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Weekend update week ahead 11.30.14

Goodbye November!

Hello December! November was both wonderful and painful.  It was filled with emotions, good and bad.  Some realizations (that I need to accept) and of course some wonderful food, family and friends ❤


The four day weekend was much needed! I spent the LONGEST I had ever spent at my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. It felt really GOOD!  At times I wanted to flee, but the feelings and moments passed and I wanted to stay again.  I guess that’s what life is all about. Ups and downs. I am great with the UPS , the downs are the tough part, I just can not accept them. Those downs make me miserable, sad, depressed. What I need to remember is that WITHOUT DOWNS, the UPS would not be so amazing!
Thanksgiving Day

Filled with yummy food and great company. We lounged around in our sweats, talked, looked at the black friday sales and played with the kids 🙂  Some of us even played “Candy Crush”….hmmmm

“Black” Friday

I had my oil changed first thing in the morning, got my knives, ran some errands, cooked, cleaned, and relaxed!  The stores and malls were not as crazy as I expected them to be. I was pleasantly surprised!


I got to see my friend, Des, and Santa! ❤  I am hoping I get to see her again on Friday, in NYC, if



I can swing it!IMG_4324



Baked pumpkin pie bars



I have not tasted them yet…..They look NOTHING like the picture. I added eggs (which was not in the original recipe) So we shall see!


What they are SUPPOSED to look like

Pumpkin Pie Bars (Vegan and Grain-Free)

 UPDATE:  They are ………..

really, really, really GOOD! Mine came out much thinner, but over, pumpkin y deliciousness! 🙂


  •  Yoga ❤
  • Dog park with Lily  (what a gorgeous DAY!)
  • Macys and Home Goods with mom

Week Ahead:

I am reflecting. Keeping it personal, I may post or may not depending on how I feel 🙂

I am getting a new student tomorrow!! I am both excited AND nervous!


Happy December Everyone!

 Your Turn

1.  Have you ever seen the Rockettes?

no! Never! This is on my bucket list! I think my mom may have seen them when she was younger

2.  Were you angry at someone today, but realized you were really angry at yourself?

Yes, I thought I was angry at my mom…….turns out I really am just upset and angry with myself 😦

3.  One thing you will approach “differently” this week?

I am going to try to stay a bit later after school, talking to coworkers/friends, instead of letting my anxiety get the best of me and rush me out the door , for NO reason. I want to know how my friends spent their Thanksgiving, if they got any great deals, what they did…..I am curious and interested!



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