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Friday Faves 11.21.14


Happy Friday!

“These are a few of my favorite things…………..”

  1. Painting with a Twist – Haddonfield                                                                                             They most definitly have the BEST selection of painting choices that I have seen by far! I am super excited to sit down one day and decide which one is “calling” me….”Dianaaaaaaaaaaaaa, come paint me!”

I absolutely LOVE Haddonfield, especially during the winter and holiday months. It is just so….PRETTY!  I really want to check out the painting studio there. Wino’s, its a BYOB as well!  Here are the upcoming paintings to choose from:

Painting with a Twist Events

2.  Girlfriends Boutique (Haddonfield)

The Grand opening is tomorrow. I definitly want to stop by. I love all the new business opening up locally!  PLUS procedes are going to Autism Cares! ❤

from their facebook page:

Join us as we celebrate our grand opening in downtown Haddonfield, NJ. The fun starts at 11:30am with a ribbon cutting by our Mayor, Jeffrey Kasko. at 1:00 Jacqueline Laurita of Real Housewives of NJ will be with us for a meet & greet with some photo opp’s. Then, at 4:00, Godfather of Gangsta’ Rap, Schoolly D, helps us kick the party into overdrive! Linda Kuepper, CEO & Founder of Autism Cares Foundation will be with us for the fun & 15% of our days sales are going back to Autism Cares! Assisting us in our charitable endeavors is our favorite brand, Peace Love World, who are creating T-shirts just for us to sell that day… to help spread the love & increase awareness for the Autism community. Stop by for food, fun, drinks, charity, fashion & LOVE ♥ XO

3.  Trinity Church Christmas Bazaar – Moorestown

I love seeing and purchasing LOCAL items! Local and homemade are always the best!
Sale Photo #1

4.  New Show for Netflix

After a parent/teacher conference last night, I received a great recommendation for a new show to watch (I have been LOOKING for something worthy of keeping my attention)


The fact that it deals with autism/aspergers SOLD ME

5.  The Philadelphia Marathon:  Sunday November 23, 2014

Philadelphia Marathon Race Image

Good luck to ALL the participants this weekend! The weather should be absolutely PERFECT!

 6.  Birthday Celebrations

IMG_4221(Look how happy the birthday girl is)

This is honestly the FIRST time I was NOT dreading doing something on a Friday, AFTER work…..Usually I just kind of want to settle down, relax, unwind from my week. Today I was excited and looking forward to it!  I think everything was just “perfect” for me. Something I actually wanted to do. Something I committed to and truly wanted to do. It was also a combination of the atmosphere (not too loud or crazy) the time (not too early/too late) and most of all the people ❤

The Capital Grills is beautiful!  It smelled fabulous and their burgers definitely  made my “MUST TRY LIST”. They looked delicious and incredible each time the waitress/waiter walked by. I was impressed!

Great looking buns too! 🙂 (No “bun” intended)

The “crew” ordered beer and the pineapple stoli doli’s.  I shied away thinking tehy would be super sweet and give me a headache. Denise let me try a sip and WOW. It was great!! Very fresh, not “canned pineapple” just tasting at all!! Perfect combination. I could see how they could be potent! They taste great!  I opted for a gin and tonic with lime. My go to drink (I really wanted wine, but since I rarely drink and wine gives me major headaches, I played it safe)

Our bartender was FABULOUS. He took great care of us. He even took a group photo of us AND of course some selfies (lol which I later discovered)


We missed our friend that was home sick battling bronchitis. Teachers!! We truly do RUN OURSELVES down 😦  It is no fail. Every. SIngle. Year. Right around the holidays, it all catches up and ………….out of commision!


7. Fun Friday Activity

My guys LOVED this!! I wanted to do something fun to end our week. Plus conferences, paper work, planning. Blah!  So I grabbed the kids, we put our coats on and OUT we went to find some pine cones (great way to discuss fall too!)

They loved searching for their own pinecones outside!  They were excited, they were moving, they were learning!

We each found six perfect pine cones, placed them in our bags and came back inside to warm up (BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

They listened so well and really enjoyed this simple yet interactive activity!

We globbed some paint into our trays, placed our pine cones in and ………….SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE, ROLL ROLL ROLL, all the way to perfect turkey speckleness 🙂


The movement was great for my kiddos. It released much tension and energy which can be a problem


Fun all around!  I WILL be doing this again (or something similar)

This was a HUGE SUCCESS!!


Your Turn

1. Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?

2.  Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Are you wanting something specific?

3.  What are your favorite family traditions?








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