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Ten For Tuesday

1.  Look at this picture

In TWO words, tell me how it makes you “feel”?

Look again later on, or tomorrow, see how your two words change.

2.  “An Ex To Grind:  A Novel”

An Ex To Grind: A Novel

I am about 7 chapters in and I am feeling………..


OMG , this woman is so annoying and DESPERATE, I want to just SMACK her in the face and tell her to WAKE UP! I hope she opens her eyes soon, or else mine will be CLOSED!

3.  Dear Santa

I want to write a letter to Santa!! I always have my students do this, I think it is about time I do it, just like good ol’ times! I may even leave out milk and cookies this year!

4.  Unmotivated but OK

Today I came home after work , took the dog out, made dinner and ate, and ate and ate. I lounged on the couch, reflected on my busy/hectic day and felt a bit guilty, BUT not guilty enough to do anything about it.  I am pretty tired, and comfortable plopped on the couch. I GUESS I am still being productive:  answering work email, planning activities my students need and will enjoy, checking personal email, reading blogs (for pleasure) blogging (my own word vomit)

I am ………tired and lazy and THAT IS OK!

5.  Being wrong

Sometimes its hard to admit to yourself when you are wrong. However, you have to accept it, grow from it, learn from it, and ….MOVE ON.

Recently a situation that involved me occurred. I did SOME things right, I did some things wrong. I learned.  This is making me stronger, and a better person. Unfortunately people may get hurt along the way, but I guess that is part of life.

I can admit to my mistakes. I have stopped making excuses for myself and am owning up to my strengths and weaknesses. What may seem right in the moment, may NOT always be right, but it is still my decision.  I can either continue to do things or change them.  Either grow, or stay.

Its difficult to see eye to eye with everyone. In fact it is impossible. However, hopefully I remember to “fight fair”, not use hurtful words, or try to manipulate others. That is how I feel I will be the best person I can be 🙂

Its too easy to get involved or want to help in situations that do not want your help.  I have always had a bad habit of trying to fix and solve others problems, so that I did not have to face mine. As I have gotten better, I need to continue to grow and work on me. I can not help anyone that is unwilling to ask or accept help.

6.  Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles

…….THOSE of you blessed with BOYS in your life, check out these 40+ Best Books For Boys (I love giving books as gifts!)

7.The Hunt For New Pajamas

Flannel, cotton, thermals?

Decisions, decisions! What do I get!?

Yup, back at it. I need PJ’s…….Winter Pajamas- need these on chilly nightsyJayne Ribbed Striped Button Front Onesie at boohoo.comPajama set in polka-dot flannel : Womens | J.Crew

8. Sausage Potato Pie

Six Ingredient Sausage Potato Pie - a simple savory brunch dish that is filling and adaptable to whatever you have on hand!

How perfect is this for a weekend breakfast or brunch! Only 6 ingredients!

9.  I ❤ Mail

I really DO look forward to checking my mail daily, ESPECIALLY when I am anticipating or waiting for something special to arrive.  LOOK what came today!


10. Ten of my favorite Links

  1. Why You Should Say Thank You The Next Time Someone Calls You Selfish
  2. The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Before Tying the Knot (So true! Wish I knew this when I was younger, but then again, you learn from your experiences)
  3. Getting Closeness In Your Relationships (<3 this!)
  4.  I love how PRETTY the bottles are, no clue HOW they smell, but love the bottles!
  5. E Readers Vs. Books (I choose…….audiobooks :))
  6. This is truly disturbing…..I am not going to be able to sleep tonight
  7. I love using Edmark in the classroom, great little recap post
  8. Social Skills Strategies – this is so big to me!
  9. pretty little gifts
  10. Lily’s List TO Santa:  woof, mommy please?, bark box subscription


Your Turn:

1.  Fill in the blanks:

Dear Santa,

Something I want____________

Something I need____________

Something to wear___________

Something to read___________


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