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Ten for Tuesday 11.25.14

1. Dry, cracked……….fingertips! Ouch!

For the first time (that I can remember) I have been experiencing painful, dry, cracked, finger tips 😦  I am constantly washing my hands, using cleaning products, etc, but I do not think it is any MORE than I have in the past……I guess I am getting older! gahhhhhh

Here are some reasons and tips if you are dealing with it as well:

Dry Skin on Fingertips

2.  23 Boy Toys (Picked by moms and kid approved!)

I kinda want the growing crystal and portable art set for MYSELF!

Your Turn

3.  Is your Pee the right color?


4.  If We Were Actually Being Honest

This is hilarious but def. has some truth to it!

When you post an engagement status:

5.  “I feel ………..fat”

So it has occurred to me MY own reasoning of “feeling fat”. Yes I am aware that “fat” is not a feeling, but I still feel it, often. I am associating FULL with fat…..When I look in the mirror, I am NOT looking at my arms, legs, chest, butt……..I am looking at one thing ONLY , my tummy. If it is bulging out, I feel FAT. If it is bloated. I FEEL FAT.  It has occured to me that I associate FAT with and only with my stomach. It is the only place I look


I do not care if YOU or anyone else has a tummy, so WHY should I care if I have one!?


6. Must have. Must Try

Candy Cane Coffee

7.  Love

“You can love someone and forgive them BUT you may still want to keep your distance from them”

This was a quote from my book , How To Cook The Perfect Life, it means a lot


8. Uncomfortable

I have a hard time feeling “comfortable” around others. Certain people get to see the real me, others, not yet. I am not sure why I choose to do this, I understand it is my own doing, THEY are not making me feel uncomfortable, I am.
Regardless, it does not matter. I need to figure out HOW to be ME all the time, whether I (or you) like it or not.


I guess the BIGGEST part for me is acceptance. I have to accept my feelings.  I can not hide them, pretend they are something else, or disguise them. I just have to accept them.

Hey, guess what? I am a bitch sometimes.
Sometimes YOU annoy me

Sometimes I do not feel like going places or doing things

Sometimes I judge others, WHEN I KNOW I should’nt

Sometimes I wish I could run away and scream

Sometimes I think YOUR kid is annoying

Sometimes I think YOU are wrong

Sometimes I KNOW I am wrong

There are so many things I am ashamed of feeling.  I need to just ACCEPT this is who and HOW I am. I may not be able to change those things, but at least I can recognize , accept and try

Something that makes me VERY uncomfortable. Sharing MY food recipes and meals with others.

I feel like my healthy eating habits are MY OWN. I do NOT want to share them with ANYONE, because then………..I just won’t be special….

It is GOOD to share good things with others

I would want OTHERS To share good things with me

I am still special!

I am not MAKING you do anything you do not want to do, or forcing you, or expecting YOU To change your life

I am not going to do anything I do not want to do and you will not make me.


9. Brilliant!

A lighted collar for Lily!


now that it’s dark out and I worry that cars will NOT see us this is the perfect thing

10. “Yayyyyyyyyy I am SOOOO excited to spend the day with my students tomorrow participating in our Thanksgiving Day Feast!”

Truth:  I want the day over with.  I love my students. I do, however, this time of year, things are a bit nuts

So, being honest. I can NOT wait for tomorrow…… BE OVER WITH

I am looking forward to 4 days away so I can clear my head and get  the rest I need. My brain hurts!




1.  Would you children/grandchild like any of the toy suggestions linked?

2. What time do you normally go to bed? Weeknight? Weekend?

3.  Do you ever feel uncomfortable in certain situations? Share!


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