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Friday Faves 12.05.14


My Favorites THIS Friday

Favorite:  New Years Eve


This is definitely a possibility. Its so “me”. I love yoga, love the thought of doing “Something” on New years eve but without the hassle of dressing up, staying out late, etc etc etc.

Just Breathe Yoga White Party

Just Breathe: Yoga White Party
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Get centered before midnight at the museum. Learn about the time-honored practice of yoga through meditative exercises, yoga postures, and breathing techniques among the beauty of the Museum’s collection. After a peaceful stretch, participate in a hands-on art making activity to set an intention for the new year. Henna tattoos, themed tours, and specialty healthy menu items will be available throughout the night. Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat and wear white.

Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me! (haha)

Holiday Mansion Tour

The gorgeous historic mansions of Fairmount Park decorate their halls and open their doors during the holiday season for festive tours. (Photo by Lauren Schwarz Photography for Charms of Fairmount Park)

This looks fun!!

I really wanted to do this tomorrow, BUT the rain 😦

Holiday Bazaar 
(Kensington? Has anyone ever been/heard of this??)

Gift Guide For Kids

Most of my shopping is done for the kids in my life, what about yours? NEed ideas?

What are you getting those love bugs in your life??


Favorite :  Movie Pick

“Wild” (With Reese Witherspoon)

HOWEVER, I can not find a theater that is playing this?

I also want to (and will) read the book 🙂

Favorite:  Gift Ideas (for introverts)

Shutterstock / elisekurenbina

I would want ANY of these 🙂

Favorite Party Idea:  Ugly DRESS Party!

I know YOU have tons of old bridesmaids dresses hanging in your closet! You know , the one’s your dear friends told you , “You can cut it down and wear it againnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!”

Mmmm hmmm, bring em out!

cleverlyinspired (9)

Favorite Feel Good Book Moment

I just finished reading “An Ex To Grind”

It was ok. I gave it 3 stars (out of 5).  It was a light, easy, read. It was predictable, nothing mysterious, exciting, amazing, BUT it served its purpose of relaxing me during cooking, walks, etc 🙂

What I loved about the book?

The view’s on love.  Yes, sometimes I feel very hopeless that true love out there exists (for me anyway) but this story gave me hope <3.  I learned that true love never goes away. If I am sick, or dirty, or not looking my best, my “love” will love me unconditionally. I never truly had that feeling, because I never LOVED myself. Now I see it……and will not accept anything less!


Your Turn

1.  Do you believe in true love?

2.  Any fabulous plans this weekend?

3.  Tell me your favorite’s from this week:






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