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Thankful Thursday 11.20.14


for books, my new found love of read, and all the creative/inspiring authors that have the passion for writing!

I love books that teach me things. I love books that I can relate to. I love using books to help my students learn new concepts. I. LOVE. BOOKS!

Currently reading:  How To Bake The Perfect Life 

WHY I chose this book to read next?

  1. it was the least expensive on my “To read” list (lol)
  2. I love to cook and bake
  3. I needed a lighter read after a frustrating (but wonderful) book I just read
  4. the dog makes me happy! Plus I love the colorful cover!

What I Want For My Classroom:

Mix It Up

Press Here

I love the fact that these books are simple yet interactive. PERFECT for my classroom PLUS I am overwhelmed by the possible activities that I could have my students do!!!


for half days!!

From now until Wednesday, Half Days Ahead (well for students at least, not so much for us, but it is STILL LESS PLANNING!)

I get to get my blood work done before parent/teacher conferences begin tonight! Wooo hooo! Otherwise, I would not have made it!(They close at 3 pm)


for weekends.

I am really learning to appreciate and enjoy them. I wish they were longer and more frequent, but I will be THANKFUL for what I can get 🙂


that I am not judging.

There has been so much controversy, uproar and chatter about stores opening up on Thanksgiving to start the Black Friday sales.  Whether or not you choose to partake, please do not judge people for their decisions!  You do not know everyones situation and reasons. Like I tell my students “WORRY ABOUT YOU!”. You make the best decision for yourself, that is all that matters. Enjoy your decision, don’t waste your time getting upset and angry over what others are doing. It is out of your control!


not having the pressure to have to find that perfect gift for someone.

Seriously. This has given me so much anxiety in the past.  I would try to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone. This year it is easy. I sort of have an idea of the things I want to get the kiddo’s in my life. I know what my immediate family likes and needs, and I am not really buying for any adults, because I know everyone is already tight with finances.

No Pressure!



for my walking partner ❤


We were able to go for a little walk today BEFORE my evening conferences. That seriously lifted my mood , and Lily’s

PLUS I got to listen to a few more chapters of my book!


that I did NOT pass out, or feel “woozy” getting my blood drawn today! After my last experience, I was a bit scared. ((Last time before my surgery I started to pass out….scary stuff!)

Nope, nothing. Not at ALL this time! I think it was the excruciating pain last time (they could not get my IV in)


for finally feeling excited about something!

It has been a very long time since I have actually been LOOKING FORWARD to something.  I think I dread not being “myself” around people and certain situations. I also feel I will be “stuck”.

This is the FIRST time in a long while I am excited for TWO things this weekend!


Speaking of feelings………As much as it turns my stomach, I am HAPPY about the fact that I actually have preferences (for food)

So, I tried goat cheese today. Not one but TWO different kinds……

Ew. Disguisting, GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs. Never. Ever. Ever. Again.

The smell……..I felt like I was eating…… can I describe it……….a “dirty smelly goat”


for realizing these 4 things, finally 🙂

Your Turn

1.  How do you choose the books you read?

2.  Do you like goat cheese?

3.  What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 11.20.14”

  1. 1. I like choosing books by people’s recommendations and I just requested How to Bake a Perfect Life from the library, it looks good!
    2. I do like goat cheese! It does have a very unique and strong taste, so I can see why people may not like it.
    3. Having a relaxing Thanksgiving at home, seeing a movie, as is our tradition.


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