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Wednesday Wants 12.03.14

I want

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Cardboard Roll Christmas Trees. Such a great way to used those empty tubes we all seem to have lying around. My kids had such fun decorating their trees!

  • to leave “work” at work and not spend my nights and mornings working…..I want a life!

I want

dating to be ALL theses things (one day)

I want 

to admit to dating QUITE  a few of these 🙂

I want

Balance.  I have a HARD time with transitions. I am miserable on Friday, Saturday and Monday………the days I should be thrilled.

Its the change. I HATE change. My work week ends and my weekend begins. Unstructured time.  I realize I need to deal with this and find a way to separate (and look forward) to my week’s and weekend.

It takes me at least ONE day to get adjusted to new things, routines, days…..I usually HATE/DREAD the first day of any vacation, tropical island or home, I am filled with DREAD and misery.  I am doing this to myself. I am the one punishing myself for NO reason, and I am the ONLY one that can work through this and resolve it, or at least make it more enjoyable.  The first step is admitting and figuring out the problem 🙂

I want

to volunteer with some sort of charity for the holidays. I am so fortunate. I have my family, health, my job and friends.  I want to give back ❤

I want

to “test” bake cookies with my mom this weekend

I want

to consistently feel “less annoyed”

I want

it to be warm and rain free so I can take lily for a walk

I want

to admit I am addicted to bananas! I love them. I will eat them all day. Plain, with PB, with chocolate, with yogurt, with oatmeal. One thing I will NOT do, is eat them GREEN! Gah!  I am kind of obsessed and picky about my bananas. It originated with my fix for the perfect apple, now it is bananas…….HOWEVER they need to look a bit “beat” up for me to like them best 🙂

Oh boy, some things I must try soon: banana split, bananas foster, chocolate covered banana (rolled in granola) Banana nut bread/muffins…..Mmmmm, bananananananananana

I want

to feel less tired and have MORE energy

I want

it to snow (so I can have a snow day and stay in my pj’s all day long)

I want

to show off MY new coloring book and colored pencils. Yup, for ME, Not my students, ME ME ME. I am so excited!  I figure this will be a great way for me to unwind, while listening to my books!

I want

to take a bath THIS WAY

bath rituals garance dore photos


I want

to make and eat an awesome gingerbread man/woman cookie!

I want

to be honest (with myself)

I really really really WANTED to like/love the Candy Cane coffee, BUT I just ……I mean it is ok, BUT I do not really like it/crave it/desire it 😦  ((((Sigh)))) I need to STOP forcing myself to drink this because I “think” I should like it, and just accept that, I really don’t!


I want

to try “Sunny side up” eggs (as my mom used to call them) You know these….

I have not had this “style” for yearssssssssssss. I am curious if I will like it. It does not seem very appealing to me, but I need to change up from my usual “fritattas”


Your Turn


1.  Do you know of any local charities/organizations that are looking for help for the holidays? Whether it be food related, providing time, gifts, etc?  Please share



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