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Saturday Safes and Saves 11.29.14


Garfield Ping Pong game to help my students with dyslexia (improves eye focus and strength for reading skills!)


I want this bra, badly!

Piper Bra


Are You Destroying Your Relationship?

This was such a wonderful article. I got so much out of it. Here are some of the main points that really made sense to me!

  • what we hear and learn as children, evolves with us into adulthood! (I KNEW this, but lately it is really making sense! once you have REALIZED this, you can finally accept it, and grow from it!)  Also, be mindful what you say or do in front of your own children!! They are VERY smart!
  • When we hate ourselves, our friendships suffer.  ABSOLUTELY!  I am learning how being enough just for myself is ENOUGH!
  • when we abandon ourselves we CRAVE intimacy and connection with others. This too will just up being “not enough”.  You truly do have to love yourself FIRST before you are able to give it to someone else


10 Core Beliefs Incredibly Happy People Live By

1. Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for.

We may not see the big picture when we’re in it, but happy people know that sometimes the most difficult things are actually setting them up for success.

Lately I have been down in the dumps.

Feeling sad and depressed, trying to take it ALL in.

Things I have learned I like about myself and things I have learned I do NOT …..that is the difficult part.

Do I need to accept the person I am, I can not deny my feelings, or thoughts….OR do I need to change them.

I do not think there is a right or wrong answer. Trial and error. I can try to think differently, but I also have to find the balance of when accepting ME for ME, is just enough


Gosh, how I love and miss this girl! ❤  I wish she was not 3,000 miles away, BUT I am grateful for the time I do get with her! Each time I see her, I feel more and more connected. I learn a little more about her each time and “see” her beauty inside and outside. She is fun, emotional, silly and makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

We had not even seen each other a whole 5 minutes, then THIS happened………


Santa was VERY VERY happy ❤  I think we will be getting some great gifts this year! lol


I put up my tree today! Rearranged some furniture and am feeling pretty festive!!



Loving my sharp, new, Henkel knives! ❤



I ❤ this Christmas fine motor activity!


Snooki got married!?!?!




some pumpkin pie recipes to try



The 5,000 messages clogging up my inbox telling me to HURRY and BUY BUY BUY because their amazing deals and prices will be ending SOON!

No Thanks!! 



I have been looking for some great, useful ways to store my cooking items


I am definitely doing this….

Kitchen Utensil Racks

And this….

I need this!

and this…..

 Your Turn

1.  How did YOU feel like a kid today?

2.  Have you put up your tree/decorations yet?

3.  Cold weather :

A) Gives me energy to move!

B) Makes me want to cuddle up in bed/on the couch all day long


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