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Un-Manic Monday 11.24.14

YOU can make it an Un-Manic Monday 🙂

Perfect read for YOUR Monday Morning

9 Good Reminders that Will Change The Way You Think

My Un-Manic Goal for today:

Talk to one of my neighbors.  I always say “Hi/Bye” and run off, a few of my neighbors always try to talk to me….I need to slow down and spend a few minutes just talking to my neighbors. This is something I need a LOT of work on. I am never in a hurry to get someplace…..this is just how I am…”Gotta go, gotta go, no time to stop!”

It is exhausting!

Some days I NEED to be the tortoise 🙂

Speaking of being TOO busy. This could NOT have come at a more perfect time!

The Dis-ease of being Busy


Un-Manic Deal

I got a pair of these flannel sheets last week from Target and they are on sale again NEXT week for an even better price! I am grabbing up another set ASAP!



Un-Manic FUN

Last week we rolled our pine-cones in paint to make turkey’s (see HERE)

TODAY I put all of our hard work to GOOD use.  Check out our FUN, EASY and team work Pine Cone Wreath!



See the pretty paint colors?



Un-Manic :  Cookie Trial #1

Ok, so my cookies…..FAIL

BUT let me explain….personally, I liked them. I know that no other human being (including Lily) would agree with me. Why?

They kind of tasted like dog treats, in fact they looked VERY similar to the ones I made for Lily a few weeks ago……those actually smelled better…….

HOWEVER, as a cookie, major FAIL. I think the bacon over powered, I used organic cocoa, they just were not SWEET enough for a cookie.  However as a savory “mini muffin” they are fabulous. They taste more savory than sweet, a slight hint of chocolate, too MUCH bacon for such a little cookie
So I am taking my BRILLIANT assistants suggestion (Thanks Amy) and for TRIAL # 2, I will be adding MORE maple syrup AND crumbling the bacon on TOP of the cookie instead of mixing it in…..I will keep you posted!


(Notice how they are NEXT to the dog treat jar??)

Un-Manic Musings….

Today was a tough day for me. In fact the past FEW days have been tough.  I can not pin point the problem. I am healthy, I have a wonderful job, home, family, friends, why am I so down?

A few things occurred to me, which at first made me a bit sad and depressed, BUT I know I have to deal with these uneasy, uncomfortable feelings in order to GET PAST THEM!

Independence…….inspired by my cousin, Mike ❤

Right now I am an independent person. I love having my freedom

I love having control of my life
((Granted I’ve taken my control to unhealthy limits such as my eating and exercise but I am learning to control things in a more positive way))

I always thought I needed someone, and I DO need people, but NOT in the way I thought.  I thought I needed people to SAVE or help, I thought I needed people to save me, I thought I needed people to love me, in order for me to love myself.  I thought and relied on people for ALL the wrong things.  I am and have always been independent. I fooled myself and others for a long time making it seem like quite the opposite.  I never thought I was an independent, strong, person.  I am learning I can do things on my own, I can make decisions without needing justification from others. I prefer doing some things alone because I can focus better.  I lied to myself and others for many years , pretending I was not an independent person. I pretended to be a scared little girl that needed saving at times, other times I pretended to be super strong and take YOUR problems as my own.  I am learning balance. For me balance is important. Finding that right amount of “not too much, not too little”

Feeling Needed

I used to feel needed and like I had a purpose however lately I don’t feel very useful, helpful,or needed.  I loved yet hated feeling needed, at the same time.

The thing is the people in my life I really thought needed me really didn’t.  They never asked me to save them, help them,etc.  I just enjoyed doing things for them because it made me feel special and important and like I mattered

Yet I neglected myself during that time I neglected to battle my emotions, my feelings, and my eating disorder because I wanted to put my focus someplace  else; on someone else that needed me because I was just “perfect”

I know I’m not perfect.I am far from it and I also know that it doesn’t matter if anyone needs me or not just being meand living my life should be enough. I am realizing this but it is still difficult to deal with and often times it makes me feel sad and lonely, all my own doing. Now I just need to find ways of still feeling wanted/needed by myself

Yes it is nice to do things for others and I look forward to doing those things. They make me feel happy and good, but I am also scared that I am doing something I truly do NOT want to do, I have had that habit for a long time. So I need to be careful with my decisions and genuinely do things for others that I want to do

But I also need to find myself in healthy relationships where we both give and take

I am going to need to find a balance of not giving too much but yet giving enough. Right now I don’t think I’m capable of either. I only know either or I can’t find a happy medium.  I have difficulty doing that in many aspects of my life


Un-Manic Success!

I almost did not accomplish my goal today. Yikes
My goal was to stop for a moment and talk to a neighbor instead of running away or avoiding…..
After work I saw one of my neighbors, a very sweet lady that was walking to her condo.  My first instinct was to walk faster and avoid eye contact (maybe she won’t see me!) and I looked away from her……………..


I remembered my goal for the day. I stopped and turned around and I started to talk to her.  Yes I wanted to go for a walk with Lily.  Yes I needed to put the groceries away. Yes I needed to get a start on my evening.  However, I told myself that five minutes was not going to make or break me.  Maybe those five minutes would make me feel better 🙂  Maybe it would make HER feel better ❤


1.  Tell me one of your recipe fails.

2.  Something funny from your day?

3.  Share one un-manic moment from today.


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