Weekend Update and Week Ahead 12.07

I had a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL weekend and hope you did too!

I’ve been wanting to just SLEEP during the week when it is time to get up for work. This is not typical of me. I am a morning person (and still am) However my “Old” early used to be 4:30 or 5:00 am. I would force myself to get up and run, and begin to work my way towards exhaustion (so I didnt have to think about anything else in life!)

Now, I am loving my “routine” so much more. Sleep until I want (which is still pretty early, more like 6:30 or 7)

reading and walking lily (at the same time, YUP!)

cooking, baking and prepping for the week!  (this is so relaxing and soothing. Plus I know I am making GOOD things to put into my body, andddddddddddd I get to listen to my audiobook read while I do it.

Saturday, I cleaned AND had a showing!! (Fingers crossed)

I baked some cookies for my swap 🙂 They turned out fabulous. Mom and I BOTH agree!IMG_4393

created my OWN paleo recipe (I wanted to make something that my mom can enjoy, these are ALL NATURAL and no sugar and absolutely FABULOUS)

My mom could NOT believe how amazing they were. I am super proud of myself for creating this recipe ON MY OWN.

I had my calculator out, made my calculations and started to BAKE away!  Baking with coconut flour is tricky. You have to get the right consistency.  You require much less of it (versus reg. flour) BUT you also have to add egg (for moisture) So I had my thinking cap apron on and was successful!

More than anything, I am PROUD of myself. I have never had the knack to whip up something WITHOUT a recipe that I meticulously followed (I have major OCD when it comes to recipes, i read, re-read, re-read again……x500)

I came up with something DELICIOUS and healthy on my own. It is something my mom enjoys and it is GOOD for her!!

A little trial and error, some minor tweaks and I think I have it!


(The ones on the left were fluffy and more of a “ball”. More cakey than “cookie”. I smooshed them down a bit to get a flatter, cookie. These are moist, soft, sweet, PERFECTION)

Diana’s Paleo Oatmeal cookies!  I forgot to add in the chocolate BUT this is still amazing even without the chocolate! I may dip these in chocolate to add to the deliriousness 🙂  They are perfect JUST as they are (Like me!)

It made me feel so happy, so good, so warm and fuzzy seeing how much my mom enjoyed these! I am glad otherwise I probably would have devoured them all myself !

The rain did NOT damper my mood at all today. I felt like I was on cloud 9 all day. I was productive and happy. This is a great day and what life is about ❤

After a day filled with cooking, baking, prepping, cleaning, running around, I was tired! I settled in for the night and really enjoyed reading the NY Times 100 Notable Books of 2014 list. I added a bunch to my Goodreads list!! I love reading!

I was thinking back to college and high school. Two classics that I want to revist:

The Time Machine (the eloi always fascinated me!)

Madame Bovary

I really enjoyed BOTH of these when I read them BACK THEN………I am curious to see how I feel when I read them this time around!


After an awesome visit with my cousin and my cutest little ninja’s nephews, I will now, thanks to Tina and Chase, be re-visiting the Star Wars movies! 🙂  Ewoks!

Funny, I just realized I wanted to revisit books because I think I would actually GET them now, and now movies are next on my list!


Debbie is so amazing (as always). I was so sore today, ouch, my butt! however it still felt incredible. I am so proud of my mom with her PLANKS! She is so strong! (inside and out!!)  xoxo

P.S.- Last week I attempted a head stand, andddddddd I DID IT! Ok, so I flopped over (un-injured) but this is the first time I felt strong enough to even attempt it!! Go Me!!!!

I am in desperate need of a new yoga mat. I love the new teal Jade mat!  I really want to get one in EXTRA long, I hate falling off the mat! Stupid long legs! (Ok, I like em)

I absolutely LOVE Jade yoga mats. #1. They are local (I am huge on supporting local!)  #2 Eco Friendly, made of natural rubber which is a renewable resource.  #3. They are just the BEST mats ever. Lasted me sooooo long through so much !


Victorian Fest at Smithville Mansion

Thank you so much Cheryl for telling me about this fabulous find! It was so pretty, neat, and festive!



Carolers singing 🙂


awesome ice sculptures (brrrrrrrrr, no thanks!)





and some really unique crafts and soaps!


Look at how precious these little knit caps are!!! They were so adorable in person. What talent! I wish I knew someone small enough for it…….don’t think the thought of Lily (my dog) did not cross my mind a few times


I bought this Coffee Kitchen Soap! It smells incredible. It is natural AND it is supposed to take away all those unwanted smells from your hands!! Odd enough, I can deal with the onion, garlic, etc….it is ORANGES, ORANGES! That I can not stand on my hands!  Nothing works! I smell like oranges all day long (Yes I do realize life could be worse)

The lip balm was also a hit with me. Peppermint with a natural sunscreen built in! Just what I need!!

Love this stuff!

So Cheryl told me about her sister’s hand lotion……I really did not think ANYTHING would work for my dry, cracked fingers 😦

I rubbed on some of this……….

I loved how it felt, BUT I love how a lot of lotions feel. The question is, will I keep loving it, and more importantly will it LOVE my fingers???

It is now about 5 hours later. I have washed my hands (several times) and guess what, I still LOVE this stuff! It really seeps into my skin. It really really soothed it. I will be ordering myself some for sure!

Soaperstar at Etsy

Check out soaperstar on Facebook

She even makes BEER soap! What a cute gift idea

So pretty!

Then I stopped by my cousins house and guess what!??

She ELFED me!

(Remember how “Booed” was going around for Halloween!?? This is comparable!)

Seriously, she GETS me. Last year she started me on my addiction to Trader Joe’s Coconut butter. I have been religiously buying it EVER since. Now she got me this……


Trader Joes Coffee pack!! All these wonderful and delicious holiday flavors!! Can NOT wait to “Drink up”

Thank you!! More importantly THANK YOU for sharing something with me. I admitted to her tonight that I have a hard time sharing things with her (and others) because I feel “LESS special” by sharing “MY secrets”.  I know it is silly, and its part of my control issues. I know it is unhealthy and I know I am working on it 🙂

Week Ahead

Holiday Lights

I really want to check out our local LIGHT display. Grab some coffee or hot cocoa and head on out to see the twinkling lights (PS some are even synced to follow Christmas music on your radio!)


Gah, ahhhh, nooooooooooo, yes!?

Some flurries and snow are in the forecast for this week. Part of me wants a snow day. Lounging around, drinking coffee, relaxing………while the other part of me does NOT want to deal with the cold, wet, slippery stuff!

Baking (MORE) Cookies

my mom loved them so much, she wants to make MORE. I am also going to help her make some pretty little packages up 🙂


Your Turn

1.  What did you do this weekend?  

2.  What are you excited for this week?

3.  Tell someone exactly how you feel.  It IS very difficult, but also very freeing!


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