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Weekend update & week ahead 11.16.14

I absolutely LOVE to travel, but can honestly say I was MORE than thrilled to be home this weekend! The constant driving and travel allows for NO down time or “catch up” time, which I need to function properly.  I was able to get my errands done and managed to have some fun along the way 🙂

I have NOT been feeling great. I am extremely tired. Headache, sensitive eyes, sinuses…….I think it is time to visit the ear, nose, throat specialist 😦  I need some relief. This is making me pretty miserable.

Speaking of sensitivity, my eyes! Oh my eyes! I feel like I have a permanent hang over and I do not drink! 🙂

So I used my $10 Kohls gift to get these clearance babies!  (I really LOVE Lauren Conrad’s line!)

New sunglasses hayyyyy
Clearance$6. They are perfect



I also wanted to pay a visit to the Collingswood farmers market.  I really wish I would have known about this sooner!! wow!! So many fabulous things!! Unfortunately it was so cold and windy today. The market was in the shade which made it feel like an icy wind tunnel! Brrr! I was not able to fully enjoy it because I was so cold! I wanted to snuggle up with one of the alpacas there!! 

Some gorgeous hats, gloves and baby sweaters caught my eye!


My dad would have been in HEAVEN with the mushroom display! I have never seen so many mushrooms!! They were beautiful!



Tons of fresh and organic fruits and veggies! Local of course.



I am so happy I found Kobochi!!!  Even better ORGANIC!  I grabbed this up! I made it for dinner. YUM




This broccoli was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!





Sadly next weekend is your last chance to check this out and get some delicious produce. All good things must come to an end 😦

Collingswood Farmers Market


Sleeping beauty “date” at Pitman theater.

Thank you for the balcony seats what a great view!!  We have a request for the “personal” balcony seats for “Little Red Riding Hood”  🙂










Sleeping Beauty was adorable! I loved seeing all the little kiddo’s (and some parents) Dressed up in their princess dresses and tiaras, and the excitement on their faces!!   The play was great and had some great adult humor for us “older” kids at heart ❤

My “Date” enjoyed the wicked queen the best! He was anticipating her arrival from the moment we arrived!  I also LOVED how he held my hand during the show. I always remember he loved holding my hand and playing with my finger nails!!!  ❤

After the show we walked across the street to the adorable little cookie shop. OMG, it smelled AMAZING the moment we walked in!! I could have stayed in there ALL day!!

They had cute little Sleeping Beauty cookies for sale



“H” opted for the “thumbprints”  (mmmm those would have been my favorite too!)



All of these cookies are making me super excited for my upcoming cookie exchange at Robin’s!! ❤





Sunday I slept in LATE! Well for me 🙂  7 am wake up time, the sun was already up, which is unusual for my wake ups!
Lily and I went for a walk and I listed to more of my book. I absolutely LOVE the book. What an eye opening experience. It is really making me relate to my students on a much more personal level. I am actually quite excited to go to work tomorrow! I feel “closer” to all my kiddos.  Who knew a book could have this power!?

Lesson # 1 – I realize how many of my students, and students in general, do not understand sarcasm.  It is making me more aware of setting my expectations clearly.  I do not want to confuse of mislead any of my students, which can be very easily done in today’s “world”.   Our world is filled with ox y morons and un-meaningful phrases (What does “See you later alligator! REALLY mean?)  Of course I know that kids do not understand this, yet it is SO easy to forget!

Its great to be reminded or exposed to how innocent children really are.  I WILL work on expressing and explaining myself clearly to my students and my friends, family and coworkers as well!


Lesson # 2 – Tell the truth NOW because it will hurt so much MORE later.

This is so true.  I spent too many years hiding and covering up things, in hopes of NOT hurting anyones feelings. Yet when you do this, the exact opposite occurs. Trust is lost.  You are not taken seriously.  You are not to be “counted on”.  It is important to tell your children (or anyone)the truth, no matter how much it may hurt.


Yoga with Debbie.
I love Debbie as much as I love my oats ❤

She taught a FABULOUS class once again! I seriously feel so relaxed during and after her classes. She is so challenging but gentle! She always has us doing something new, which I absolutely LOVE.  My stress just melts away with her.

Sunday Food Prep 🙂


“Why does she have a picture of meat in her blog!?!?”

Because I am proud of myself.  A year ago today (or 5 years, 10 years, 15 years) you would have NEVER, EVER found this in my refrigerator, let alone my tummy.

I had to post a picture, because when I open up my fridge, I smile.  I used to fear this and many other things I felt were out of my “safe” foods.  This meat has fat. This meat IS fat. Fat fat fat. Diana must NOT eat fat! fat is bad. Fat is scary…

No more!

This and a large variety of OTHER items that would have NEVER been found in my fridge are there now…….permanently!  I never have the same exact things anymore. I am constantly changing it up. YOu never know what will pop up in my fridge next!


I get upset with myself for not being ED thought free……..BUT I need to look back and remember how far I HAVE COME! This is a prime example

ps- It smells wonderful in my house today! The bigos is cooking away!


I love cooking. I love chopping. I love browning. I love using and trying nice, new cooking utensils!  I love using TONGS to turn my browned meat  🙂

Perfectly “Sweet” ending….

My weekend ended with a “sweet” game of candyland. Props to Mike for actually following the rules (Candy land nazi, sheesh!  LOL  no getting away with ANYTHING around Mike! I remember that from being a kid too…..)




Kisses and cocoa  ❤ I loved cuddling with these two girls, they are so sweet. The house felt like a “home”. I felt safe, happy, comforted and at ease.  What a beautiful little family




I kinda…………WON!!!! nannni nanni booo boo!


Your Turn

1.  What was YOUR favorite barbie?




and THIS pool……..omg, how I loved this pool

2.  What kind of holiday tree are you going for this year? Victorian, rustic, ribbons?

Christmas Tree ● Rustic

3.  What did YOU do this weekend??




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