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Thankful Thursday 11/12/14

Thankful Thursday

I can not believe that THANKSGIVING is so soon!  Next it will be ………..Christmas! This time of year goes by WAY too fast. I am really looking forward to the good food, warm fires, lots of reading and seeing my nephews enjoy the excitement of the holidays!

We all have many things to be thankful for. Make sure you take time out , especially when you are feeling bitter or angry, to think of ALL the things you have RIGHT NOW to be thankful for ❤

Thankful for FEATURE!

So every THURSDAY, I will be selecting a lucky friend, family member, or reader and will be asking YOU specific questions! I want you to think about them and either reply in the comments, email me or text me (if you are not comfortable with it on the blog!)

Thursday Feature:  Aunt Irene!!


First I want to tell you how THANKFUL I am for you and want to thank you for…..
being there for my mom and ME all the time
your decorating ideas
your welcoming arms (always)
your honest words and opinions
your love of your grandchildren
your love of your family
your acceptance
you sharing your condo with us
being “warm”.  You make me feel comfortable, I love being around you, you always make me feel good and safe
checking in on things when my mom is away
picking up little things for me here and there
your beautiful picture frames of Matthew, the first Christmas he was no longer with us (these meant SOOOO much to me)
you always treating me just like your own during sleepovers (when I crieddddddddddd my eyes out nightly for my mom!)
Now here is what I want from YOU:
1.  Pick and DO one hobby or interest that you have always wanted to do, this week!  (for example take a class, go to yoga, go for a walk, paint, etc)
2.  Tell someone NO when they ask you for something you do NOT feel like doing.
3.  Journal for 10 minutes one day….Just sit….and write
4.  Tell about your favorite way to de-stress?
5.  One thing you enjoy doing by YOURSELF.


I am thankful for

this blog and ALL the support from my followers ❤

It means SO much to me. I LOVE this blog as an outlet to all my negative (and positive) feelings. I get to release that, PLUS get some great advice and tips from YOU!

I am thankful for

mason jars

I am planning on making some carrots and pickles for the winter months 🙂

I am thankful for

businesses and people raising money to fight diseases!

Zinburger in Cherry Hill kicks off a campaign  this month to fight prostate cancer

You can order a Pumpkin Stache Shake to help support the cause (vanilla bean ice cream with house made pumpkin pie filling topped with whipped cream and peanut brittle…..the best part? The mustache straw!

Take a pic and spread the word, share yourself on twitter OR with me!!!

I am thankful for

Handmade Holiday 2014 Dates

So excited that the cold weather is NOT keeping me away from my passion of browsing, getting ideas and admiring so great food and crafts!

Tis the season! The much anticipated Handmade Holidays at the Collingswood Farmers’ Market starts in November. The gift bazaar is a seasonal extension of the mega-popular Farmers’ Market in Collingswood. As temperatures drop and harvest season winds down the Market expands to fill spaces with crafters and artisans selling gifts and holiday-themed items like tree decorations and holiday wreaths.

Gifts and goods offered run from the practical (candles, coffee mugs, sake sets) to the whimsical (assemblage jewelry, toys, hair accessories) to the esoteric (photography, paper arts) to the merely beautiful (home décor, ceramics, knitwear).

Handmade Holidays gives space to 30 exhibitors on a rotating basis so shoppers can expect to see different choices when they make return visits. Plus, many season-long produce and food vendors are part of the November Market. It is a time for late season crops and year-round agricultural products such as meat, cheese, and honey. The Saturday before Thanksgiving dinner is a must-go tradition for many – a popular date regardless of the weather.

I am thankful for


Friends!  This morning, my friend, that is going through a terrible time at the moment, took the time out to bring ME an idea of how to cope with my food anxiety.  I was really touched.
I also wanted to thank this same friend for bringing tears to my eyes yesterday…………it has been over a year since I felt any emotion let alone let tears go.  I am happy my feelings and emotions are coming back!
Another special person visited me today to let me know she is there for me if I need to talk…….she made me feel so good and warm and even gave me a pretty amazing hug.  I am so thankful for the wonderful people I am meeting ❤

I am thankful for

Fleamarket Finds!
I can NOT wait to check for these things the next time I go to North Myrtle!


I am thankful for

audio books!
I just finished The Goldfinch and What Alice Forgot
Both were amazing!!  I highly recommend them BOTH!
I am onto my NEXT read!!
((((Thank you ROBIN for the recommendation!!)

I am thankful for

hot chocolate and candy land dates!

I am thankful for

feeling happiness instead of guilt, shame or envy when I see families and kids together.

I am so excited that I have two wonderful nephews and some exciting news coming my way soon (possibly tommorow!?) I can not wait to spend the holidays with the kiddo’s, they make me happy, smile and remember all the feelings and memories of when I was a child!

I have let go the feeling that I NEED to have children.  If it happens one day, great, if not, great too.  It feels good to have the pressure off.  It feels good to admit that I am happy right now without my own children.  I have my family and my students. That is MORE than enough. In all honesty, I do not think I would be able to give the time or patience to my own.

I am happy.

I am happy for the woman at the gym that I did NOT realize was hugely pregnant until AFTER leaving my yoga class.  She was sitting behind the desk, scanning cards. There was a dad holding his (Precious) little girl in front of me. The woman at the desk smiled the BIGGEST smile I have seen in a long time.   She had such happiness in her eyes, even a little teary……I thought it was so sweet. She was genuinely moved and happy to see the father and little girl.

As I was leaving I noticed she was pregnant.  She knew she would be holding a beautiful little baby in no time too. I am happy for her ❤

I am thankful for

Lindsay for reminding me to “grow candy canes” again this year with my students! I remember how excited they were last year about this!

I am thankful for

no longer having to worry about WHERE TO HIDE JERRY THE ELF???  lol

Seriously. It took A LOT out of me trying to come up with some good ideas!! lol What a relief! Phew ! 🙂

I am thankful for

my mom taking initiative and going on walks by herself! You go mom!  I am thankful she is beginning to care about herself. She is SO important to me, I need to her take good care of herself!


I am thankful for


I am having so much fun trying new variaties!

So far I have tried:





Your Turn

Tell me what YOU are thankful for?

That is all!


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