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Saturday safes 12.20.14

Safe – Things that remind you of OTHERS

I do this ALL the time. I see a picture or product and immediately associate it with SOMEONE! 🙂

I think it’s partially OCD, and the other part is cute ❤

This morning I saw a write up about Paddington Bear. I immediately thought of the pretty blonde haired assistant that was so loving, caring and nurturing with my students. It made me smile 🙂

So heres to Paddington Bear and to Lacey ❤

PS- I still have my Paddington Bear Key chain that Lacey gifted me during her trip in London 🙂 Its on my desk at work!

Safe –  After nearly two years

of not getting my period. Last night………I finally got it !

I have mixed emotions about this. Overall I am thrilled. I have been working VERY hard to get it to return. I do not think many people realize how important it is and how healthy it is to have a regular cycle.  YES its a pain in the rear, BUT you need it. It helps your body function, keeps your hormones in level, keeps your bones strong. Without it……your body and YOU suffer

So I am thrilled it came back!

However, of course, I now feel “Just like everyone else” One more thing to make me “Not special anymore” I am just a regular woman now.

“I must be fat since I got my period back”

Its ok though. I keep fighting those ugly, negative thoughts with POSItiVE ones

For now, I feel great. I feel happy, I feel motivated. I feel excited for the holidays and break. I feel like I can and WILL eat what I want, when I want, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.
I am strong ❤

Is Your Cycle Healthy? (5 Signs)


Safe:  Puppy love

OMG , Am I nuts? I am seriously considering adopting another dachshund (Hot dog # 2)

I absolutely LOVE Lily. She is my baby. I love our snuggles and cuddles and EVEN love her ‘tude and ststubbornness

I want to give her a little friend. She would be so happy, PLUS I would be saving a life.

I feel less and less inclined to have children. I know that this may pass. I feel content and happy with being a special ed teacher. I love helping my students and I love that I have the patience (most times) for them. It is difficult being a parent (and teacher) of students with special needs. Its draining but so rewarding.

I feel like they are my children. I feel like right now I can and WANT to give them what they need and want. I feel content with being a “Teacher mom”

So, I have two potential pups to meet and greet. Casey and Riddick. I will let you know who Lily chooses (Because ultimately its HER choice)


Casey:  5 years old

Riddick: 5 months



That the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime is sold out (well the tickets in our price range) for during Holiday break 😦  I really was looking forward to spending break in NYC one day. BUT I am letting it go, Robin suggested a day in Philly. This will be JUST as great and something I have always wanted to do! Plus, I enjoy learning about new places and seeing new things with others, I feel like Robin is quite the pro! I love her choices and suggestions and feel “safe” in her touring 🙂

I am excited to check out these two book stores now (In NYC):


Book Nook 

ps- I love how I met a friend for coffee last night and she pulled out a………….LIST! Omg, that is so me! I love it!! ❤   I have been working hard on my lists all morning (Yup, blogging was ON my list!)


Safe:  Browsing

For the first time last night, I relaxed, took a deep breath and was just “present” in barnes and noble. I typically would be thinking “OMG I did not run, I need to move faster, squat, burn calories somehow”  Last night I really enjoyed the experience of just “letting go” and browsing a book store. Yes on a Friday night. 🙂

Safe:  Sometimes we just need to do……..


My students have been off the wall (teachers and parents I am SURE You will agree)

yesterday instead of getting irritated, frustrated, I gave them what they needed. Absolutely NOTHING

We chose a Tumblebook to listen to online

(FYI, I love Tumblebooks! I suggest getting a subscription. It reads various (childrens’) stories to you, and follows along highlighting the words. GREAT practice for your kiddos!)

we turned off the lights

We got comfy
I gave my “Jumpy, wiggle worms” some sensory brushing and pressure


Everyone was content, happy and CALM


(Yes I realize my students eyes are closed etc, I did this for privacy reasons :))



Your Turn

1.  What silly things remind you of others?

2.  What are the top 3 things on your to do list this weekend?

em>3.  What is different about the holidays for you this year?</em


1 thought on “Saturday safes 12.20.14”

  1. Certain fragrances, shampoos remind me of a good friend of mine; she always smelled good and I would always copy her! This weekend is all about NOT shopping and relaxing. I’m going to try my best to sit down and read a book. I have issues with that and quieting my mind down, not letting myself get distracted. We have no Christmas tree this year, the new kitten is a little too out of control! I hope Lily finds a great friend, they both look like good dogs.


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