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Thankful Thursday 12.18.14

I am thankful for a NEW day and a fresh start.

When you or I have a bad day, the good news is that the next day WILL be better 🙂

Here’s to several things I am THANKFUL for this Thursday!

I am thankful for……

Christmas break.  3 1/2 more days.

I am thankful for……

warmer weather coming SOON
(Ok I realize it is MONTHS away, but each day is one day closer to warmth and longer sunlight!)

I absolutely adore this bathing suit!

I am thankful for……

Which airplane seat you choose says a lot about you

aisle seats (LOL)
Which airplane seat you choose says a lot about you

I am thankful for……

hot chocolate – I really want to try the chocolate and orange combo!

Every Way You Can Make Hot Chocolate

I am thankful for……

a positive look on introverts (in the workplace!)

This is me. I am the quiet one at work.  I love everyone I work with, I am just…….quiet 🙂

I am thankful for……

trying to stay mindful to these

11 ways to appreciate my life a little more

I am thankful for……


Swiss Pan Burgers with Rosemary Mushroom Sauce |
I think this just set off my burger kick once again

Swiss Pan Burgers with Rosemary Mushroom Pan Sauce

I am thankful for……

cooking and baking

Therapists Now Encourage Cooking and Baking as Cures for Depression

(therapists now saying these can aide in fighting depression!!!)

I am thankful for……

creative people

I am so impressed and inspired by this!

I am thankful for……

Robin inspiring me to get my class a GROUP gift for our classroom this year.

Instead of the individual gifts I normally give (books, candy, etc) I opted for a fun group game!

We researched, investigated then VOTED for which game we would like for our classroom!  We also choose a game for a fellow teachers room , which we plan on playing BOTH new games with together!

For my class , the winner was:

The game they CHOSE to give:

I am thankful for……

my singleness 🙂

I love this article. Here is my spin:

How to handle being single during the holidays:

1.  Nosy Relatives

Mine, KNOW my situation. I am pretty much an open book anymore. I really am focusing on me and the friendships and family I have.  That is most important to me.  I will tell a nosy “anybody” exactly WHY I choose to be single 🙂

2.  New Years Eve

I have ALWAYS hated and dreaded New Years Eve!  I never really was one for getting scantly dressed to go out in the FREEZING Bitter cold, hang around with a bunch of obnoxious people, etc etc,etc

My New Years Eve will be spent doing whatever I please and want! Maybe ill go out for dinner, maybe I will get take out, maybe I will watch a movie, maybe I will go see a movie…………the possibilities are endless. I prefer a quiet, relaxed NYE over a crazy one.  I can save $$ by not splurging on a fabulous new dress to freeze in ! 🙂

3.  Friends excitement over gifts for their significant others.
PLEASE tell me what you got your boyfriend or husband, or what they got you. I really really DO enjoy hearing it.  I absolutely love it, especially if it is unique, romantic, etc

I do not mind hearing at all, i really don’t. I am not bitter, or jealous or envious. For the first time in YEARS the stress has been taken off me trying to find that PERFECT gift for my husband or BF. You know, that perfect one to show how much I care, how special he is, etc, etc, etc. This has always been an added stress for me……….NOT this year! 🙂

This year I plan on spending those savings on……………..myself! (and family/friends)



This also made me think about and appreciate my singleness.

I’ve been there and done that. I had the big fairy-tale wedding, I had my fix. I no longer desire or want that.  Will I get married again? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not? I am beginning to accept my life and the new me. I am much happier today that I have ever been……..yes I also get down and sad, BUT those amazing moments and clear moments are SO worth it!

Your Turn

1.  Tell me what YOU are thankful for today?

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