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Un-Manic Monday 11.10.14

Happy Monday!

Lets make it UN-Manic! I sure need to 😦

As much as I love traveling, I really dislike the aftermath…….long drives home, rushing around to prepare for the week ahead, too tired to get much accomplished, racing thoughts…..

So I REALLY need to focus on making my Monday Un-Manic because currently, my brain is pretty MANIC

UN-Manic #1

Make a to do list for HOME and one for SCHOOL.  Choose ONE, yes ONE thing to accomplish today…..just ONE

Un-Manic # 2

Relax. Its OK. Things WILL get done.  Prioritize.  Be thorough.  Relax.  Let is goooooooooooooooooo

Un-Manic #3


Yes. After a long drive my back and butt are KILLING me. I really would like to schedule a massage to get the tension out of my shoulders and the pain out of my back (and butt


Body Scan: 

tight shoulders, achy back, pain in neck, sinus headache, sensitive eyes, my right foot HURTS (from sitting on it during the drive), Lip is getting better 🙂

Un-Manic # 4



I need to go for a long, quiet walk after work with Lily. Hopefully finish up “The Goldfinch”.  I am sooooooo close to the end, it is eating at me!! I love it but just want it to end !  The anticipation!!!

Un-Manic # 5

Be more like mom.


I give her so much credit.  I admit it. I am tough to travel with. I get irritable. I have irrational thoughts and ideas and spontaneous “fixes”.  I get up EARLY (however she is a deep sleeper, does not affect her much).  I am “fast”….I like to come and go, check things out quickly (on my terms) and move on. NOT so good for the person that enjoys taking life in ! (Something I am trying to add more of in my life……S…..L……O……W…..down Diana!

She is going through a tough time right now. She is handling like a SPORT. She is being so smart and so strong. She is my HERO!

Un-Manic # 6

Comfort foods

Yes, I need to make some of my favorite comfort foods. THAT will make me feel less manic.  Cooking, chopping, mindless work…… me. TRY IT!! 🙂  (Plus you get some yummy food out of it!)

Un-Manic #7

My heart goes out to my friend today.  She is making a very difficult (but right) decision today.  I know the pain.  I just want her to know I am here for her if she needs a hug and that IT WILL BE OK!

Its Just a Dog (this is so beautiful!)

How to Deal

Un-Manic #7

Thinking about ALL the wonderful things I did and experience this weekend…..

I felt……..content with my hunger SEVERAL times.

I felt…….loved

I felt…….comfortable

I felt…….excited

I felt…….anger (and thats OK! I got through it)

I felt…….tired

I felt…….happy

I felt…….cold

I felt…….warm

I felt…….safe

I felt…….smart and knowlegable

I felt…….hopeful

I felt…….excitement at the thoughts of trying new CRAFTS

I felt…….clearIMG_2535IMG_2528IMG_2493IMG_4186IMG_2478

Your Turn

1. Are you feeling ANGRY?  Do you know the REAL reason?

2.  Body scan on yourself (from head to toe) What feels good? What hurts?

3.  What is at the top of your TO DO list today??


1 thought on “Un-Manic Monday 11.10.14”

  1. Agree 100% with trying to adjust going back to work after vacationing all weekend. The struggle is REAL!

    1. Are you feeling ANGRY? Do you know the REAL reason?
    -I’m not at the moment. I notice when my students are negative it puts me in a negative mood.

    2. Body scan on yourself (from head to toe) What feels good? What hurts?
    -My shoulders hurt because I’ve been lugging around everything I brought with me and bought in the city yesterday.

    3. What is at the top of your TO DO list today??
    -Grading writing. It’s my least favorite thing and gets pushed back. Luckily our due date for report cards has been extended to next Monday so I’m incredibly happy.


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