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Un-Manic Monday 11.17.14

I hope your Monday was un-Manic!  🙂

I had a GREAT start to my Monday!! Even while battling one of my icky headaches, I still managed to have a wonderful day!

Some things that made my MONDAY Un-Manic:

1.  “Takin care of business”

Yup. Thats right. I was productive today. Nothing better than a productive Monday!  I took care of my garbage disposal that needs to be replaced, went to my doctors appointment, prepped ALL of my students conferences forms, printed out their homework  and many many MORE productive things!! I checked off SO many things from my To Do list!!
I ❤ the feeling!!

2.  My Uncle

I love having someone to “go to” for my manly questions….Could I figure them out on my own? Sure.  Do I trust and value his judgement and opinion? ABSOLUTELY.  I love that I have someone I can trust in my life to go to to help me make the best decisions. I value his financial and home maintenance advice!

He is one smart cookie!

3.  Funny. Blogging is making my Monday Un-Manic

Seriously. I was in a bit of a funk when I first sat down to write my Un-Manic Monday post.  Here is why:

  • had my doctors appointment today.  I am trying to figure things out and get to the bottom of the way I have been feeling. Emotionally, physically, etc.  I absolutely LOVE my doctor, he is very thorough, but he is not very aware of ED’s.  Every time I see him he goes through the SAME ordeal. Its frustrating. He goes on to tell me WHY I have amenorrhea, however, he reassures me how wonderful and great I look. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT! 😦 Seriously. I do not think I look good, nor am I looking to hear that. It does NOT make me feel better. It makes me feel WORSE. I am more than just the OUTSIDE.  I do NOT want to hear about my looks. Something I am trying so hard to stay away from, is always in my face. I know I have to grow a thick skin, and I slowly am. It is just not fun to hear these things when you know you are not 100% recovered and healthy.  It makes me think A)  “Wow, I must be FAT if he is saying I look good”  B)  He probably thinks I am lying and am not really in ED recovery bc I am not emaciated looking.  C)  He thinks I have cancer or something else and NOT an ED.  D)  He asks me several times if I “want to hurt myself”.  No. I do not……I feel like he thinks I am nutsooooooooo.  E)  I feel like “less” of a person because I feel like I am being judged.
  • I had a coffee date yesterday.  I feel like an idiot. I was uncomfortable and did NOT say anything. I should have said something right away and not kept quiet.  Instead, I did the usual thing. Try to keep quiet, play nice, and tell myself that I should NOT be feeling uncomfortable. Yet I have every damn reason to feel uncomfortable IF I FEEL THAT WAY.  I wish I would stop forcing myself to be someone I am not 😦

That being said. I feel BETTER. Just by writing and getting it out.  I am happy that I realized what was making me unhappy.  I just need to work on voicing myself more. To my doctor, to my date, to anyone. I am JUST as important and smart!


4.  This


I did this for my cousin Tina when she was pregnant with Chase.

I told my students the exciting news about a NEW addition to our family soon!  We looked at pictures, the top baby names for 2014 and compiled a list of OUR favorite names for the parents to be.

We HOPE this helps!!  We can not wait for the final reveal! We will ❤ it no matter what the name is!

Babies! Babies! Babies! EVERYWHERE!

My lovely assistant was heading to a “reveal” party tonight! I am excited to hear what she found out!

Have you ever been to a reveal party? Would you have one?

5.  Flannel Sheets

(which pattern do YOU like best from the above?)

I am going to give these a try.  They are currently on sale at Target. PLUS I can use my cartwheel app and get another 20% off  WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO

6.  The Holiday Season

Its beginning to feel like the holidays. I LOVE that feeling! Warm, comforting, memories……….

Warm and cozy sock pattern with both a striped version and a rustic fair isle version.CoupleCold hands, warm tea.

When all you want to do is sit on your comfy sofa and read a great book with some hot cocoa!!Google Image Result for Pajamas- need these on chilly nightsyDog Bone Christmas Stocking Unique burlap Dog by ChristmasClaudeChristmas stockings

Things I am NOT looking forward to:


Too much focus on……



Your Turn


1.  Ever had flannel sheets? IF so, how do you like them? Also, how OFTEN do you change your sheets??

2.  What are your accomplishments of the day? No matter how big or small.

3.  Share your favorite boy names and girl names! Just for fun!


2 thoughts on “Un-Manic Monday 11.17.14”

  1. No on the flannel sheets. Too confining. I like cool sheets and making them warm myself.

    I’m glad you asked the second question because I was starting to feel down about the human race. So today, I would like to accomplish to feel better about people. This could happen as soon as one minute depending on when my next customer walks in. They have a big responsibility and they don’t even know it.

    I wanted to name my daughter Galaxy.
    (Before I hit send, I accomplished my previously written goal. Two couples and a single guest. Whew. My outlook on humanity is better now!!!!)


    1. People tend to be 50/50 on flannel sheets! Ive noticed you either love or hate them! Im going to give them a try and find out for myself 🙂

      I am so glad to hear you are feeling BETTER about the human race!

      why didnt you go with Galaxy?


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