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Friday Faves 11.14.15

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Happy Happy Happy FRIDAY!

It was a long week.

THAT. IS. ALL.  Phewwwwww  🙂

A few of my current faves this Friday

Favorite site for airfare

Matrix airfare search

I have been trying to find a site that allows me to see a month of prices in advance, so that I can see the cheapest time to fly. This site DOES that!!!

Favorite Idea

Pinterest Party @ Michaels!



November 15th, 1-4pm

Make it your own this holiday. We’ve selected ten projects perfect for decorating your home or to give as a special holiday gift. Our associates will help you shop and then make, your personal creation. Attendees will receive a special discount for shopping,and the first 25 people will receive a booklet with all the projects, including instructions, plus other holiday tips & inspiration.

What a cool/cute idea!  Michaels is offering 30% off during the party as well! All my crafty readers need to go!! 🙂

I am interested in these:

Yarn Wrapped TreesChristmas Ornament Canvas Wall ArtMason Jar Snowy Scene Lid Ornament

Favorite Question

Does anyone have a cooler like THIS I would be able to borrow for the weekend??

I am attempting to make my own yogurt 🙂


Favorite Color combination

I am LOVING the purple with blue!! I am a huge fan!!

Favorite Thoughts

I really want to thank everyone for their love and support it means so much to me

I also want to clarify the purpose behind my blog.  It is my outlet. It is where  is where I get out my frustrations out.  It is where I feel better, it is where I grow

I love that everyone is trying to help me and understand what I’m going through. It means the world to me! It is my way of spreading the word of eating disorders.

However I know you have your own issues that you are going through which I may or may not understand.  Just like you want to understand I do too. Just as you want to shake me and say “Just eat when you are hungry, its THAT simple”.  Trust me. I know. I think back to all the women at RENFREW (eating disorder rehab) they were so patient, loving, supportive and caring with all of us…….I do NOT know how they did it/do it, because I have a hard time NOT shaking others with ED’s 🙂
So I get it, you WANT to shake me, you want to help me, you want to make me see.

However you can not.  Just as I can not MAKE someone stop drinking, or using drugs, over eating, under eating, over/under exercise……..and so on and so on.

My writing is not a cry for help.  My writing is my outlet and my release. I appreciate and love all the feedback and suggestions but ultimately the only way I will get through this is my figuring it out on my own, which I am slowly doing ❤

My eating issues are a very difficult concept to grasp and understand

It is not about food (yet it is ALL about food!?!?)

it is not about eating. It is about control

Eating a doughnut once a week is not going to solve my problem

Making myself eat what you are eating just so that I fit in is not going to solve my problem

My biggest struggle is dealing with my own eating issues.  On a world where many people do not eat healthy.  A lot of people are on the opposite spectrum of me.  My sole purpose is to eat healthy food for me and my body

I can honestly say I don’t look at calories or fat in products anymore.  They mean nothing to me.  What I worry about is if the food is good for me

I only want to put the things in my body yes if at times I want something that is not so great it’s okay.  If I want it.  However I am one of the lucky ones that truly does not crave certain things because I have not had them for so long, and that is not so bad.  I keep fighting myself and my thoughts that I SHOULD want and crave kit kat bars or potato chips, but I currently do not.

In a way I am very lucky because I do love and enjoy high-fat high calorie, but good natural food

I am already on the right step toward recovery.  I still have a long way to go but most of it is mental

I spent my entire life trying to save others. I was not successful.  I believe that is where a lot of my problems began.

Only now do I realize I am not able to solve any problems, fix anyone or make anyone do anything they do not want. I can not make anyone face something they are not ready to face

Favorite Reason to Travel Solo

I am going to have to agree with ALL OF THESE 🙂

Image Credit: Daily Mail
However, I really like # 6

“Re-wear your clothes without anyone noticing”

THis is my dream. I would live in my favorite outfit all week  !! Shhhh, crap, there are still pictures………..

Favorite Feeling:  Freedom

3 Non Negotiable reasons to Leave Your Partner

Favorite Fantasy

NOT what you were thinking! 🙂

My dream kitchen, all stainless steel appliances

Favorite Prints

from Evelyn Henson


1.  What is your favorite color comibination?

2.  Weekend plans?

 3.  What is your current pet peeve?


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