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Un manic Monday 12.15.14

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had an amazing, relaxing, fun, productive whatever GOES weekend!

Remember YOU can make your Monday UN-Manic! ❤



Heads up game on iTunes!! – how fun would this be to play with friends and/or family!!!

Created by Ellen DeGeneres



If you are feeling depressed, irritated, sad, TRY one of these foods to lift your spirits!

Bad mood foods



Need some brightness to YOUR day? Try telling yourself one of these positive sentences!

30 sentences



Ever have those day (like I often do) Where you are just miserable, depressed and UNMOTIVATED? You can and WILL get yourself out of that. Here are some great ways :

Get out of a slump


7 tips for better communication in all your relationships. This is so important!

Love these


For all my single (or coupled up) readers. THIS MADE ME almost pee myself 🙂

Lonely Christmas Cards




Cooking classes in Haddonfield!!


Such a cute and adorable idea for the crafty friend of yours



Stress balls

YES they CAN be for throwing 🙂


Love this sweatshirt from Modcloth!


for the cat lovers


Your Turn

1.  Think of something LITTLE you can do to make your Monday morning special and un-manic.  Special cup of coffee, or treat, fun song on the way to work, positive affirmation, do a random act of kindness….?

2.  Best thing you did over the weekend?

3.  Excited or stressed about the holidays?


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