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Wednesday Wants 11.05.14

I want….

to be grateful. Patient. Happy for EVERYTHING I have. However I currently  just WANT to get through this day!!! Seriously. I can NOT focus.  Mom and I leave today for our “girls trip” to SC.  I feel like a 5 year old on Christmas eve. I am so excited!!! I can NOT wait!

I want….

to make these with my students!

I want….

to know what I can do about that “New Car Smell”  Yes I know some people LOVE it and go crazy over it. Not me. It makes me nauseous.  We rented a lovely car for our road trip, but it only has 175 miles on it AND that new car smell…..I can NOT drive 10 hours this way



I want….

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards (again!)

Do you remember these??

Ahhhh, the good ol’ days!

I want….

THESE $200 flip flops 🙂

They ARE beautiful


I want….

Read an Aura Step 1.jpg

to admit that I was “secretly” trying to read “aura’s” yesterday………I deliberately was speaking to people against the white board, in hopes of a “clearer perspective of the aura”. However my guilt and nerves got the best of me and was unable to see anything  lololo

I want….

I want….

some really awesome NEW cutting boards

Found on Pinterest.  We Love Cutting Boards, too!  Choose from  over one hundred different butcher block cutting boards to fit your needs at ButcherBlockCo.

Set 3 Primitive Pig Cutting Board Vintage Wood by redshedvintage, $24.00

I want….

To remind everyone that

REAL LOVE IS A CHOICE – Yes! We have to work hard on it! Do not forget that!  Never stop trying, working and loving!


I want….

to try Brie and THIS recipe!

Baked Brie with Apples and Salted Caramel Recipe on

Your turn

1. Tell me three things you want.

That’s all!

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