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Thankful Thursday 12.04.14

Today I am Thankful For



Lily constantly reminds me of true love. She loves me unconditionally. She loves me at my best AND at my worse. She loves me with or without make up. She loves me when I am sad or when I am happy.

I want to check out this Pet Expo, its in January!

Today I am Thankful For

my mother.


I am always thankful for her. Recently I have been upset with her for not doing ENOUGH for herself (she is always doing for others).  I finally have realized she IS doing things for herself, just a bit differently. It has taken me a long time to see it, but I finally do…..She is the smartest woman I know ❤


Today I am Thankful For


my students.
Some days I am exhausted, tired, burnt out. I feel like I do NOT know what to do next. I feel like I need to FIX and SOLVE my students…….then I realize that I am there. I am trying. I love and care about them. That is enough.

I am so thankful for them, for what they have given me in my heart (and in my life) and I am SO proud of ALL of their growth and accomplishments this year. I can honestly say that EACH one of my students has blown my mind recently. I smile inside and out…..they continue to amaze me

Today I am Thankful For


*In my own home*

It has been cold. I have been hungry. I have been tired. I have a hard time waiting around until 8 pm to go to a yoga class. I have finally started doing yoga again in my own home on my OWN time.

I love the feeling. It feels good and after I feel like a new person……ahhhhhhhhhhh

Today I am Thankful For

the upcoming weekend AND my upcoming winter break!

I am really going to try to separate my weeks, weekends and days off……enjoy it!

Today I am Thankful For

my life.

Sure I have tons of things I am unhappy about. However, right now I am so thankful and grateful for my family, health and job. Seriously. I am at a good place. There are so many less fortunate out there. I really want to give back someway, especially with pets, small children, or the elderly, who may not be so fortunate.

Today I am Thankful For

my Christmas Tree.

I seriously LOVE just looking at it at night, and in the morning. The lights twinkle, the bulbs sparkle….I love love love it!

I love this cute orange ornament craft!

Citrus ornaments are so easy to make!

How adorable are these too!


Today I am Thankful For

my feelings and emotions ………coming back

I hate feeling sad, miserable, emotional, lonely and depressed BUT those are feelings that I had not experienced lately. You may be thinking THATS WONDERFUL THOUGH!

Its not, because on the opposite end, I also have NOT experienced joy, happiness, pleasure, excitement in a while either

It is all coming back. The good AND the bad ❤  I love that I continue to grow and learn about myself. Whether I like things about myself or don’t, I am accepting the fact, I am who I am

Today I am Thankful For

tiny things (Aren’t these adorable!?!)

Today I am Thankful For

Lily being out of her “Puppy” phase

A conversation with a friend today brought back the miserable feelings of “puppy bites”….ouch. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my friend and her little “baby” surpass this soon!  As painful (literally) it is in the moment, it is so easily forgotten about just as quick….. 🙂

Hang in there! ❤  JAWS will grow out of it soon! I promise!

Today I am Thankful For

NOT taking the job in Abu Dhabi I was offered a few years ago.  Besides the fact I would have been miserable, sad and lonely without my friends and family, today I read this article. My heart goes out 😦

Today I am Thankful For


I love this POSITIVE SPIN on it!

I have had the SAME conversation with numerous people over the past few days……It goes like this:

” I am so tired, exhausted, unmotivated. I come home, and pass out, getting NOTHING accomplished……I think its the weather, the time change, the……, BUT then the next day, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Well rested, motivated and my energy is back.”

This is our bodies way of asking (and getting) what it wants and needs. Listen to your body. It knows what it is doing!

Today I am Thankful For

the bathroom IN my classroom. Yup, I had no choice but to use it today! Thank god , otherwise I probably would have had an embarrassing incident to cover up. I drink so much coffee, my bladder can just NOT hold it long 🙂

and NO my classroom bathroom looks NOTHING like that  lol


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday 12.04.14”

  1. I am feeling the same way too. Coming home and lacking energy to do anything. Winter is a killer.

    I’m thankful for my cat and my Dad.


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