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Saturday safes and saves. 11.08.14


The next time I come to myrtle beach I am signing up for this art class!!!! I have always wanted to paint and draw. Maybe I will find a new hobby(lobby). Haha

I really want my mom and dad to try it as well. This may he something for my dad to start enjoying!

Class Name Drawing and Painting with Lola
Time 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location CR1
Instructor Lola Jackson
Phone (910) 612-4453
Description 15.00 a class, with discount for a month. 20.00, if a one time drop in. Beginners to Advanced. No experience needed. My classes can be used as a Paint In, where the student works on individual projects that I can help them with. I also offer Painting Parties: 15.00 for students in the month class and own supplies, and 35.00 for drop-ins with supplies furnished by instructor. These are fun to do for Special Grouops, Showers, Birthdays, etc. Course of study: Tought will be a full study of Drawing and Painting, as Painting is drawing with a brush. Composition and layout of a painting. Use of Value and tones. Experimentation of other supplies: Ink, Rice Paper mounts, Markers, Color pencils, etc. Color mixing – how to mix the different shades. The secrets of brush strokes. The art of Palette knife painting. How to make your painting exactly as any photo. At the beginning of each class I will do a demo and provide supplies for that demo, if the students want to try it and then continue with their project.
Supply List Students may use oil, acrylic, pastel or medium of choice.
Tuition $15.00





I need a new fall bag.





Speaking of bags..,,.what is in mine???

I am participating in the “What’s in YouR bag” feature. Here it is!


My id badge for work
Carmen Chapstick (best stuff ever)
Clinique chubby stick (great subtle color)
Revlon fuscia fusion lipstick (love this brand and color. Great price!)
My keys
Car rental keys (Lincoln. Hayyyyyy!)
Poopy bag for lily. Just in case!
Orange fun pen.
Renu eye wetting drops (rarely use)
Easley entertainment from hobby lobby so I can book am art class!!!!
My target wallet
My thirty one wallet (I use for change, it’s pretty old and beat up!)

Wanna see what s in my moms!???? I do. She is still asleep. Shhhhh


Her wallet
Health talk magazine.
Taste food article from courier post
2 gel silica packs. (Lol her new bag)
A mini tape measure……..??!
South Carolina to do list
Napkins. Lots of napkins. Various colors and textures 🙂
The words to Shreks hallelujah. Which she will gladly sing for you….very gladly
Her keys…..which are now attached to her pocket book bc she constantly misplaced them. It’s pretty fun to see her open doors without taking them off…..because you know if you take them off….they may get misplaced! Better safe than sorry. Haaaa. Xoxo
Pen. In case she meets a hot guy and needs his number 🙂
Kohls rewards.


Craft show. Wow. Beautiful home!!!
This craft show is held once over year. The crafts were great but this home was beautiful!!









Market place commons. myrtle beach
We went to art at the beach. It was very unique and different from the craft shows in nj. Obviously there was a nautical vibe. Pottery, gel candles , beautiful marine animals handmade out of wood (I fell in live with a $200 whale), jewelry and palm baskets.
Then we ventured to the shops. It reminded me a lot of our promenade in marlton and the one I visited in San Francisco near Des’s. :). Once again I was bummed I did not bring lily. It was very dog friendly from my favorite (anthropologie) to the quant little boutiques



The shopping area is gorgeous. The palm trees had christmas lights already on them which was really different to see. It definitely put a smile in my face.

We finally ended with the best cup of coffee at an adorable husband and wife owned cafe. This coffee was perfect. I had the medium roast. They also gave free refills!!! Mom and I sat outside and people watched a bit then we had a great little chat with the very informative and friendly owner (with an awesome Elsa braid). She told us about the area, about the horses on the beach (5 min drive from where we were). She told us about her history. Her 8 children and a very touching story of the adoption of a 15 year old from Latvia. She was a warm person. Almost as warm as the coffee :).

I told her my mom was my best friend and I immediately noticed tears in her eyes. She was so excited that her daughter from Vermont was arriving this evening at 5:30. They would be having their Thanksgiving tommorow! She was beyond excited! I am a bit jealous I will not be feasting with them! I asked her to save me some leftovers. I just know they will have an incredible time together. Not everyone gives me the great vibe as she and her husband AND their cafe did :). I can not wait to go back and hope y’all stop by to (if you do make sure to get me some of those thanksgiving day leftovers!! I love turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce…..oh and of course coffee!)

The Roasted Bean





We also saw the most beautiful grasses and flowers. So of course we had to get some pictures.




And…. I just had to take a picture of this…..because you know….I am five years old 🙂


This morning after the community craft fair Ellen took my mom to Krave for bagels. I opted out of it because I wanted to run a few errands on my own. Mom said she had the BEST bagel ever there. Cinnamon raisin with almond and raisin cream cheese. Ellen had a croissant with shrimp salad, which my mom ended up bringing some home with her since she liked it. For some reason seafood salad was not appealing to me today



Once again a wonderful and actually relaxing trip. I may end the night with a fun puzzle I picked up……or maybe some tv :).


Getting ready for the long drive tomorrow. :(.

However not without a hearty delicious breakfast from no other than my favorite……The Shack!

Your turn

1. What is your favorite breakfast?
2. Any fun weekend plans?
3. One goal for the week.


4 thoughts on “Saturday safes and saves. 11.08.14”

  1. Favorite breakfast:
    The one I am fixin to go have downstairs with my daughter!
    Plans for the weekend:
    You wrote about it in your blog- Thanksgiving!
    One goal this week:
    Make great memories!

    Can’t wait to read more. I’ll send you a link to my blog soon so you can get more of the story.
    Thanks for the visit and encouragement.


  2. Favorite breakfast:
    The one I am fixin to eat downstairs with my daughter.
    Plans for the weekend:
    You wrote about it in your blog-Thanksgiving!
    One goal for the week:
    Make as many great memories that I can!
    Loved our visit. Can’t wait to read more!


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