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Un-Manic Monday 12.01.14

Happy Un-Manic (Cyber) Monday!

Are you going to be cyber shopping today!?


Ok, so I am a bit obsessed with fingerprint crafts…..LOOK what I found, all in one spot!! Watch out! LOL

Christmas Fingerprint Crafts by Crafty Morning




I need a duvet cover!

Groupon has some great deals! This one is neutral enough, but I am not sure if I want something more “plain and simple”





I ❤ my therapist. Each Monday she puts out something thought provoking.  Here is today’s topic

Good Morning, today I want to discuss emotional manipulators. Being in a relationship with someone who is emotionally manipulative is exhausting, anxiety producing and confusing. Here are a few examples of how an emotional manipulator operates. You make a statement and it will be turned around and used against you. They say one thing and later assure you they did not say it. They do not deal with things directly. They will talk behind your back and eventually put others in the position of telling you what they would not say themselves. Their mood effects everyone around them. They will take no responsibility for themselves or their behavior – it is always about what everyone else has “done to them”.

What should you do when dealing with an emotional manipulator? I recommend you spend as little time as possible with this person. Do not put stock in anything they say because at any moment it can be denied. Do not get into a battle of the wills or truths. You will never convince them of anything and they will not be honest. If you are forced to interact with them keep the conversation simple and do not let your guard down. And finally, keep in mind you are dealing with a manipulator – an authentic, honest, and healthy relationship is not something they are interested in.

Believing the best for you,

This def. makes me question myself. I need to ask myself if I am being truthful with myself and others, or manipulating to get something I want out of it………What I want, may not always be what is best


Early Bird Or Night Owl Your Sleep Says A Lot About You

I definitely think my LACK of sleep is aiding to my recent “depressive” feelings




Make YOUR relationships UN-MANIC!

15 relationship Red Flags



I got my Cookie Swap invite in the mail today!
I am sooooooooooooo excited!



I am NOT going to lie. Today was pretty MANIC. After a 4 days weekend, a brand new student AND this constant weather change……… head is still spinning!!

Going to make it Un-Manic by getting my nails done tonight! ❤


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