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Ten for Tuesday 11.18.14

Ten crazy, random, mixed up finds, feelings, who knows!?!?!

1.  I love this song.

It makes me feel GOOD. No idea why. Just a feeling ❤

This song makes me happy ❤

2.  Feeling:  blah and sad and like a bad person

I am beating myself up.  I love being able to do what I want, when I want. Sometimes more than WITH someone…..this makes me feel bad and scared and like a terrible person/friend.  I wish I had the desire to be with people more, but for some reason I prefer being AROUND them, while doing things on my own. I think I still fear being “stuck” or forced into something I do not want to do……I have had many years of being forced to do things I am uncomfortable with. I hope as I continue to grow, this gets better!

I also have a hard time focusing on the task I am doing (shopping, browsing at a museum, etc)  Other people distract me I can not give my full attention or focus to what I am doing and that frustrates me.

I love this picture. It makes me happy.

I imagine it being early morning, having my coffee and planning out my day, filled with sight seeing, wandering, taking things in….

This is how I feel when I do things alone…

I think people get confused and associate wanting to be alone with this….

that is NOT the case at all

Don’t get me wrong. I LIKE people and do enjoy time with them….I enjoy being around people. I just need to work on still remaining true to myself and being me!


3.  Realization:  I am not that different (from my students) and I KNOW I am not the only one….

I have a difficult time with transitions.

I get nervous about change. I dread it, I fear it.  It takes me time to transition and adjust to new people and places. In fact, the FIRST day of vacationing someplace, I usually HATE it… 2 is quite the opposite.  I have anxiety. I feel sick.  I want to scream or hide or both.  I do better on my own with transitions than with others.

The difference is I can and DO push myself to deal with the UNcomfort because I know it will only be temporary and that I have the power to change it.

I do not like loud noises

This includes music, environments, alarms, etc.  I cringe. I am irritated. I feel like I can NOT hear myself think. I do not even like to have the television or radio too loud. I do not like it.


I like structure and schedules and LISTS


I feel good about myself when things are in order. I love structure. I prefer lectures and taking in information rather than working in groups.  I get annoyed when things change (but I can deal with it and hide my irritation well).  I like to have a plan, from my daily work day, morning routine, or vacation planning. I like to make myself schedules.

I am working on NOT being so brutal and constrictive. Yes I am still making schedules, setting routines BUT I am allowing myself to break those, or NOT complete them…..if I do not feel like it

I love itineraries, I get giddy when I see them or MAKE them

I make multiple sets of lesson plans for myself, because I like the schedule/structure

I love checking things off my (multiple) lists

I have a hard time looking at people in the eye when I speak to them.

I am getting better and can honestly say I feel SOOOO much more connected when I maintain eye contact. I also notice the lack of eye contact in people and I do realize that it makes them seem not confident in themselves. This is something I continue to work on and it is benefiting me in SO many ways.  Even with my students. Simple eye contact is so engaging. I really feel like I can get through to my students, even if our eyes meet for only a moment.


I prefer certain textures.

For example. I LOVE to mix crispy things into my yogurt, or ice cream.  Will I eat it without? Sure, but I prefer it with some crisp!  I am like this with MANY things. I like my chicken practically BURNT (my mother will vouch for me!) as well as my veggies and anything else.


 I work and think best, alone vs. in groups


4. Thoughts?

What do you think of this bag? Its a great deal…


5.  I need and want to be ME, all the time.

I do not like who I am all the time. You may not either. I need to accept this and deal with my feelings.

I find myself still trying to get approval from people. I still try to have people like me. I still try to put on an act and “give people what they want”. I am getting MUCH better with this and am finding people I can really relate to that I am ABLE to be my true self around.
I think I am finally letting MYSELF see my real self, so slowly you will see it more too….bear with me!


6.  Bigos IS better on day 2-3 !!

7. I am super excited to try out my NEW Flannel sheets tonight!

(I got the 3rd ones from the top….they are totally ME, my colors, etc. I wanted to try something DIFFERENT, but they were the ONLY ones in the size I needed!!  I guess they were MADE for me! )


 8.  Hahah, I WILL have these sheets!

9. My house does NOT feel like my HOME 😦

This makes me sad. I am hoping that things will change soon 🙂

Surefire Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like a Home


10.  10 Things Your Mom Never Told You 




1.  How often do you change YOUR bed sheets?

2.  How have you recently gone OUT of your comfort zone?

3.  How do you make YOUR house feel like a HOME?


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