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Friday faves 11.07.14

Happy Friday from north myrtle beach y’all!

We arrived yesterday! This is sort of an exploratory trip and prep trip for our upcoming renters. I am trying to enjoy it but of course my anxiety is getting the best of me

I feel like I need to do something wonderful and spectacular. Find new places and things…..why can’t I just “be”

I am enjoying reading, little walks , checking out new local stores. This does not have to be a “vacation” for me. I have plenty of time for that. Especially in the warmer , summer months

The weather is beautiful. It’s a bit cool. It’s perfect fall weather. Comfy sweats are my attire so far and I a kinda loving it (shhhhhh)

I took care of little odds and ends. I put together my entertainment center (pretty sexy with my Phillips screw driver!). Lily has been an excellent supervisor. She is enjoying going from my bed to moms bed. Taking turns. Ahhhhh that is the life



I also set up my cable (by myself woooo hooo). Found and checked out some new stores. (I am in love with hobby Lobby! They even offer art classes!!!) here are just a few cute things I saw!!





Ok, so I am not a walmart girl AT ALL. Here however. I am. Yup. I shop at walmart y’all! I bought the best organic chicken, wine ($3.50. Whuuuuttttt?) and organic sweet potato fries. They have an amazing selection if fresh fruit and veggies and tons of organics!



I also woke up today with a cold sore. It hurts. I feel like the world is staring at me! Not a happy camper but still things could be worse!



We took a walk yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful but so windy and cold! We experienced our first “sand storm”. We were ok but poor little little. She was right where all the action was. Short lil legs!


Mom and I are reading (well listening to) What Alice Forgot


It’s a pretty good read. Very light, easy and breezy. The only thing I can not stand is the narration. Ugh. Her voice!!! It’s just…..awful.

It’s about a woman that falls at the gym, hits her head and thinks she is 29 again. She has forgotten everything in the past 10 years that happens in her life including a few children, a split with her husband and……the fact that she has become a “not so nice or liked person”. It’s sad. Makes you think.

It makes me think I need to focus on this time here even if I do not have any exciting plans. It is enough just being here. I love being with my mom. I love seeing lily happy here. I love having off from work. That is enough. I never watch. Tv. I do here. I never take walks diurnal the day. I do here. I never walk in the beach just bc it’s 5 min away. I do here. I never shop at walmart (lol) I do here. I never do not have something planned and fill my day with tasks. I do here. I need to enjoy it. It does not make me lazy, boring or unmotivated. It’s what I want to do.

Tonight we are heading to a happy hour. This is so not me but I am forcing myself to go and try it out. Knowing that if I want I can leave. Not feeling pressured to stay or that someone will hold me against my will. I have to keep telling myself. I can stay ten minutes or three hours. Whatever I feel I,e. I am in control of me. I can and will do what I want. That does not make me boring, dull, or unfriendly. That is just me




Your turn

1. Anything goes. Let’s hear you vent


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