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Un-Manic Monday 12.08.14

Un- Manic :  Coffee (review)

My absolute favorite Trader Joe’s coffee so far has been this:

Just a good ol’ cup of Joe 🙂  Plain, simple. Smooth.  Nice medium roast. Not too bitter, not to strong, just right. I could (and pretty much DO) drink this every day.

So I was super excited to start my morning with a brew of one of my newest “Elf-fed”coffee’s (Thank you again Tina!)


I started my Monday with this

Trader Joe’s Wintry Blend

Smell:  While it was brewing, it smelled very……familiar.  It smelled like trader joe’s. The store itself. The smell of the store while I shop in there . I know they are always brewing coffee, but I am not sure why it smelled so familiar to me. The other coffee never gave off this “vibe”.  It had a nutty smell, pretty strong. It was nice, but not a “Everyday ” nice. I def. would not want to start EACH morning with this. Once in a while, yes, but NOT every day.

Taste:  Much stronger than the original I am used to drinking. Very nutty and “spicy” in taste. It was good but definitely something I would need to be in the mood for. Maybe it would be a good “dessert” coffee. Would go great with pumpkin pie and ice cream.  It was a bit too strong for my liking.

My Rating:  I give it 3 beans out of 5 🙂


Here is what the back reads: 

“wintry blend is the perfect coffee to enjoy on a cold winter morning or icy winter night. This delightful coffee i a blend of south american coffee beans roasted to a smooth and mellow medium dark roast known as Vienna Roast. Then, we spiked the blend with zesty red and green peppercorns, whole cloves and chunks of sweet cinnamon.  The light sprinkling of spices adds zing to an already extraordinary cup of coffee.”

Un-manic Judgement

I am trying very hard not to judge people.  I do not want to be judged and feel I am doing pretty well not judging, because honestly you DON’T know.

However, I am FREE to judge away any characters I read and meet in the books I am reading ❤  Weeeeeeeee this is fun!  I am actually quite liking Left Drowning by Jessica Park.


Yes it has a bit much of the “steamy” scenes but it also has so much I can and do relate with.  The feelings of the main character, her self discovery, her admission of facts she has been hiding/avoiding and lying to herself about for years. I really like her character! I do NOT like a friend she met. He is just obnoxious, annoying and someone I would NOT want to spend any free time , or any time for that matter with. Sabian.  He is an “idiot”.  He drinks too much, does and says obnoxious stuff, and is just too “touchy feel-y” for me in general. He is like a big kid that has not grown up.  I think he reminds me of some of my past un-healthy relationships and I think this is why I despise him so much.  For example, on a recent college night, he drank too much and decided to pull some crazy “sledding” shenanigan that nearly killed him and caused so much worry in others ……  He drinks entirely too much and then makes troubles for others. He clearly has a problem, we shall see if he addresses it later in the book or if it “drowns” him.

For some reason, he reminds me of

in American Pie…..ugh!

I love how the story and characters are developing. It is definitely on my favorites list!  I hope it keeps me engaged!

Un-Manic:  Calm work day

This kids were AMAZING today. Monday’s are their best day. They are rested, focused and so engaged…….or maybe it is me that is all those things…….hmmm?!  🙂


However, all this calm reminds me of what is to come. We were talking about it today. Holiday shop. Holiday Parties. Holidays, activities, craziness.

I used to love, enjoy, look forward to all of these things BEFORE I was an actual teacher. When I was an aide/assistant I lovedddddddddd holidays and those “fun” and Different days!  Now its become pretty……dreadful.  I hate that I am allowing myself to SUCK the fun out of it. I def. want and NEED to change that.

6 Christmas Party Games for Kids

I know I dislike it because it is NOT my typical routine. I want to start looking at it through my students eyes though…..they are excited. They love this stuff. For some, it may be the only excitement they get. I need to remember this. Instead of being a miserable Ms. Grinch, i need to partake in the holiday cheer…..or at least try my best to!

 Un-Manic:  Finally finding THAT perfect gift!

I have been on a mission.  I have been searching for a GOOD children’s cook book. Easy. simple, but real recipes. I FOUND It! How cute is this for your aspiring little chef!

Kids Cook 1-2-3

Learning to cook can be fun and easy! This cookbook is for kids, but beginning cooks of all ages will love the simple and delicious recipes for every meal–all with only three ingredients each.
with more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, kids can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and more, while learning about fresh ingredients and simple cooking techniques. From the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich to crunchy wasabi salmon, young cooks will gain confidence as they prepare homemade soups, delicious macaroni and cheese, and a heavenly chocolate mousse cake.
Award-winning chef and author Rozanne Gold inspires everyone to get cooking! Using her signature, keep-it-simple approach to cooking with fresh, natural ingredients, you won’t need a gourmet kitchen or any experience to get started. With just 1-2-3 ingredients per recipe, you can make amazingly creative meals and feel like a very accomplished cook.

This one is just perfect for maybe a bit older chef in training!

Chop, Sizzle, Wow

and how cute are these for those kids that LOVE food!

Burger Kid's TeePizza Kid's TeeCookies Kid's Tee

Oh geez, i have the PERFECT student for this one!

Fries Kid's Tee

cute t-shirts HERE


Un-Manic :  Rejoice! It is backkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

French Toast Crunch cereal is BACK!


Your Turn:

1.  What is/was your favorite childhood cereal?

2.  What do you wish you were more “excited” about?

3.  Do you dread something now that you never did before?


2 thoughts on “Un-Manic Monday 12.08.14”

  1. Favorite cereal was probably something chocolate, Cocoa Puffs or Count Chocula. Strangely, I didn’t love cereal, I just loved the prizes in the box. I wish I was more excited about any kind of shopping, groceries, presents, any kind!

    I’ve been using the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream for my cracked fingertips by the way, in case you still need something for your hands. Bed, Bath Beyond or Walgreen’s : )


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