things I want to put in my body. They are good. They are healthy

I am NOT judging you for the way you eat.  Nor do I feel that processed food is bad/terrible/horrible.  In all honesty I do not really CARE to persuade you to eat differently.  If you are happy and healthy, so be it!! I am not judging anyone on their food choices, because everyone has to do what is best……..FOR THEM!!

3.  This seriously made my week year!!!! I had NO idea!

19 Dog Friendly Stores

Anthro, here WE come!


4.  Love quotes ONLY introverts will get   ( I ❤ this!)

This is SO true. I will NOT settle!

  1. “Because introverts are typically good listeners and, at least, have the appearance of calmness, we are attractive to emotionally needy people. Introverts, gratified that other people are initiating with them, can easily get caught in these exhausting and unsatisfying relationships.” – Adam S. McHugh

5.  I am super excited.

I have an awesome idea for what to get my nephew

and godson for Christmas this year!!! I love being prepared in advance!

Speaking of Christmas…………only 50 days until Christmas.

Only 49 days until my dad’s birthday 🙂


6.  Thanksgiving!

sweet potato casserole

Saweet! Potato Casserole with a Crunchy Nut Crumble (Vegan + GF) — Oh She Glows

7.  Dress!

Red and Navy Striped dress

Clearance!!! $8

Perfect for SC with my boots y’all!

8.  Did you enter for your chance to win yet!?!?!?!?!?!

9. New York City Ballet

I am going to start watching season 1 tonight 🙂 I will let you know what I think

10.  The Circle scarf

at American Apparel

I want I want I want!!!

Your Turn

1.  What are your favorite/famous Thanksgiving recipes?

2.  What are you ashamed of?

3.  Parents!!!
Do you wish family/friends gave you practical gifts for your children during the holidays? Or do you prefer they receive toys?



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