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Friday faves

1.  Favorite Feeling:  Spending time with my mom ❤

She really is my biggest supporter.  We spent the afternoon shopping, doing yoga, and eating a delicious dinner. My mom IS my therapy 🙂  She always has a way of making me feel better

2.  Favorite Surprise?

The crowds today were NOT THAT BAD!  I can not believe it!


I was the FIRST in line for my oil change,

I was 2nd in line at Macy’s

There was NO line at Ulta

There was NO line at Barnes and Noble

Target….just one person ahead of me

Also, PARKING was  fabulous

Great spot at the gym with mom, dinner AND shopping……..I am NO LONGER fearful of Black Friday!

3. Favorite Awakening Moment:  Getting Practical

This year is all about simplicity for me.

I have decided to give PRACTICAL gifts 🙂

Kids have so many toys, adults have so many sweaters, mugs, ties……..Time for PRACTICAL!

4.  Favorite Food (On Thanksgiving)

Turkey with mushroom gravy

5.  Favorite Find

My oil change with interior/exterior wash



6.  Favorite Realization

That I do not have a husband or boyfriend to shop for this year SOOOOOOO
that means I get to buy gifts for


wooo hooo ❤

7.  Favorite text

From my friend, that JUST happened to get a new (four legged) addition to her family today

I am so happy for her! ❤

8.  Favorite Yoga Pose

I felt very strong, flexible and had minimal pain (for once!) in my hamstring while in reverse triangle!

9.  Favorite Cheese

It is a tie between




10.  Favorite Fashions

I am absolutely loving the warmth, comfort and LOOK of the warm and cozy poncho sweaters and over sized button ups !

I want to snuggle up in them!

tap the image to get this look! xSouthern Curls & Pearls: Fall...Hello Fashion: 9 Fall Sweaters under $50 You need in your ClosetLove


11.  Favorite Feel Good Moment

When someone told me I AM a good photographer……I really do NOT think I am a good photographer. In fact, I really do not feel I am good at very much……yet I am working on changing that, and AM!

Thanks Mike, it really really meant a lot…….

I know I need to feel good about myself and believe those things MYSELF, but it really makes me smile inside and outside hearing it from someone that I respect ❤  It felt genuine.

12.  Favorite Chat

Learning things from my mom that I never knew. She told me at least 3 stories that I had NO clue or idea about. I am pretty amazed, impressed and “awoken”

She told me something that made me realize a real “LIGHT BULB” moment…………

The real reason I do not feel good enough (for myself)

Your Turn

1.  What is your current favorite fashion?

2.  Any favorite finds ?

3.  Favorite thing about YOURSELF?



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