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Wednesday Wants 11.19.14

I want

healthy relationships.

I absolutely LOVE this article:  10 Every Day Things That Can Save a Relationship

I wish everyone would follow this “thing” :

5. Speak to them like they are someone you respect. To not correct them in public, or yell at them like a child, or berate them like your inferior.

My first step is to let go of the relationships I know I do not or can not accept. Right or wrong, that is how I feel

I want

via Chuba & Company

all pets to stay SAFE this holiday season 🙂

11 Thanksgiving Staples That Are Hazardous To Pups

I want

to thank the author of The Curious Incident Of the Dog In The Nighttime.

Thank you for opening my eyes AGAIN to to world of autism.

It was a great book. I know this because at times I felt irritated and ANNOYED.  I actually felt like I was the main character and had the opportunity to feel how EXHAUSTING it was to be inside his head.

Some times you just need to see things from a different perspective to make you understand better.

Thank you Mark Haddon!

I gave the book 3 stars out of 5.  Mostly for my own selfish reasons of feeling “irritable” while reading ONLY because I felt like I was the boy and inside his head. It made me anxious and irritable, BUT in an eye opening way (if that makes sense?)

Also, I want to THANK Robin for the recommendation.

I have decided to read a few more books about aspergers and autism to my reading list:

I want

to do a “trial” run of my cookie recipe this weekend for my upcoming cookie exchange!

I want

to share a HILARIOUS dream I had last night (before I forget)

I have a “thing” with my mothers habit of leaving wads of wet paper towels around. She uses them to wipe up, dry, etc, but leaves them EVERYWHERE! It drives me NUTS.  This is the sole reason I would NOT be able to live with her.

Anyway, in my dream she told me that she got “written up ” at work for…………..leaving paper towel wads around!




I KNOW this drives my Aunt Irene nuts too! Am I right!?

I want

to see “Cinderella”, it comes out in March, I can NOT wait!  ❤

See the trailer HERE

I still remember the day I was a little girl and my dad took me to the movies to see the Disney cartoon. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEED it, him……not so much, I believe he fell asleep……a few times, BUT it was the thought and experience that counted!

I want

to try this pine cone painting with my students!

I want

to see the play “The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Nighttime”

after finishing the book ❤

I also want to read OTHER books about autism and aspergers.  I am beyond fascinated!

I want

to admit how “thin” my patience has been lately.

Is it the holiday season? the weather? me? A combination? I am leaning towards combination….

I want

to drink tea…….more often (this is for YOU too Melissa ! )

I want

to say I can check off most of these. That makes me happy!

25 signs you are a “real” adult

I want

some recommendations or “must haves” from Tastefully Simple, please!


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